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Buy dartboard stand - how to find the right dartboard stand

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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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Darts is booming in Germany. This also leads to many newcomers practicing the sport and being confronted with problems that they didn't necessarily have on their radar beforehand. A dart stand can often provide relief in these cases. But which problems are we talking about? We would like to go into this in more detail in this blog post. We will tell you which dart stands are available on the market and what you should consider when thinking about purchasing a dart stand. At the end we give our own recommendation and even explain how you can build a dartboard stand yourself for little money. From our point of view a mobile dartboard stand has only advantages.

What exactly is a dart rack?

As a rule, a dartboard is hung on the wall. It all sounds so simple and easy. Order a dartboard and arrows, hang the board on the wall and you're ready to go. However, the situation is not always so problem-free in practice. Be it the wall on which the board does not hold properly or the volume of the impact of the darts, which is created by the coupling to the wall. For some players, the installation of a dartboard simply fails due to the lack of space in their home, as the 2.37 meter distance must of course be maintained.

For all these issues, a dart stand can provide relief. A dartboard stand is a construction that allows you to set up the dartboard flexibly. These dartboard stands often have the advantage that they are constructed with telescopic rods, which has the great advantage that they can be stored quickly and easily to save space.

Dart stand for stone dart

What dart stands are available on the market?

There are currently a variety of dartboard stands on the market. They often differ in quality, stability and handling. With so many manufacturers, we would like to narrow things down a bit and focus on a few models that have already proven themselves in practice. The two best models are the McDart dart stand and the product from Winmau.

However, these dartboard stands often cause quite high costs - at least if the quality is to be maintained permanently. Therefore, there is a tip for bargain hunters.

Tip: The Pronomic speaker stand can also be used as a dartboard stand, for example. Basically, it is worth taking a look at stable tripods that can sometimes also be used as dartboard stands.

What are the advantages of a dartboard stand?

A dart stand has many advantages and no disadvantages except for the purchase price. One of the main advantages is flexibility. Especially in small apartments it is not always possible to hang the board so that the distance of 2.37 meters to the throw line can be easily maintained. Due to the fact that the board is not fixed to the wall with a dartboard, the dartboard can be positioned quite flexibly where there is enough space.

In addition to local flexibility, the volume also plays a major role. Especially in rented apartments, it is not uncommon for trouble to arise when the noise of the darts drives the neighbor crazy. The noise usually comes from the fact that the dartboard is firmly attached to the wall and thus the sound is transmitted through the walls and walls. Here, too, the dartboard can provide peace among neighbors. Because the board is no longer coupled to the wall with a dartboard stand, but stands freely, the volume of the impact of the darts is reduced enormously.

Dart stand with wall mounting

Last but not least, a dartboard with a stand has another key advantage. Some apartments have walls made of sheetrock. Here, the board can not be easily attached. In addition, it is possible that the landlord prohibits attaching a dartboard to the wall. This is where the dartboard stand comes into play. It avoids the need to use a drill and dowel to attach the board to the wall. Simply screw it to the dartboard and you're done.

Are there any differences between dartboard stands for pedestal darts or e-darts?

In short: hardly at all. Most dartboards on the market are designed so that both e-dartboards and stone dartboards can be attached to them. With an e-dartboard, however, there is the problem that the volume of the impact of the darts is raised by the fact that there is no solid background. So, conversely to the stone dartboard, the volume tends to be increased. A dartboard stand for electronic dartboard is therefore rather not recommended.

The Winmau dartboard stand in the myDartpfeil store

If you have already decided to buy a dart stand, then we recommend the product from Winmau. The Winmau XTREME 2 dart stand brings everything that makes a good dart stand. Stability, easy handling, a good price-performance ratio and a reputable manufacturer that has already proven itself in the darts industry.

Its four legs also give it increased stability, unlike many other dart stands. It is distinguished by high customer satisfaction and is also used by some professionals when they have to sleep in hotels before a tournament.

How can I build a dartboard stand myself?

Finally, we would like to give you instructions on how to build your own dartboard. In addition to some craftsmanship and the necessary tools, you only need the respective materials. To build a dart stand you should get the following utensils in the hardware store:

  • Wooden beams (2 x 2 m and 8 x 40 cm)
  • Dartboard
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Lacquer
  • Hammer
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Brush
  • Saw

But first things first. Once you have all the above-mentioned utensils together, you're ready to go.

By the way, you can also find the entire tutorial at the following link:

Finally, the question arises whether it makes more sense to build the dartboard yourself or to buy it ready-made. In terms of price, you should end up a little cheaper with your own construction. Through the perfect construction of a finished dart stand, for example, the one from Winmau, but you just save the work and have a good and durable product.

Karella darts machine on wall

Conclusion about the dart stand

No matter what you decide, the dartboard stand is and remains a perfect alternative to the fixed dartboard. Due to its flexibility, it ultimately brings a number of advantages that should not be ignored. Nevertheless, the following also applies: For lovers of a fixed oche in their own four walls, the dart stand is of course no substitute. It is not uncommon for us to receive pictures of our own "dart rooms" in which the stand would devalue rather than enhance. Nevertheless, our recommendation clearly goes in the direction of the dartboard!

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