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Dart arm position and ideal body position for the perfect throw

Proper darts arm position

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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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An exciting topic of discussion in the field of darts is again and again the ideal body position during the throw. First of all, there is no such thing as "one" perfect posture, as evidenced by the sometimes differing opinions of the pros on this subject. Some stand sideways to the board, others with the tip of their foot, and others bend forward. Nevertheless, especially for beginners there are some things they should generally pay attention to in order to improve their throw. The dart arm position should therefore always follow the same pattern, which we would like to introduce in this blog post.

In the end, it's not the arm, the shoulder or the posture that matters, but the whole package. It's a tedious path to the perfect dart throwing technique - but it's worth it!

The dart arm position - improve dart throwing technique

The throwing technique in darts can look very different. It is of great importance that you get involved in your very own throwing stance. Because it is no use to imitate a throwing technique in a cramped way. The dart arm position should always be the same, at least in points. The reason for this is that darts is an automated process in which you always perform certain processes in the same way in order to improve your dart throwing technique.

Darts throwing motion from dart pro

Very important when considering the darts arm posture is that it is not independent of other parts of the body when darts. From the shoulder to the fingertips, a motor sequence ultimately ensures a comfortable and individual throwing posture in the arm. Three things ultimately make for your perfect throwing posture.

  • Shoulder
  • Upper arm
  • Elbow

Only if all three points harmonize, you can develop a controlled throwing posture. For this reason, we would like to go into the certain things.

First, however, we would like to discuss the upper arm. The upper arm ultimately only reacts to the posture of the shoulder and elbow, because these are the two end points of the upper arm. The most important thing for the upper arm is that you keep it straight. You can read about how this works in the next section regarding the elbow and shoulder.

Also of great importance: the rest of the shoulder and the angle of the elbow

As already mentioned, a straight upper arm position is the first step to a good darts arm. You can achieve this in the following way. Make sure your elbow and shoulder are aligned with the board. This is the only way to guarantee that the entire upper arm is also straight.

This may feel strange in the beginning when you are really paying attention. With time, however, this feeling will subside and you will notice that your results when throwing become much better. But be patient, because such a process does not happen overnight. Only when you feel comfortable and fully engage with it, the whole process will feel good.

But how do you see if you are subconsciously holding the arm partially crooked? There are two ways to do this. Either you use a mirror that you put next to you or you film your dart throwing technique to analyze it afterwards. If you notice that your darting posture, especially in relation to the arm, is crooked, then adjust it.

The dart body posture - too much body tension leads to cramping

Body tension is the be-all and end-all of darts. But be careful: The motto "a lot goes a long way" does not apply here. With darts posture, it's about finding the right balance. The back in particular is put under massive strain by the constant strain on the posture when playing darts. It's not for nothing that many professionals such as Gary Anderson or Mervyn King complain about persistent back pain over time. With the right muscle training and the correct body tension, you can ensure the correct posture.

In the end, it's not the arm, the shoulder or the posture that matters, it's the whole package.

Here it is important that the body tension is not too extreme. Because if the body tension is too enormous, the body will cramp at some point. The body will signal this to you especially in pressure situations during darts. So it's important that you don't let your arm loose, but also that you don't keep it too stiff. Many dart players know this phenomenon, which ultimately ensures that the usual dart movement can no longer be completed. In this context, we recommend you also take a look at our blog post on the subject of dartitis.

Details make all the difference in the darts motion sequence - swipe the wrist

Ultimately, details in the dart throwing technique make all the difference. If the elbow and shoulder are straight, so is the upper arm. If you take a swing by positioning your upper arm at a 90-degree angle to your forearm before you throw, you've already internalized the basic rules of darts posture. Now it's a matter of executing the throw correctly and, above all, completely.

Ricky Evans as the fastest dart player

This is where the wrist comes into play. Often players break their throw prematurely in their dart throwing technique by not pulling the wrist all the way through. One mnemonic to help you remember this is to keep pointing your finger at the target after a throw. This is the best way to make sure the wrist is pulled through and the throw is complete and correct.

The bending of the wrist before the throwing arm is fully extended is considered one of the most common mistakes, which especially beginners in the sport of darts often make.

The right throwing technique as an interaction of many details

Learning a dart throwing technique requires time and patience. Because you won't be able to produce
best performances on an assembly line within a few weeks - unless you have a terrific talent in your arm.

Rather, it is necessary to recognize and perfect the interaction between shoulder, upper arm, elbow and wrist. Play with the four components and analyze your throws and your results. This is the best way to find out which throwing technique is perfect for you and which is not.

After all, there are also players who never pull their arm all the way through, have lax body tension or throw with feeling. These are not prime examples for
beginners, but they show that darts is an individual sport where every way can lead to success.

In the end, it's always practice, practice, practice to automate the perfect throwing technique and arm position.

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