Dart arm position and ideal body position for the perfect throw

Proper darts arm position

An exciting topic of discussion in the field of darts is again and again the ideal body position during the throw. First of all, there is no such thing as "one" perfect posture, as evidenced by the sometimes differing opinions of the pros on this subject. Some stand sideways to the board, others with the tip of their foot, and others bend forward. Nevertheless, especially for beginners there are some things they should generally pay attention to in order to improve their throw. The dart arm position should therefore always follow the same pattern, which we would like to introduce in this blog post.

Dartboard cork or sisal? Please never a cork dartboard!

Cork dartboard or sisal dartboard

The WDF - World Darts Federation - was founded in 1976 under the auspices of the BDO. Today the WDF has a total of 500,000 darts players. Already from these numbers it becomes clear that the world federation is more interested in promoting darts as a popular sport than in establishing professional structures within a federation. For all players who are organized within the WDF there are many tournaments in the calendar year to prove themselves and possibly test whether it is enough for a career as a professional. But WDF Darts is much more than that. Especially the importance of this organization is often much too low. In this blog post you will learn what the WDF is, what it is all about and what the goal is.

Darts room - this is how your darts room becomes an absolute hit

Darts room with two dartboards

Especially when it starts to get cold in the fall and winter months, people retreat into their own four walls. This is especially true in times of the Corona pandemic. But the cold season is also the wedding of darts. It's not for nothing that many hobby players set up their own darts room to pursue the hottest pastime in the world. But there are a few things you should keep in mind to give your own retreat a certain flair. In this blog post you will find a few inspirations, what should not be missing in the development of your dart room.

10 valuable tips for dart tournament schedules & dart tournament management

Darts player on darts tournament

Darts tournaments are springing up like mushrooms. Not only the professional darts sport grows without visible end, but also in the amateur area there are more and more possibilities to compete. Here, on the one hand, there is the possibility to register for darts tournaments in the official structures, on the other hand, more and more clubs also organize their own darts tournaments. Even for private hobby players this is a possibility to compete with others. However, dart tournament schedules regularly make some organizers despair. For this reason, we give in this blog post valuable tips on what you should consider when organizing a darts tournament.

Dart Conversion Points / Change Tips + Soft Darts = Steeldarts

Dart screw tips for darts

Dart players who like to play steel and e-darts are always faced with a big challenge when it comes to their own dart set. This is because a player cannot, of course, throw at an electronic dartboard with an ordinary steel dart set. In this blog post, we'll go into a little more detail about how players can combat this problem. One example of this is the so-called Darts Conversion Points. We're talking about the tip of the dart, which is interchangeable with soft darts anyway. With dart conversion points, it is possible to use the same set of darts for both the Steeldarts and the E-Darts.

2 hole dartboard or 3 hole dartboard? - We clarify!

There are quite a few models of dartboards on the market, both for steel darts and for soft darts. The layman quickly loses track here, which dartboard is best suited for him. In this blog post we deal with the different versions of soft dartboards. Because similar to the Steeldarts, there are differences between the electronic dartboards that are offered on the market. Should you rather get a 2 hole or a 3 hole dartboard? After reading this article you will be smarter and make the right decision.

Buy dartboard stand - how to find the right dartboard stand

Dart stand variants

Darts is booming in Germany. This also leads to many newcomers practicing the sport and being confronted with problems that they didn't necessarily have on their radar beforehand. A dart stand can often provide relief in these cases. But which problems are we talking about? We would like to go into this in more detail in this blog post. We will tell you which dart stands are available on the market and what you should consider when thinking about purchasing a dart stand. At the end we give our own recommendation and even explain how you can build a dartboard stand yourself for little money. From our point of view a mobile dartboard stand has only advantages.

Dart checkouts - the most important dart checkout ways at a glance

Shanghai checkout at darts

In darts, the golden saying goes: Triple is funny, but double makes the money. Just how true this saying is, especially for the pros, can be seen week after week in the big tournaments where a lot of prize money is at stake. The darts checkouts - also called finishes - are an essential part of the tactics in the game of every pro. Time and time again you see pros using the same dart checkout ways to finish a leg. Why this is so and which dart checkouts are especially popular with the pros we explain in this blog post.

Dart design analysis - various analyses on dart design

Phil Taylor Litter Analysis

In darts there is always talk about the perfect throwing technique. However, as we have often emphasized in various blog articles, there is no one perfect throwing technique. But to find out how you can perfect your throw, there are now helpful tools for dart throw analysis. The perfect dart throw is individual to each player and not universal. And this is where these dart throw analysis tools come in. Nevertheless, a few basic characteristics should be considered for every throwing technique.

Darts doubles tactics: 3 tips for the optimal doubles competition

Myg and Barney playing darts

Many players find it difficult to perform well in a dart doubles match. There are many different reasons for this. On the one hand you play a different rhythm and on the other hand you are also dependent on the quality of the other player. We will give you an overview of how you can prepare for a dart double in advance. With different dart doubles tactics, you will be able to focus better and not get rattled. The right darts tactics can often make the difference between victory and defeat in a darts team. It is important to consult with your team partner before the match.