Darts lexicon

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180s Hit triple 20 3 times with one shot = 180 points
25s Is the small green ring around the bulls eye, also known as the single or half bull
170 The highest possible darts finish
301 Game mode in which you play from 301 down
501 Game mode where you play from 501 down
9-darters The perfect game in darts where you finish a leg of 501 points with 9 throws
5 most popular double fields Bullseye, D20, D18, D16, D10
6 numbers with just one checkout way 2, 3, 153, 156, 167, 170


Drop line The mark on the dart from which the throw is made and is also called “Oche”. It may not be exceeded and if a dart lands on the ground beyond the throw line when thrown, the dart counts as thrown if there was an intention to throw it.
Alexandra Palace Current venue for the annual PDC World Darts Championship in London also called “Ally Pally”.
American darts Variant of the e-dart in which there is only one bull (the size of the bulls-eye and single bull combined), which counts 50 points
Anderson, Gary Scottish professional darts player
Anderson, Kyle Australian professional darts player
Annie's Room The name for the “Simple 1” field
Around the Clock Game mode in which you play the dartboard once in a clockwise direction or in the order of the numbers
Arrows Another word for English darts
Collection ring Outer black ring is there to catch missed throws
Recording Throwing three darts in a row
Bull out When bulling out, you decide who starts the game. Both players throw once at the Bulls-Eye; whoever is closer starts the game.
Check out Finish a game with 0 points
External bull Another word for half bull or single bull
Exhibition game In English Exhibition, where dart players show off their dart game to the public in a relaxed atmosphere
Average Average score in darts


Baby sound Recording with five hits of 19, also called mini-ton
Baby tops Double 3
Bag of Nuts Designation for a throw of 45 points
Barney Nickname of Raymond van Barneveld
barrels Dart handle
Basement Another name for double 3
BDO Official abbreviation of the British Darts Organization
Beaton, Steve English professional darts player
Bed Name of a field (regardless of whether double or triple) on the dartboard
Bed and Breakfast A shot with 26 points where you hit 1x 1, 1x 5 and 1x 20. Also called washing machine, chips or Murphy
Best of three Game mode in which you win by winning at least 2 sets
Best of five Game mode in which you win by winning at least 3 sets
Best performance Exceptional performances in so-called short games, high finishes and high scores are counted as best performances
Big Name of the large single field between the triple and double fields
Big 6 Training game similar to the domino game
Blind killers Innovative modification of the dart classic “Killer”
block In doubles play with teams, your own partner has more points than both opponents combined and thus blocks your own team because he is not allowed to check
board Dartboard in English also called dartboard
Bogey numbers Numbers that cannot be checked: 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162, 159
Bouncer Term for the ricochet of a dart off the board
Break A break is a leg win against the throw. So your opponent started the leg, but you won.
Breakfast Means three throws with 1 x 1 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 5 equals 26 points, in German: breakfast
Bristleboard A dartboard pressed from sisal fibers
Bucket of Nails Three throws into the “Easy 1” field
Buckshot Name of a scatter throw in which three darts land untargeted in different fields of the dartboard
stage play Game in which the dart players play on a podium in front of the fans
Bull / Half Bull The small green ring in the middle of the dartboard, also called the single bull, which counts 25 points
cops Another word for bulling, in which a throw to the bulls eye decides who starts the game
Bull finish/bullout Occurs when a leg ends with a throw into the bulls-eye
Bullseye Red ring in the middle of the dartboard, which counts 50 points
Bullshooter Variant of the American e-dart in which the triple and double fields are twice as large as the classic European e-dart
Bully Boy Nickname of Michael Smith
Bunting, Stephen English professional darts player
Bust English term for throwing something on when checking out


Caller Referee and scorer at professional darts tournaments
Case Storage box for darts and accessories
Catch ring Outer black ring is there to catch missed throws
Chalker Scribe documenting the thrown points on a board
Championship Darts Championship
Check A round usually ends or finishes on a double field
Check out last throw that ends a round
Checkout rate Quota that determines how long it takes to check out
crisps for a roll with 26 points consisting of 1 x 1 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 5
Chisnall, Dave English darts player
Chizzy Nickname of Dave Chisnall
Chuck a Allan Norris Nickname of Allan Norris
Chuckers A player who throws at the target without aiming
Circle it Announce the achieved value to be marked on the board
Clock All numbers on the dartboard clockwise starting at 20
Clock pattern Means the circular arrangement of the segments, not the order of the segments
Collar Metal “collar” on the shaft to attach the flight, also called “crown”
Competition Darts competition
Cork In the past, barrel bottoms were used as dartboards, the cork in the middle was the bulls-eye
Cricket A game where the player has to hit predetermined squares in any order
Cross, Rob English darts player
Cullen, Joe English darts player


