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We have already published several articles about darts training. Most of them were about how important a regular training is. We have also provided you with a training plan for beginners. In this article it will be a bit more specific. Many players are good, but want to advance to the next level when they realize that there is more to it. This is where so-called dart trainers come into play. We will explain how such dart trainers work, where you can book them and what exactly their work is.


Until now, hardly anyone is really aware of what a dart coach even does, where to find them or what training they need. First of all, you should know that dart trainers have different approaches to improve your game. You are not always in front of the board, mental training is also of great importance. It is equally important to realize that a dart coach does not have to be a former professional - as many people fear.

Darts trainer - clear up with prejudices

One of the biggest prejudices against dart trainers is that they have to play at a professional level. However, this is not the case. A dart coach is not necessarily a former professional. Nor does a darts coach have to be better than his protégés. Rather, it is worthwhile for a darts coach to recognize what needs to be worked on. Because this is exactly his task. It's not always about who plays better, but how the coach makes you a better player. There is also a persistent misconception that a dart coach stands in front of the board with you all day. You can also confidently check this off as a fake fact.

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The darts coach is not only responsible for the sporting development. Especially in the mental sport of darts, it is enormously important that you are mentally stable. So you can help yourself even in difficult situations. It's about the coach giving you the tools to dig your way out of hopeless situations in the match.

Last but not least we would like to mention that as a real coach in darts you also need some kind of coaching license or you have to have the respective licenses to be able to call yourself that at all. We would like to go into more detail about these licenses in the next section.

The various licenses of a dart coach

As in soccer, there are various licenses in darts that a coach must acquire. Only then can he train protégés whose level is also significantly higher.

The coach C license popular sport is the first of four licenses that the coach must acquire through the German Darts Association. This first license is primarily about making the sport of darts more interesting for children and young people. It is about teaching the basics to those who are interested. The creation of training plans is also part of the job of a darts coach who has the C license popular sports.

The next higher license is the C license competitive sports. As the name suggests, this is for competitive sports, and no longer for purely popular sports. In order to be able to acquire this license, the license for the popular sport must be in the bag before. The coaches who hold this license expand the scope of duties to include talent scouting in order to promote talent.

Table of career of a dart coach

The B license would be the next level of licenses in the field for dart coaches. Again, the previous two coaching licenses must already be in place to obtain the B license. In addition to the previous tasks, trainers of this license are often used in professional associations and state bases. Furthermore, B-license coaches are also allowed to participate in the training of players as a teaching consultant - for the time being on the state level.

The highest coaching license for darts is the A-License Competitive Sports. All previously mentioned points of the other licenses logically also apply to the A license. In addition, high performance training units, structure plans and development concepts are part of the coaches' tasks.

What advantages does a dart trainer offer at all?

The biggest advantage of a dart coach is that he can usually tell you what you are doing wrong so far and show you a solution. Many players do little things wrong in competition and don't know it. After careful observation, a darts coach can show you these things and develop alternative courses of action with you.

For example, the throwing motion, the finger position or the mental aspect. All these components must work together like clockwork to get the best performance out of you. Through a good dart coach you will notice that your level is quickly advanced. Also the head will be trained. A training content that you rarely or never include in your program at home.

Rather, it's worth it when a dart coach recognizes what needs to be worked on. Because this is exactly his task.

Last but not least, you will be challenged by the trainer to achieve top performance. This is done with individual training plans that are tailored exactly to your needs. We can only advise you to try it yourself and then get your own picture of whether a dart trainer will help you or not.

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How can I book a darts coach?

In the last section we take care of the question how you can find or book a dart coach at all. Currently the education for dart trainers is admittedly still in its infancy. However, the concepts are being developed every year in order to professionalize the sport. A database about trainers or where you can find them does not exist yet.

Therefore we give you the advice to contact the nearest dart association or your national association. Here you can get information about dart coaches in your area and contact and book them if necessary.

For whom is a dart trainer suitable?

It is also important to know that dart trainers can be interesting for individual players as well as for whole teams. A session to get a picture of it for yourself can certainly not hurt. For this reason, we advise you that you should book a darts coach calmly once, in order to be able to have further discussions with him afterwards.

What do you think about dart trainers? Do you have any experiences or can you even recommend some? We are looking forward to your feedback about "Darts Trainer".

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