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Darts doubles tactics: 3 tips for the optimal doubles competition

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Many players find it difficult to perform well in a dart doubles match. There are many different reasons for this. On the one hand you play a different rhythm and on the other hand you are also dependent on the quality of the other player. We will give you an overview of how you can prepare for a dart double in advance. With different dart doubles tactics, you will be able to focus better and not get rattled. The right darts tactics can often make the difference between victory and defeat in a darts team. It is important to consult with your team partner before the match.

Darts doubles - what is different than in a normal match?

The dart doubles is often underestimated. Well, maybe rightly so? After all, it's not for nothing that darts is all about your own performance. In addition to the classic variant of 1 vs. 1, there are now also tournaments or modes in which you play in a team. Here, players often notice that they do not immediately get along with this mode. Why is that? Darts takes place to a large extent in the head. In a normal singles match, each player acquires a routine that they follow to get into their "zone" and perform at their best.

In darts doubles this is not so simple, because certain factors change. For example rhythm. Because there are four players at the oche in a doubles match, the rhythm that the player is used to in singles matches is decisively disturbed. Especially players with a fast throwing rhythm feel this very strongly. Also, unlike in a singles match, success depends on the quality of the other player. So you are no longer completely on your own.

In addition, the rules of darts and e-darts are different.

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What tactics are there to succeed at darts as a team?

Decisive for success in a doubles match is therefore among other things the darts tactics you choose for such a match. We have summarized our favorites for you. The perfect darts doubles tactics for your team.

1. tactics: communication with the doubles partner

One darts tactic is to talk to your darts team partner and discuss problems in advance. This way you can develop strategies together that will help you find solutions. Especially in a team it makes sense to see which two players harmonize best and can play doubles. A lot of things happen subconsciously in doubles. It is therefore important to feel comfortable and harmonize with your partner.

2. tactics: the order of dart doubles

First of all, a basic important info for both players: The player who throws second has it much harder than the one who starts. Why? Well, if the first player gets off to a bad start, the pressure on the second player increases. Since every shot is crucial, especially in a doubles match, the player who can handle less pressure should start. The reverse is true: If the start succeeds, then the second player gets the feeling that he has to follow up. Either way, there is more pressure on player 2 than on player 1, and you should keep this order in every tournament or match, if possible. That way you'll play your way in as a dart team in the long run.

3. tactics: concentration on your own darts

Also in doubles it is important to concentrate on your own darts for the time being. There's no point in being too influenced by what your teammate throws. It won't get you anywhere anyway. Show confidence, build each other up and it will work. You will then be able to observe the following: If you focus on your game, you will throw better and your partner will do the same as a result.

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The pros at the World Darts Team Championship - as an amateur player you can learn a lot from them

But the amateur players can learn a thing or two from a tournament of the pros. We are talking about the World Darts Team Championship - or officially the World Cup of Darts. Here the two best placed players in the Order of Merit compete as a team for their home country. The tournament, which has long been held in Germany, will be held in Graz, Austria, for the first time this year due to the Corona pandemic.

In this tournament, you can learn a lot from the behavior of the players in order to be prepared for double matches in the amateur field as well. The professionals try to bridge the time they have to wait longer to be able to throw again in a sensible way. More precisely, a routine is anchored that is supposed to help them not even think about the longer waiting time.

Team Scotland World Cup of Darts

For example, Michael van Gerwen has a very fast throwing style. So long pauses tend to interfere with the flow. So what to do about it? Michael van Gerwen follows a fixed sequence after every shot. Pull out the darts, go to the table, take a sip, (pull up his socks), look down and wait a short while until he is allowed to throw again. It would be disadvantageous if van Gerwen at such a slow rhythm immediately rushes back to the back and queues up to finally be able to throw again. Better to slow everything down a bit, wipe your forehead with a towel and have a drink to pass the time. And do it over and over again to make it a routine.

When do amateur players play doubles in darts?

For hobby players, in various leagues it is the case that a team provides a number of players who gradually all compete against each other in singles matches. Often, however, a small number of doubles matches must also be completed. A win in such a match gives as many points in the end as a win in a singles match - so the duels must also be approached equally seriously.

Tournaments in which players compete in doubles also exist in the hobby sector - but these are rather the rarity. Especially the value of such tournaments is somewhat inferior to the singles tournaments. Just for fun, the doubles tournaments are contested in a darts mixed doubles - so a lady and a man in a team.

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