Women's triples Triple to the right and left of the twenty: triple 12 and triple 18
Dart / dart arrow dart
darts Precision sport in which you have to hit certain segments of a target with arrows
Dartboard dartboard
DDV German Darts Association
Diddle for Middle To decide who starts playing the bull, the decision is made
Double Two players throw as a team, team game
Double KO A tournament mode where you can lose twice and just keep playing after the first loss
Double The outer “double ring” of the board, numerical values ​​are doubled
Double IN Open your legs with a hit on a double segment
Double out Legs can only be completed with a hit on a double segment
Double Trouble Uncertainty with a double field when checking
Downstairs Lower half of the dartboard
DRA Darts Regulation Authority
Dress code Clothes rules certain clothing that you can and cannot wear


Easy in A game variant where there is no prescribed opening throw
E-dart Darts on an electronic dartboard, also called a soft dart
Simply Fields of which two exist and have simple point counting. The small inner single field “little” and the large outer one in front of the double ring “big”
Throw-in board A training board at tournaments so players can warm up
singles Players compete against each other individually, otherwise two players each compete in a team “double game”
elimination It's a training game, it's about throwing the other opponent out
Equalboard Each player throws the same number of darts and a winner is determined from the results
Exhibition For dart professionals, show darts for fans and followers, mostly at a relaxed level


Catch ring Outer black ring is there to catch missed throws
Feathers Feather flight, because turkey feathers were previously used as flight stabilizers
Feeler Test throw into the black
Mistake Hit outside the scoring area
Field A single bed or segment of the board
finish Final throws with three arrows to end the leg
First to X The first player to win X legs wins the game
Fly Another name for Flight, the flight stabilizer of the dart made of plastic
Flight Flight stabilizer of the dart made of plastic B124
Frozen Because your partner cannot check out in double play because he still has more points left than both opponents combined
Breakfast 1 x 1 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 5 = 26 points, also called breakfast
Fox hunting Training game


Game Game
Game On Release of the board for darts by the referee
Gameshot Last dart of a game
Good darts Typical dart greeting
Gurney, Daryl Northern Irish darts player


Halve it A training game called halving
Hard luck If the opponent misses a very close throw, a pity saying “just over”
Hard on the wire Very close to hitting the desired segment “Crazy”
Hat trick 1. a roll with 3 bulls hit 2. when a player wins the same tournament three times
Henderson, John Scottish darts player
Highlander Nickname of John Henderson
High finish A finish of a high score
High score Highest score with 3 darts, maximum score is 180
Highest Out The finishing throw with the highest points
hockey Is the floor marking of the drop line
Home Term for the smallest possible check
Hopp, Max German darts player
Huybrechts, Kim Begish darts player


Inner Bull Red disc center, 50 points
Iceland Numbers and scoring range of the dartboard


jackpot Nickname of Adrian Lewis
joker A missed throw where you still achieved a good score


Cheese box Game for training for two players, similar to “Tic Tac Toe”
Kappa Joe Scatter around twenty: 1 x 20, 1 x 5, 1 x 1 = 26 points
Throw broken Getting a score that is too high when checking
killer Training game
King, Mervyn English darts player
Classes, Jelle Dutch darts player
KO system Tournament mode, where the loser is always eliminated from the tournament
Crown Another name for “crowns”
Crown Caps made of plastic or metal to protect the flights from damage


liquorice Hit the black, no rating
League Is a team mode that refers to double play, i.e. players with partners
Leg a set of a game, a game has at least three sets
Lewis, Adrian English darts player
Lewis, Jamie English darts player
Little Small segment with a simple point value between the double ring and the bull
Lolly/lollipop Hit the simple 1 three times in a row with three darts
Londenboard Designation of the type of segment division of the usual dartboard
Loser's dart It is not decided by bulling who starts the next leg, but simply the loser starts
Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lander High hit that happened by chance


