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Dart Conversion Points / Change Tips + Soft Darts = Steeldarts

Dart screw tips for darts

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Alex Krist

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Dart players who like to play steel and e-darts are always faced with a big challenge when it comes to their own dart set. This is because a player cannot, of course, throw at an electronic dartboard with an ordinary steel dart set. In this blog post, we'll go into a little more detail about how players can combat this problem. One example of this is the so-called Darts Conversion Points. We're talking about the tip of the dart, which is interchangeable with soft darts anyway. With dart conversion points, it is possible to use the same set of darts for both the Steeldarts and the E-Darts.

What are Darts Conversion Points?

Darts Conversion Points sounds like a rather complicated term at first. But it's not. After all, the translation is: darts conversion points. Now, conversion points are not unusual in darts. Especially soft dart players know the problem that they have to change their plastic tips regularly. In this blog post, however, we devote ourselves to a completely different problem, which is not quite so easy to fix.

Alternating tips in stone darts

Let's give an example. In electronic darts, often only one dart may weigh up to a maximum of 18 or 20 grams. The reason is that otherwise the electronic dartboard will suffer too much in the long run
. In the case of steeldarts, the weight of a dart in most cases starts at 20 grams. It is therefore impossible to throw an electronic dartboard with darts that weigh more than 20 grams - even if so-called darts conversion points are screwed on at the front.

Conversely, this also means that while you can't throw a dart on an electronic board, it's no problem to throw soft darts on a dartboard - provided the player has suitable dart conversion points for a dartboard.

What are the advantages of Dart Conversion Points?

For soft dart players who also want to try their hand at steeldarts, dart conversion points are the solution par excellence. Because they offer many advantages to get a foothold in darts as well.

Darts steel tips with thread

One advantage is already the cost. If you don't have a set with interchangeable tips, you won't be able to get around a second set in the long run if you want to play both types of darts. And every experienced player knows that two sets of darts can quickly cost around 200 euros - with all accessories. However, a player can save half of this amount if he buys decent dart tips for a few euros.

However, the most important and biggest advantage is a completely different one. There is nothing worse for a dart player than having to play with different sets of darts. This is not unusual for beginners, who are often still trying out and looking for the perfect set. However, if a player has become accustomed to a soft dart set with 17 grams, for example, it makes little sense for him to buy a darts set with a weight of 22 grams per dart.

And this is exactly where the dart screw tips come into play. Because in just a few seconds, the soft darts can be converted into a set of steel darts. So you can play a set on both boards and only have to change the tips. A set of such tips is also very affordable. The cost settles between 3 and 10 euros - depending on the material, design and quality. But this way the player can get used to one dart set and doesn't have to play two different ones on the different boards.

The stone dartboard is the better choice for training anyway

Often there can be very simple reasons why it makes sense as a soft dart player to get these dart screw tips. Only very few soft dart players own an e-dart machine. Especially for training, the variant of a stone dartboard for home is therefore much cheaper. Although there are also cheap e-darts - but these have another disadvantage. The volume of the e-dartboards alone can cause stress in the long run within your own four walls or with other tenants in the same house.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to purchase a stone dartboard and a few dart screw tips for training.

Above all, pay attention to the quality and material when buying.

Soft dart on dartboard

What are the disadvantages of darts with interchangeable tips?

The disadvantages of darts with alternating tips are limited. However, one is that the trajectory is minimally changed. The steeldart tips are usually a bit longer and also heavier than the softdarts tips. This has a minimal effect on the flight characteristics. Unless you are a professional player, however, this should primarily affect you rather less, because the darts still come out much better than with a second, completely different set of darts.

Are there professionals who use conversion points?

Most darts pros own an outfitter who takes care of steeldarts that are perfectly tailored to the player. Therefore, there is hardly a pro who still uses conversion points in this day and age.
However, this has not always been the case for some players coming from e-darts. Players like Mensur Suljovic, José de Sousa or even Krzysztof Ratajski first used conversion points to be able to continue playing their usual darts on new terrain.

What you should look for when buying Conversion Points

There are a lot of screw tips for darts on the market. Therefore, you should pay attention to a few things before you make the purchase.

The material, for example, provides information about how hard the tips are. It would be annoying if they are not well made and ultimately break off when they fall to the ground. Titanium tips are therefore
the best choice here. The length also makes a difference here, as the steeldart tip is usually not quite as short as that of a soft dart. Therefore, make sure that the tip is not too long, otherwise this can massively affect the throw.

And the shape also plays a role. Some tips have a ribbed shape, which makes them stick bombproof in the dartboard. However, this has one disadvantage: in the long run, you damage the board enormously by these barbs in the tip and eventually have to replace it much faster than with normal smooth steeldart tips.

myDartpfeil Conversion Points

You can also buy conversion points for your darts in the myDartpfeil store. Besides screw tips for the dartboard you will also find a large selection of soft dart tips.

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