Dartboard insulate instruction: 6 tips for optimal sound insulation

Dartboard insulate with substrate

Especially for players who only play darts at home within their own four walls, a well-known problem occurs again and again - the volume of the dartboard. It usually doesn't take long before neighbors, parents or roommates complain about the monotonous sound of arrows hitting the dartboard. In itself, a silent impact is not even possible, because a dart hits the dartboard at high speed. For this reason we dedicate ourselves in this blog post once to the topic: Dartboard insulate. So you can play darts around the clock and avoid the next dispute in advance.

Personalized dartboard design yourself - easy & fast

Buy personalized dartboard in dart store

In every aspect of our society, it is clear that people like to stand out from the crowd. This is also an increasingly important issue in the sport of darts. Especially the professionals want to sell themselves as a brand and are looking for unique selling points to present themselves in the best possible way to the public. We at myDartpfeil also frequently receive requests to personalize various items related to the sport of darts. Now it is also possible to design a dartboard yourself. In this blog post we will go into detail on how you can do this at myDartpfeil . Besides a personalized dartboard there is also the possibility to have other items printed or customized.

Preparation for a dart tournament - 5 ingenious tips for preparation

There are many guides on the internet about how to get better at darts and what you can do to finally play successfully. Especially before tournaments, the pulse rate of some amateur players skyrockets. Many players ask themselves: Why is it like that at all? I don't have any problems playing at my best level at home. The simple and psychological answer to this question is: Habit! Man is a creature of habit. Hobby players should also make this their own when preparing for a darts tournament. Furthermore we give you some more tips how you can prepare perfectly for the next tournaments.

Dart Fitness: strength training against back pain and sore muscles

With the turn of the millennium, the sport of darts experienced a tremendous upswing, which still continues 20 years later. Due to this upswing darts became more and more popular and changed its image from a pub sport to a professional sport. This required many steps on the part of the associations to gain the respect they wanted. Since darts is now recognized as a professional sport, many players are now preparing themselves accordingly. While in the past beer bellies were in the foreground, now a new generation is pushing to the top of the world, which is increasingly concerned with the issue of fitness. In this blog post we would like to discuss the importance of fitness in darts and how you can counteract unpleasant back pain and sore muscles in the arm with strength training.

Steeldart Rules, Dimensions & Distance - The Ultimate Darts Guide

Steel darts in hand

In this blog post we would like to go into more detail about the exact rules in Steeldarts. At the end of this blog post we'll also talk a little bit about the rules of softdarts. For this, however, we will again put a separate blog post online. Especially because of the fact that there are crucial differences between steel and soft darts, which require that two different articles are put online. With this guide you should be well prepared for your first game of steel darts. Regulations and also important rules of conduct should not be underestimated, especially when dealing with the opponent.

Softdart rules, measurements & distance - the ultimate dart guide

E-dartboard with darts

In this blog post, we would simply like to take a closer look at the sport of soft darts and the regulations. Here we will also go into the differences to the Steeldarts, but would like to introduce primarily the type of "Softdarts". As with the Steeldarts also the Softdarts possesses its peculiarities, which it applies to consider. Especially with regard to the fact that some hobby players like to practice both sports, it is good to know the differences and be aware of them, so as not to put your foot in your mouth.

Darts Checkout: Mastering important darts finishes like the pros

Tops Tops at Darts

Calculating in the game of darts is elementary in this sport. While in e-darts all points thrown are automatically subtracted from the remaining score, in steeldarts you have to use your brain as well. In dart machines often not only the points are subtracted automatically, but even the finish ways are displayed as soon as the player is in the checkout area. As is well known, this is not the case with my steeldart either. The checkout in darts is the moment in the game that probably requires the highest concentration. It's all the more important that the player knows what he's doing and can concentrate on the throw rather than a math problem.

Buy dart machine: How to find new and used?

Dart machine Bulls Eye

For e-dart players, the question often arises whether it makes sense to purchase a cheap e-dart board or an expensive dart machine. For occasional hobby players, a simple e-dart board, which can be operated with batteries or a power cable, is certainly sufficient. But if darts is more than just a simple hobby for you, then it makes sense to look for a higher quality dart machine. In this blog post we would like to tell you where you can find used or new dart machines.

Buying a dartboard: How to find the right dartboard right away

Stone dartboard from sisal

What would today's world be without the dartboard? Yes, probably still round. The sport of darts is now breaking its way throughout Germany. A topic to which we are asked again and again, especially by beginners, is which dartboard is the best or right one? Well, the answer to this question is not so simple. Several parameters play a role in this question. Do you prefer to play e-darts or steel darts? How high is the budget for the dartboard? Which manufacturer do you prefer? With this blog post we would like to give you a small overview of how you can quickly find the right dartboard.

Dart weight: How to find your perfect dart weight

Dart as comic

Again and again, the question arises for players in the sport of darts, with which dart weight it is best possible to call up maximum performance. And just as different as the weights of the dart professionals are also the answers to this question. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as to which dart weight promises you success. Each player has his individual preferences to play darts and adapts the dart accordingly to their own needs. In this blog post we would like to go into more detail about how the dart is composed and what you have to look for in the total weight.