Mad House / My Home “Crazy House” is the double one
Major tournament Big darts tournament that is also broadcast on TV
Master IN The game opens with a full bull, double or triple throw
Master out Mandatory check variant with full bull, double or triple.
Master of Ceremony Host of a stage show (exhibition)
match A game consisting of 3 to 5 legs
Maximiser Nickname of Max Hopp
Mickey Mouse A game of darts also known as tactics or cricket
Mighty Mike Nickname of Micheal Van Gerwen
Mixed doubles A doubles game where the partners are male and female
Garbage bin Hit the five with three darts
Munch, Kevin German darts player
Murphy Scatter around 20 with three darts and score 26 points: 1x 1 + 1 x 5 + 1 x 20


Nine darters Complete a leg of 501 with only 9 darts
No score Didn't get any points because it was overthrown or no evaluable points were achieved
Nought Thrown outside the scoring area and received 0 points
Norris, Alan English darts player
Nickname Nickname


Oche Drop line
Open An open tournament where everyone can take part
Open In A game can be opened freely without any set rules as to how it must be opened
Open out There is no minimum finish through e.g. doubles or masters
O-ring Is a rubber ring that is placed between the shaft and barrel so that they do not turn loose again on their own
Out The last throw that decides the game
Outer Ball Outer ring around the bulls eye, counts 25 points


PDC Professional Darts Corporation, Association
PDCEurope Part of the PDC, mostly organizer of tournaments in Germany
Perfect Game Called nine darters, you try to finish a set with as few throws as possible
Price, Gerwyn Welsh darts player
Pizza Achieve zero points with three darts, i.e. one throw
Point The tip of a dart
Pointsharpener Tip grinding aids
Popcorn When two darts land so close together that one flight bounces off
professional Darters who do this professionally and are very good
Protectors Crowns made of plastic or aluminum that are placed on the flights to protect them
Fishing points Flier, with respectably high points


Quadro a segment of the dartboard that counts 4 times
Quadro board Dartboard with a 3 segment, which scores four times the points


Ranking There are players in there and the best are at the top and the worst at the bottom
Ranking tournament Darts events give players the opportunity to improve their position on the list
Rasta Definitely colored dartboard
Residual score The remaining points until the check, so the end
Right Church Wrong triple or double hit
Wrong pew Wrong triple or double hit
Right House Correct number hit but wrong segment (single 16 instead of double 16)
Wrong Bed Correct number hit but wrong segment (single 16 instead of double 16)
Robin Hood when you throw a dart into another and it gets stuck in flight
Rock star Nicknames of Joe Cullen
Round Robin Training and tournament variants everyone against everyone
Round the clock Play the entire dartboard number by number, including a training game
round Belongs to a set, there are three throws in a set
Runner Up The player who takes 2nd place, runner-up


Sentence A single run of a game to zero, forming three to five sets is a game
shaft The part between the flight and the barrel
Shaft rubber An O-ring that ensures that the barrel and shaft do not come loose
Schindler, Martin German darts player
Scottish ton Three darts that all land in the one field and one dart hits the triple one
Scribe Usually the referee also serves to write down the points
Score Score
Scoreboard Blackboard on which the score is written
Scoring Officials Writer of a game
segment One field in the scoring area of ​​the dartboard is usually the small colored units
set A set, also known as a leg. A game usually consists of three sets
Shaft shaft
Shanghai Hit the triple, double and single with three darts
Shanghai finish Hit the triple, double and single with three darts and check, the highest shanghai finish is 120
Short game “a short game” the aim is to end the game with as few throws as possible
Short leg A set that has already been checked with unusually few darts
Short tone in a throw where all three darts only hit fives
Shot out A player could not open his game until his opponent checked out
single A segment with a simple scoring
Single bull The small green ring around the bulls eye counts 25 points
Single In Game where it is not prescribed how the game should be opened
Single out Game where it is not prescribed what the finish should be
Skunked Shot out if he cannot open his game before his opponent has made it out
Slop “Flyer” but you still get a high score
Snakebite Nickname of Peter Wright
Smith, Michael English darts player
Soft dart Darts with plastic tips, e-darts or electronic darts
Soft tip Plastic tips for electronic dartboards
Speed ​​darts Dart variant of American darts, you have to play against time
Spider The wire mesh that marks the individual segments
Game A game consists of a predetermined number of sets
spider The dividers on a dartboard
Spin top Shaft tip that can be rotated to create space for close hits
Splash Hit that you hit by chance
Split score Dart game also known as “Have it”
Spotters TV employee who announces the dart players' routes so that the TV cameras can follow them
stand bar Drop line to prevent crossing, mandatory for tournaments and otherwise voluntary
Stage manager Regulates the sequence of the stage to the second
Steady The darts hit the board close to each other
Steel darts Classic darts with steel tips
Straight in Game in which there are no prescribed opening throws in the lower soft dart classes
Straight out Game without a fixed finish throw, in the lower soft dart classes
Sudden death If there is a tie in a league game, that game will be played and whoever wins it is the winner
Great Chin Nickname of Daryl Gurney
Suljovic, scale length Austrian darts player


