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Dart cabinet - Safe storage of the dartboard in the dart cabinet

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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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If you already have a really nice dart room set up, then a cool dart cabinet is the so-called icing on the cake. In this detailed blog post we explain what the advantage of a dart cabinet is. 

In addition, you will learn how to assemble such a cabinet yourself in just a few steps. The dartboard cabinet is also the perfect solution if the dartboard should not hang visible in the room. You can also order an individual dart cabinet at myDartpfeil to make the covering of the dartboard a real eye-catcher. It is not for nothing that the dart cabinet enjoys great popularity today.

What is a dart cabinet?

A dart cabinet is the perfect disguise for your dartboard. Mostly the darts cabinet can be opened thanks to a two-winged door. On the inside you will usually find space to store your darts, scoreboards or other dart accessories. If you have your dartboard hanging in a room where you don't want it to be visible all the way through, the dart cabinet is the perfect solution to your problem.

Dart cabinet on wall

The advantages of a darts cabinet

In this section we will go over the numerous advantages of a darts cabinet. One of these advantages is the storage space inside. Through the hinged doors and the storage area in the dart cabinet itself, you can store your accessories safely and at a glance. This is not only visually pleasing, but also extremely practical, as you can have spare parts at hand and replace them in a matter of seconds.

Stick darts in darts cabinet

Also advantageous is the cabinet, because it protects the wall. Normally, a dartboard hangs on the wall and around it the so-called catch ring. This surround has the task of keeping the arrows away from the wall, which miss their target by far. With a darts cabinet you save this catch ring, because the cabinet itself serves as a wall protection.

Also worth mentioning is the visual factor. A dart cabinet looks much better than a simple board on the wall. Especially if you have already built a separate dart room, the darts cabinet is a real eye-catcher.

Darts cabinets: What models are available?

On the Internet there is a whole range of dart cabinets. Especially with electronic dartboards the darts cabinet is often an issue. There are many offers where the electronic dartboard is built into the dartboard cabinet. This looks a bit different with a steeldartboard. Mostly you buy the dartboard with the so-called catch ring and fix it to the wall. But some suppliers also offer this board with fancy dart cabinets.

Above all, pay attention to the quality and material when buying.

In a dart cabinet for e-dartboards, the darts cabinet is often made of plastic. Of course, this doesn't make as much of a difference visually. This is different with the dart cabinet for your steeldartboard. Here there are some models on the market that are made of solid wood and develop a corresponding optical effect in the room.

When buying a darts cabinet for your electronic dartboard, you should make sure that it has an integrated score display. Otherwise, this would have to be available on the e-dartboard itself. However, it is usually easier to buy a whole set, i.e. electronic dartboard and cabinet together, since the display of the points is usually integrated into the cabinet.

Your individual dart cabinet from myDartpfeil

But a dart cabinet is only really chic if it is also individually designed. We have a really cool dartboard cabinet on offer for you at It is not only made of solid wood and therefore looks great - you can also customize it with your own dart club logo or lettering on the front.

Dartboard with Dart Surround

On the inside there are also two scoreboards on which you can write down the points correctly.

Of course, you can also mount this dartboard outside. For example, if you are planning an outdoor tournament in the summer, then this outdoor dartboard cabinet is a good solution. In wind, rain or snow your dartboard stays dry and is protected all year round. So you can hang your dartboard on the terrace without hesitation and spend unique evenings with friends.

Tip: Theoretically, you can also hang an electronic dartboard in your individual dartboard cabinet here - if the dimensions allow it.

Dart cabinet DIY - how to build your own cabinet in a few steps

And even if you don't find a suitable model on the Internet, then simply build your own dart cabinet in a few steps. We explain how you can build your own dart cabinet in just a few steps.

  1. Measure your dartboard to find out how wide your dartboard cabinet should be
  2. Choose the right material: we recommend you a solid wood, because it is not only sturdy, but usually looks great.
  3. For a double-leaf cabinet, you still need wood for the front doors, appropriate hinges and simple screws.
  4. Cut the wood according to your measurements
  5. Screw all individual parts together
  6. Fasten the dartboard to the wall with strong dowels and screws
  7. In the end, attach a wall mount for your dartboard to the back of your dartboard cabinet and hang the board in it

Note: Always measure the length, width and depth of the individual wooden parts so that you don't make any mistakes when assembling. All you need for the construction is wood, a circular saw or jigsaw, a cordless drill/screwdriver, screws, dowels, hinges and a wall bracket for your board.

Additional tip: Of course, you can also paint the dartboard as you like or paint a logo on it.

The right dartboard for your darts cabinet

That leaves the question of the right dartboard for your darts cabinet. Basically, the diameter of a dartboard is always the same. However, the dimensions from the outer edge of the double field to the end of the dartboard often differ minimally. This is also the reason why some surrounds do not fit perfectly on every dartboard.

For practical reasons alone, we recommend the Winmau Blade 5 model, which is the best dartboard on the market and also fits perfectly into your customized darts cabinet from myDartpfeil.

Dartboard for darts cabinet

E-darts players have a certain disadvantage here, as they often have to live with the electronic dartboard that is already built into the darts cabinet. No matter if e-darts or steeldarts, at the end of the day a dart cabinet brings many advantages that you should use especially as a hobby player.e-darts players have a certain disadvantage here, because they often have to live with the electronic dartboard that is already installed in the dart cabinet. Whether it's e-darts or steel darts, at the end of the day, a dart cabinet has many advantages that you should take advantage of, especially as a hobby player.

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