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Alex Krist

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There are quite a few models of dartboards on the market, both for steel darts and for soft darts. The layman quickly loses track here, which dartboard is best suited for him. In this blog post we deal with the different versions of soft dartboards. Because similar to the Steeldarts, there are differences between the electronic dartboards that are offered on the market. Should you rather get a 2 hole or a 3 hole dartboard? After reading this article you will be smarter and make the right decision.

But first you should answer two questions. Do you want to participate in tournaments permanently? Do you only need the electronic dartboard for occasional throwing with the roommate in a shared apartment? Depending on the answer, we will show you which e-dartboard suits you best.

2 hole or 3 hole dartboard?

At the beginning of the blog post, let's first go into what is meant by 2 hole or 3 hole E dartboard. First of all, these terms only refer to electronic dartboards. This distinction does not exist for stone darts - which is actually completely logical.

Everyone knows an electronic e-dart board. The holes into which the darts fly provide contact in the board. The contact ensures that a throw is scored. The terms electronic 2 hole or 3 hole dartboard now refer to the size or number of these holes. Specifically, this refers to the double and triple fields on the board.

E-Dartboards Comparison

Because: An e-dartboard with 3 holes offers more space in the otherwise small double and triple fields than is usually the case. In the case of the 3-hole dartboard, these fields have three rows of holes, while in the version with 2 holes there are only two rows.

This means in plain language: With an electronic 3 hole dartboard it is much easier to hit the double and triple field. So far so good. Nevertheless, many players favor the 2 hole E dartboard. And this has a reason. With such an electronic 2 hole dartboard you can be sure that you play a board that complies with the specifications of the official federations. And that is exactly the point. Because the 3-hole dartboard, on the other hand, is not used in official tournaments of the dart associations.

What are the biggest differences between a 3 hole and a 2 hole dartboard?

The main difference has already been mentioned in the chapter above. However, there are other differences that you should consider. We ourselves favor the 2-hole dartboard because, as already mentioned, it is also used in official tournaments. This way you have an E dartboard that you can practice on at home to prepare perfectly for tournaments.

The 3-hole dartboard, on the other hand, is more for recreational use. Often you can see such electronic dartboards hanging at home. Because here, for someone who occasionally throws a few darts, it is certainly the more sensible solution. Because it is just much easier to hit the desired fields.

E-dartboard with 2 hole

Which players should prefer which variant?

The experienced readers of the myDartpfeil blog can probably guess which disc is intended for which player. Nevertheless, there are a few tricks how to use these discs to "your own advantage". For beginners, the variant with 3 rows of holes in the triple fields is probably the most suitable. So you can try it out at home and see if darts is something for you in the long run. A classic board for "casual players" so to speak. However, if you want to play darts more seriously and have been dreaming of participating in an official tournament for a while, you should go for the electronic dartboard with 2 rows of holes. Only in this way you have the opportunity to practice under perfect competitive conditions.

There are quite a few models of dartboards on the market, both for steel darts and soft darts.

Electronic 3 hole dartboard for confidence

Nevertheless, we would like to give you an example of how professional players can use the 3 hole e-dartboard. Imagine that you usually play good darts. You are satisfied with your game and win games in competitions from time to time. At some point there comes a point of every hobby dart player where the level drops for a certain period of time. At this point, many players start to struggle with themselves. The self-confidence sinks continuously and the desire to play darts fades. We know: Darts is a head sport.

And that is exactly why it is sometimes so difficult to get out of a negative vortex. Now, as an e-dart player, you have the opportunity to buy a 3-hole e-dart board to get back exactly this self-confidence. Because, as we know by now, the triple and double fields are a bit bigger and therefore easier to hit. In order to regain self-confidence and a certain self-assurance, an ambitious player can gladly fall back on this possibility.

The exotic variant - the 5 hole dartboard, also called Bullshooter

Now we have presented you the two most common variants of electronic dartboards in detail. But that was not all. There is another, let's call it, more "exotic" variant. We are talking about the so-called Bullshooter. Bullshooter Dart has relatively little to do with a serious competition. Because the crux of the matter is that these so-called bullshooters are actually also called 5-hole dartboard.

In plain language, this means that the triple and double fields ultimately have 5 rows of holes and are thus twice as large as on a normal tournament board.

Advantages of Bullshooter dart machine

Nevertheless, there is a small advantage of this 5 hole e dartboard. And that is that these electronic dartboards open up the possibility of playing online against other players. No question, this is also possible with machines. However, these are often much more expensive than the so-called bullshooter board. In this case, we only remember the legendary match between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld. The players competed against each other online at the Bullshooter during the Corona period. Again, for players who like to participate in tournaments, this board makes little sense. As a nice pastime, however, it is certainly a way to duel online with up to four players from home. In relation, however, the Bullshooter also costs a fair amount. We do not want to conceal this here.

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