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Alex Krist

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Every dart player knows that dart tips are an important part of their own dart setup. So there is now a large number of different dart tips in the Steeldart. Each dart tip has its own characteristics and quality features. Nevertheless, every dart tip wears out after a certain time. For this reason, we would like to explain to you today how you can optimally maintain, change and sharpen your dart tips. If you follow all our tips in the future, your darts will last a lifetime.

Dart tips in stone dart

Let's start with a brief overview of the various darts tips. As already mentioned, today there are various dart tips in the Steeldart. These differ in length, shape and surface. For example, when it comes to length, there are various short, medium or very long stone dart tips. Each length has its own advantages and disadvantages. Long tips, for example, offer a more stable trajectory of the dart in contrast to short tips.

In the texture of the surface, there are also great differences in steeldart tips. For example, there are fluted, serrated, low and many other dart tips. Here, too, each dart tip has its own advantages and disadvantages about which you should inform yourself. Especially if you are looking for new tips. We have already written another blog article for you. You can find it here.

Dart tips surfaces

Grinding dart tips

First of all, dart tips are wear and tear material. For this reason, you should regularly take care of your tips and maintain them. Depending on how often you play darts, you may need to resharpen your dart tips more often. There are two reasons for this. First, you reduce the number of unnecessary bounces off the dartboard. On the other hand, you protect your dartboard in the long term and increase its lifespan. The origin lies in the wear and tear. Because dart tips can dull, bend or split over time.

Now you're probably wondering what we mean by that. A dart tip automatically dulls after a long period of play. You can compare this to a pencil that needs to be sharpened after a certain amount of time. In addition, it can happen that steeldart tips bend. This happens, for example, due to bounces (so-called bouncers). Burrs can also form on your tips, which can damage your sisal board in the long term. Burrs are small wires that come loose from the tips. These will get tangled in the sisal fibers when pulled out of the board and loosen them. For this reason, these small burrs will damage your dartboard tremendously.

Grinding dart tips

Dart tips should be round

Now we come to the optimal shape of your stone dart tip. There is a big myth here: dart tips need to be pointed and sharp. Some dart players think that sharp tips stick better in the board. However, just the opposite is true. In fact, sharp dart tips have the following disadvantages. First, they stick less in the board than round tips. Secondly, they damage the wires of your board more quickly. For this reason we recommend you to round your tips. They stick much better in the board. In addition, they reduce the number of bounces and slip past the board wire more easily.

Every dart player knows that steeldart tips are an important part of their own dart setup.

Steeldart tips care and cleaning

Of course, it can also happen that your dart tips get dirty or rust forms on them. Then we recommend you to clean the tips with a little water and soap. Then dry well and lubricate with a little oil, if necessary, the cleaned tips are ready! It can also be that your steeldart tips are heavily rusted. Then you can also use some sandpaper to remove the rust.

Change steeldart tips

Now, of course, it may be that your dart tips are very worn. Or you finally want to have new tips. Then you can of course also change the tips. There are several ways to do this. On the one hand, you can have your tips changed by a friend or other dart player. On the other hand, you can also buy a cheap tip changing machine yourself. How to change a dart tip yourself, you will learn here. You can also find different dart tips for your dart barrels here.

Dart accessories to grind and change

Now we come to the appropriate dart accessories to grind and change your tips. There are various tools that can help you with this. You can always decide for yourself whether you want to buy these dart accessories yourself or borrow them from friends.

Darts grinding stones

Dart whetstone and co.

First of all, we come to a very suitable tool for sharpening your own dart tips. We are talking about a dart sharpening stone, also called a dart grinder or dart sharpener. With this you can sharpen or roughen your darts. Sharpening stones come in different shapes. Most of them are round or very smooth (see picture). So if your tips get dull or damaged, you can easily sharpen them with a dart sharpening stone. Pay attention to the recommended rounding of your dart tip to grind it optimally.

Change dart tips with tip changing machine

Last but not least, we come to another useful tool. The so-called tip changing machine also called Repointing Tool or Dart Repointer. With a pointing machine you can easily change or replace your dart points. There are different variants of machines. You can find a cheap version in our store now. We have written a detailed instruction for you.

Top changing machine for darts

Step 1: Remove old dart tip

  • Turn Z out clockwise
  • Use Allen key to loosen the Allen screws at X
  • Insert the tip of the dart barrel into the tip holder and screw the barrel onto the thread
  • Use the Allen key to tighten the Allen screws. The tip of the dart must lie exactly in the cup holder
  • Place the tip changing machine on a table so that the end of the tool protrudes above the table surface (See 'Dotted line').
  • Now unscrew Z to release the tip from the barrel
  • Tip remains stuck in X - the barrel remains in Y
  • Loosen Allen screws
  • Take out dart tip

Step 2: Attach new dart tip

  • Insert new dart tip into X
  • Tighten Allen screws with Allen key
  • Turn Z counterclockwise to guide tip into barrel
  • Loosen the Allen screws again
  • Screw barrel from thread
  • Remove barrel with new dart tip - DONE

2 Responses

  1. Hello everyone , I need help . I have for some time a tip changing machine that has also been used diligently. No matter what brand it has always worked smoothly . Now I got me the standard arrows from Jonny Clayton. The old tips out easy.
    Only new ones no longer fit in or they are not tight. I can easily take them out and it does not matter what type, brand or shape I use - nothing holds. Does anyone have a trick or tip for me? Mfg Hannes
    PS: it is now already the second pair of this set but the same problem.

    1. Hello Hannes, measure the diameter of the original tip of the Jonny Clayton (Red Dragon) darts. I'm afraid that your interchangeable tips are thinner. The tips of the manufacturers are of different thickness. Thinner tips no longer hold, or must be glued in.

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