Tactics A dart game also known as cricket or Mickey Mouse
Taylor, Phil Former English darts player
team team
Team captain Team captain
The Bronzed Adonis Nickname of Steve Beaton
The Bullet Nickname of Michael Smith
The Cobra Nickname of Jelle Klaasen
The Dragon Nickname of Kevin Münch
The Dreammaker Nickname of Dimitri Van Den Bergh
The Dutch Destroyer Nickname of Vincent Van Der Voort
The Flying Scotsman Nickname of Gary Anderson
The Gentle Nickname of Mensur Suljovic
The Hurricane Nickname of Kim Huybrechts
The King Nickname of Mervyn King
The Iceman Nickname of Gerwyn Price
The Machine Nickname of James Wade
The Original Nickname of Kyle Anderson
The Thorn Nickname of Robert Thornton
The Wall Nickname of Martin Schindler
The Wizard Nickname of Simon Whitlock
Thornton, Robert English darts player
Three in a Bed Three darts in one segment
Throw The throw
Tic Tac Toe Dart training game
Tip Dart tip, steel tips/plastic tips
volume 100 points with 3 darts
Ton of Ones Instead of hitting the right segments for 100 points, miss and only score 5 points
Sound machine A darter who always throws 100 points with three darts
ton 100 points with 3 darts
Top Protection for the flight ends, “protective crown”
Tops Field of double twenty, very popular
Topgungs Top player who has won at least 2 major tournaments, 2 major finals and semi-finals and 10 Pro Tour victories
Tournament Director Sporting director of a PDC event
Treple Narrow inner ring on the board is valued three times
Treble In Open the game with a triple
Treble out A leg can only be checked with a triple
Triple Triple field hit
Tungsten Tungsten material of the dart barrel


Throw over Thrown more points than needed until the score is zero, the finish must be repeated
Clock Point segments on the dartboard, starting at one and going from left to right to 20
Umpire referee
Unlucky A throw hit very close to the target
Upstairs Upper half of the board


Van Barneveld, Raymond Dutch darts player
Van Gerwen, Michael Dutch darts player
Van den Bergh, Dimitri Dutch darts player
Van der Voort, Vincent Dutch darts player
flyaway A dart that doesn't land where it should
Losers round In the double knockout mode, after the first encounters, the field of participants is divided into a “winners’ round” and a “losers’ round”, and in the final both groups of participants come together again
Four-person team tournament Match variant in which four players per team compete against each other in two doubles and four singles
Voltage Nickname of Rob Cross
Template During a leg, one player gets a big lead in points
Preliminary round The first half of the season in league play


Wade, James English darts player
Walk on The dart players enter the stage
Walk On Song The player's chosen song during their walk on
washing machine To scatter the 20 and score 26 points in one roll: 1 x 5 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 1
WDF World Darts Federation – World Darts Association
Scoring area Whole number range of the dartboard
West Hall A hall in Alexandra Palace
White wash During an entire game, do not grant your opponent a leg or set win
Whitlock, Simon Australian darts player
Economist Just missed the 180 and the innkeeper doesn't have to spend any
Wright, Peter Scottish darts player
litter Three darts thrown form a “shot” throw


At home For a finish, the lowest possible score, single out for a single out, double one for a double and master out