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Dart lighting - The correct lighting of the dartboard

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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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Every dart player knows the problem: How do I best light my dartboard? If you want to not only play darts, but also perfect it for yourself, you need a lot of training and the right equipment. Thus, an optimal dart lighting can help you in your game to increase the accuracy of aim. That's why today we'll give you tips on what to look for in your dartboard lighting. In addition, we explain which dart lighting options are available and how you can buy or build it yourself.

Dartboard in darts room

Dartboards lighting - why so important?

First, let's go over the importance of good dart lighting. When you play in a pub or a dart room, you will quickly notice that the dart boards are often not perfectly illuminated. This can then have a negative effect on your playing. The reason for this is the formation of shadows on the dartboard when it is not well lit. These shadows affect your aiming accuracy, because the human eye has problems with aiming.

For this reason, you should pay a lot of attention to the right dart lighting. This means that your dartboard is well illuminated so that no shadows are created. This will automatically increase your accuracy. Also, you don't have to go to the dartboard every time to examine the throw.

Shadow formation on dartboard

Dart lighting do it yourself or buy?

If you have recognized the need for a dart lighting, it is now necessary to find the right solution. You can buy lights for dartboards, but you can also build them yourself in a pinch. If you buy a dart lighting, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. But you also benefit from a perfect LED dart lighting and never have to worry again. Nevertheless, there are other solutions to build your own dartboard lighting. All you need is a hardware store, enough space in your dart room, and some handyman skills. Here you only have to calculate with about 50€.

WICHITG: Even if this is a bit cheaper in the end, however, you will have a hard time getting the quality of a professional dart light here.

Darts plasma

Buy Dart Lighting

If you want to buy a professional dart lighting, we recommend a dartboard ring light system. This dart light can be easily mounted on the wall. A popular ring light and at the same time our recommendation, is the 360 Lighting System "PLASMA" from Winmau. This dart lighting illuminates the dartboard without shadows evenly and perfectly without overexposing it.

If you want to not only play darts, but also perfect it for yourself, you need a lot of training and the right equipment.

The "PLASMA" system is attached by magnet to the metal frame of the dartboard and thus has a distance of approx. 15 cm to the dartboard. This ensures perfect lighting for the dartboard. Small LED lights are used, which means that the power consumption is very low. Learn more about the "PLASMA" dart lighting now!

Darts Arena

Dartboard lighting build yourself

Now we come to the DIY solution (do-it-yourself) for your own dart lighting. There are two possibilities, which we would like to present to you. But please note that we do not assume any liability here.

Rail lighting system

First of all, let's consider a self-made track lighting system. Here you can attach a rail with several LED spotlights to your ceiling. If you then direct 2 to 3 spotlights onto the dartboard, you can already achieve sufficient lighting. However, shadows can also be created here, for example by darts stuck in the board.

For example, another alternative is to place an LED spotlight on the ceiling instead of a classic ceiling lamp. You can then point it directly at the dartboard.

Ring light

Another possibility is to manufacture your own ring light. Here you can rebuild a classic ring light like the "PLASMA" system with simple means. However, you will need some manual skills to do this. You try to equip a round frame with single LED lights to attach it to the dartboard. You can also build your own dart cabinet and install LED lighting here.

Darts accessories for a better game of darts

Dart throw on dartboard

In addition to a dart light, there are of course other dart accessories that will help you play. This includes, for example, a standardized oche, a suitable writing board and, of course, suitable darts. If you want to get better at darts, you should think about what you need and invest a few euros here. Feel free to write us your experiences and opinions about your dart accessories in the comments!

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