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  • Dartboard cork or sisal? Please never a cork dartboard!

Dartboard cork or sisal? Please never a cork dartboard!

Cork dartboard or sisal dartboard

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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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There are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding the subject of dartboards. Many beginners are often looking for a cork dartboard because they have picked up this term somewhere in connection with darts. But beware. A cork dartboard has nothing to do with a stone dartboard as we know it. We would like to answer the following initial question in this blog post and shed some light on the subject: Dartboard made of cork or sisal? We give the answer and also explain why we recommend you a dartboard made of sisal fibers. The material is the decisive factor for the dartboard.

Dartboard made of sisal or cork? We explain the difference

On the internet and also in the wording there is unfortunately still a big misconception even after years. The mistake we mean is that beginners always confuse a dartboard made of cork with a real dartboard made of sisal fibers. Any dart player who has been around a bit longer will probably have the hairs on the back of their neck stand up at this point. But the problem seems to be bigger than we thought. Especially on the internet a lot of people are looking for a dartboard made of cork but actually mean the classic tournament board with sisal fibers as you know it from the broadcasts of the PDC tournaments.

But what is actually the difference?

A cork dartboard is ultimately a completely different product than a steeldartboard made of sisal fibers. Because a dartboard made of cork is usually of low quality. This is especially due to the fact that a cork dartboard usually only lasts a few days or weeks before it gives up the ghost. With a cork dartboard you usually throw your darts on a relatively thin disc. Although the darts usually hold in the dartboard, when you pull the darts out afterwards, you will notice that the holes remain. And this in turn leads to the fact that a field is hardly usable after a few throws.

Cork board as wall protection for darts

For example, if you just want to try out whether darts is something for you, then it can be useful to get such a cheap board on cork. The price for a dartboard made of cork is usually only a fraction of what you spend on a decent dartboard with sisal fibers.

In short: A dartboard made of cork is something for absolute beginners who are not yet sure whether darts in general is something for them. A dartboard made of sisal fibers, on the other hand, is used by anyone who plays darts as a hobby.

Why sisal fibers are significantly better than cork

But what makes the sisal fiber now so much better than the board made of cork? The most important factor in a good dartboard is the material. In good dartboards for steeldart, the discs are made of so-called sisal fibers, also called bristle in English. The entire surface of a good steeldartboard made of sisal fibers is pressed together with so-called bristle strands during production. These bristles from the sisal fiber can be pressed together well and still give way when a pointed object hits them.

Always pay attention to the quality and material when shopping!

So now when I throw a dart at a dartboard with sisal fibers, the dart penetrates the surface and sticks without any problems. But the best is yet to come. If you now pull the dart out on the board, you will see that the hole where your dart was stuck before slowly closes up again. This doesn't always happen right away. Sometimes it takes a few throws for the hole to disappear. In this case, the next dart has pushed the material aside so that the old holes are closed again.

So you have an extremely high quality dartboard that you will have years of fun with before it eventually wears out.

Best dartboard for steeldarts

Advantages and disadvantages of sisal and cork dartboards

The biggest advantage of dartboards with the sisal fiber is the durability. Unlike the cork dartboard, you can use the bristle version for years. With the cork option, you'll enjoy it for a few weeks at most. In addition, the thin discs made of cork or paper are enormously noisy when the dart hits them. With a bristleboard you have the advantage that the dartboard is so thick that the dart penetrates and the sound is at least partially cushioned. You won't really be aware of the enormous difference in volume until you try it yourself on both boards.

Another big advantage of the good sisal fiber dartboards is the wire. This can be applied extremely thin on the board with sisal fibers. So you avoid annoying bounces, which may damage the floor. With a disc made of cork there is sometimes no wire, but the darts often do not hold at all, because the dart does not drill deep enough in the disc, but rather bounces off.

For comparison: a high-quality dartboard with sisal fibers is about 5 centimeters deep, while the cheap variant made of cork is often a maximum of 2 centimeters deep - if at all.

This material is used by professionals at home and on TV

It's not without reason that the pros only use sisal fiber dartboards in official tournaments. The well-known manufacturers, such as Target, Unicorn and Winmau work here every year at full speed to make their products even better. Because if an outfitter has the best board, then word gets around very quickly in the darts scene.

Would you like to see an example? Unicorn provides the dartboards at the big PDC World Darts Championship. This is due to a supplier contract with the PDC. However, Unicorn's big competitor, we're talking about Winmau, makes far better boards. At least here the BDO is still one step ahead of the PDC, because at the BDO World Championship the pros play on the best sisal fiber dartboard ever - the Winmau Blade 5.

Professional Steel dartboard made of sisal

One look at the dartboard is enough

The bottom line is that you can tell the difference at first glance. Because the dartboards made of cork or paper are sometimes not even in the regular colors. Here, the fields suddenly look blue and white. And as soon as you see such a dartboard we advise you: Hands off! The quality of such a dartboard can only be bad.

Rather invest a little more to have fun with a good dartboard for a long time.

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