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  • The nicknames of the dart players at a glance - part 2

The nicknames of the dart players at a glance - part 2

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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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Darts players usually have a competition name or nickname by which they perform and are known. One of the reasons for this is marketing. With a good nickname, sporting success and good management, a player can be built into a brand. The nicknames are often not invented by marketing experts, but have a real background. Not infrequently, you have to smile when you learn the story behind the nicknames. So here now follows the second part of the nicknames of dart players.

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Rob "The Voltage" Cross

Darts player Before his darts career Rob Cross was a trained electronics engineer For this reason Cross decided after he had hung up his old job to refer to his past with his nickname "The Voltage". So Cross is so to say permanently under current as a dart player as well.

Daryl "Superchin" Gurney

Daryl Gurney has been asked several times about his very prominent chin. Instead of seeing this negatively, Gurney took it with humor and gave himself the nickname "Superchin" on the professional course.

Gerwyn "The Iceman" Price

Gerwyn Price is considered one of the most emotional players on the entire professional circuit. The nickname "The Iceman" doesn't exactly suggest that when you see the Welshman at the oche. Nevertheless, the name fits his style, because as soon as he has the chance to finish a leg, he uses it ice-cold.

Mensur "The Gentle" Suljovic

Mensur Suljovic is considered among all dart players as courteous and modest. It is precisely this trait that earned the Austrian his nickname "The Gentle". A little shortened from "The Gentleman" the nickname fits Suljovic like a glove.

Ian "Diamond" White

In Ian White's case, the nickname Diamond sounds unspectacular, but it is derived from something that has nothing to do with the actual diamond. Diamond White is a light cider in England. For this reason, the darts player Ian White was given his nickname because of his last name and the connection to the sweet alcoholic drink.

Dave "Chizzy" Chisnall

In Dave Chisnall's case, the nickname is much easier to derive. Chisnall gave less thought to finding a suitable nickname and ultimately decided to use his call sign, which he had been given by colleagues. So "Chizzy" is a simple allusion to his last name.

Darren "Demolition Man" Webster

Darren Webster was a trained carpenter before taking the plunge to become a full-time darts pro. So while Webster previously carpentered together beautiful furniture, the Englishman gave himself a destructive nickname in darts with "Demolition Man".

Joe "Rockstar" Cullen

Joe Cullen's nickname alludes to a whole new generation of darts players on tour. Especially nowadays the young wild ones on the tour are becoming more and more. That's exactly why Joe Cullen gave himself the nickname "Rockstar", as he fits perfectly into this line of darts professionals.

Stephen "The Bullet" Bunting

Stephen Bunting is the player on the tour who plays by far the lightest darts. The darts he throws at the board weigh just 12 grams. His nickname "The Bullet" comes more or less from the bullseye, the square in the middle of the board.

Mervyn "The King" King

In the case of Mervyn King, it was clear in principle from the start what his nickname must be. Of course, there was only one name that could not be more appropriate. Mervyn King calls himself "The King", in reference to his last name, on the professional darts circuit. However, despite the ostentatious nickname, it has not yet been enough for a real big success.

John "The Highlander" Henderson

John Henderson is more of a leisurely person who takes things more calmly and takes life as it comes. The Scotsman is also very close to home and therefore decided to dedicate his nickname to his homeland. As a Scotsman, it is therefore not surprising that "The Highlander" finally chose a nickname that represents the beautiful nature in Scotland, alluding to the Scottish Highlands.

Jamie "Rasta" Lewis

Jamie Lewis, like Joe Cullen, is one of the young wild ones looking to take on the veteran players and increasingly push them off the big stage. Similar to Cullen, the nickname reflects an attitude towards life. "Rasta" fits so well because Jamie Lewis is a fan of Jamaica and owned long rasta curls a few years ago.

Jermaine "The Machine Gun" Wattimena

For Jermaine Wattimena the nickname came after his darts colleagues have seen in what high speed the Dutchman moves the darts towards the board. In the style of a machine gun and similarly fast Wattimena throws his darts. This is also the reason for the nickname "The Machine Gun".

Max "Maximiser" Hopp

Max Hopp is currently still Germany's best known, best and most successful dart player. In the meantime, all respected professionals from the top of the world know him, so Hopp has a great future ahead of him. Because of his first name Max Hopp decided that he could use a term from darts in reference to his first name as a nickname. "The Maximiser" is therefore a perfect fit for the young German.

Gabriel "The German Giant" Clemens

Gabriel Clemens is gradually breathing down Max Hopp's neck as Germany's number one. That's exactly why he's worth mentioning in this blog post. His nickname also comes with a good dose of humor. "The German Giant" hits our sense of humor exactly with his corpulent body and the corresponding height.

Christo "The Spartan" Reyes

Christo Reyes is Spanish, but his nickname alludes to something else. With "The Spartan," Reyes has decided to allude to ancient Sparta, which was located in Greece. The Spartans are considered something like warriors, so it is obvious that Reyes wants to be counted as a warrior on the dartboard who never gives up.

Benito "Big Ben" van de Pas

Benito van de Pas took the chance to make friends as a Dutchman in English darts. He took this chance by using as a nickname one of the most famous terms in England, "Big Ben". Big Ben is the heaviest of the five bells at the famous Palace of Westminster.

Kyle "The Original" Anderson

With Kyle Anderson, who calls himself "The Original", it is valuable to know his origins. As an Australian, his nickname represents the indigenous people of Australia, the Aborigines.

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