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  • The coronavirus and its impact on the sport of darts

The coronavirus and its impact on the sport of darts

Darts at Corona time

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Alex Krist

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The coronavirus has had Germany firmly in its grip since the beginning of March. Public life is coming to a standstill step by step. In the meantime, far more than 10,000 people have been infected with the virus in Germany alone. When we will be able to return to normality is completely uncertain. The coronavirus also has an impact on the sport of darts and the PDC. We would like to inform you in this blog post about the current developments around the coronavirus in connection with the sport of darts.

Werner von Moltke speaks up

The Corona virus now has the sport of darts firmly in its grip. Werner von Moltke, head of the PDC Europe, an offshoot of the PDC which coordinates the tournaments all over Europe, recently commented on the current situation in an interview with Sport1. Especially the full schedule makes postponements hardly possible.

"If a postponement is not possible, there is also the consideration of holding tournaments without spectators, because we stream them in part. But that would be the second option. A complete cancellation is unlikely and only an option in case of doubt, because we prefer to host a tournament without spectators," said Moltke in an interview with Sport1.

Especially the European Tour, which is played from spring to summer at different locations in Germany, is currently affected. Specifically, the European Darts Grand Prix in Sindelfingen (March 20-22) and the European Darts Open in Leverkusen have already been canceled. Also the German Darts Grand Prix in Munich, which should have taken place from April 11-13, will not take place. Despite the full schedule, the PDC Europe has already published the provisional replacement dates

It can be assumed that further severe restrictions await the sport of professional darts, especially in the coming weeks - particularly with regard to playing in front of spectators.

The Premier League, the biggest tournament in darts at the moment, is affected as well. So the Premier League matchdays in Rotterdam as well as the matchday in Newcastle were already postponed to autumn.

PDC Europe Chief Werner von Moltke

Handshake ban and interruption of amateur leagues due to coronavirus

But not only for the pros there are hard cuts in darts at the moment. The corona virus is also omnipresent in the amateur leagues. For example, the first step was to change behaviors that are actually part of good manners. Every dart player knows it - high-fiving after a good shot, a great finish or simply before and after the match. This rule alone was canceled in the first step. Then just a few days later, many smaller darts leagues stopped completely. This has several reasons.

On the one hand, it is part of the social responsibility to do everything to prevent the spread of the virus. Every individual, even a hobby dart player, has to make concessions. On the other hand, there are hardly any locations left where games can be played. Bars, pubs and other public facilities have long since closed in many federal states.

Hoarding purchases? Only in the darts store!

We too at myDartpfeilwere shocked to see that many people have mutated into so-called "hoarder shoppers" and have literally emptied the shelves in stores - completely without logical justification. Basic supplies in Germany are more than guaranteed, so supermarkets in particular are well stocked at all times - even in times of a virus crisis. Hoarding purchases are therefore completely unfounded, especially in the grocery and drugstore sectors, and antisocial to boot.

Therefore we have from myDartpfeil us thought that we will enable here another kind of hoarding purchases - those in the online darts store. Here, no one is bought away or social misconduct is visible, because we are prepared and want to enrich you with the best "hamster purchase packages". So strike and secure our new dart hamster buy packages - with us completely without a guilty conscience.

Since all stationary dart stores had to close as well, we see it as an important indication on our part that our operation as an online store continues regularly. So you can always order from us and your orders will still be processed promptly.

Steel darts with blue tip

Darts as a leisure activity at home

The federal and state governments are calling on people to stay at home and avoid social contact. We can only join this call to continue to fight together against the virus and to contain it. While Germany is still hesitating with an official curfew for the population, many other European neighbors and countries have already imposed it for weeks.

It's obvious that things can get boring at home. So what better way to pass the time than by playing darts. So, in our opinion, stay positive, make the best of the situation and just practice in front of the dartboard to stay in shape.

Dartboard with Dart Surround

Flying home in the middle of the tournament

How big the effects of the Coronavirus on darts are showed a bizarre situation around a tournament of the PDC some days ago. So the Austrian Rowby-John Rodriguez had to stop in the middle of a tournament in London. The reason for this was the short-term order that the borders in Austria should be closed. So it was for Rodriguez, nothing like to go to the airport and quickly home before it is too late.

The impact of the coronavirus on darts for the coming weeks and months

Already the latest cuts in the normal course of the calendar year will have far-reaching consequences. Due to the fact that many tournaments will have to be cancelled in March, April and maybe even far beyond, organizers and players will lose important revenues for the time being. Whether all tournaments can be made up is not foreseeable at the moment. For this reason, it is to be expected that the organizers and players will lose larger sums of income this year.

A hard-hitting program is just around the corner

But it also means that the pros should use the present time as good as possible to switch off, because with all the tournaments to be made up for there is a tough program for the darts stars from summer on. Anyway there is hardly a free weekend. In addition, there are now catch-up dates that will probably find their place during the week. This means for the darts pros, probably from summer on, if the situation has calmed down again, a hammer-hard program with many trips and tournaments.

Until then we say to all darts maniacs once again: Take care of yourselves, do good, be there for each other and help that we can pursue our favorite hobby with friends and acquaintances again as soon as possible.

Stay healthy and Game On!

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