Personalized dart surround to design yourself

Your design. Your trademark. You decide.

Personalized dart surround to design yourself

Your design. Your trademark. You decide.


Your desired print in multiple zones

We print your Dart Surround with your desired text, in different zones with different fonts and colors. With our online Surround Designer you can easily create your unique texts.

Highest precision & fast delivery time

With the most modern high-tech machines, we print your Surround with a high precision and speed. We guarantee a first-class print quality and at the same time a fast delivery time within 1-3 business days.

Universally suitable & long life

The catch ring is universally suitable for all dartboards. The 4-part plug-in system is easily put together like a puzzle. Best quality PU foam guarantees a particularly long life.

What are you waiting for?



1 - Select your print area.

Choose your print area and decide if you want your collection ring printed on the top, bottom or both zones.

2 - Add your text.

Simply type in your desired text. You can also type a complete saying, but the text fields are limited with up to 25 characters per text field. Note that we can not print emojis or ASCII special characters.

3 - Choose your text color.

Now color your texts with 9 different base colors. You can choose between gold, white, red, yellow, blue, green, silver, orange or pink.

4 - Choose your font.

Finally, you can choose your font. Here you can choose between 4 different fonts - there is something for every taste.


We combine the tradition of darts with the latest high-tech technology. That's why we also print the dart surrounds completely ourselves in our Global Logistics location in Berlin Charlottenburg.

See for yourself.


Dart Surround design yourself at myDartpfeil

Every dartboard comes with a dart surround to protect your wall from ricochets. We offer you that you can design your own dart surround. Because your personalized Dart Surround or also called Dart Catchring is your daily companion during your dart training. You can choose different colors for your personalized Dart Catchring in our Dart Surround Designer. The personalized 4-piece catch ring is available in black, red, green, blue, gray and orange. Then you can decide on the print zones when personalizing Dart Surround. We print your dart wall protector with text and in the color of your choice.

Dart Surround print with custom text

Your custom dart surround will protect your wall from darts. A dart wall protection is very important because otherwise you have to renovate your apartment when you move out. You can design your own dart surround with text, just use our dart catch ring designer in our dart online store. When printing dart catch ring, you can choose your text color and font style freely. Because to personalize dart catchring we use a special heat technique, where we can print different text colors on your dart surround. A personalized dart surround offers many advantages, for example, you can print the logo of your dart club on the dart surround.

Personalized Dart Surround for own Darts Arena

A real darts fan has his own darts arena in his own four walls. Here should definitely hang a custom printed Dart Surround around the dartboard. With sayings like "Throw better you bird" you motivate yourself daily and you ensure the appropriate grin at darts practice. Designing your own Dart Surround has never been easier than at myDartpfeil. We are the technology leader for personalized dart accessories and the positive experiences of our customers speak for themselves. Use our Dart Surround Designer now to personalize your printed Dart Surround!

How can I design my own Dart Surround?

We at myDartpfeil have provided you with the world's first Dart Surround Designer. Here you can design your own dart surround and let your creativity run wild. If you want to design your own dart catch ring, you only need a few minutes of time. We recommend that you first choose the background color of your personalized dart catch ring. Then you can decide if you want to print on the top or the bottom of your personalized dart catch ring. Last but not least, choose the font and color for your printed darts surround.

Dart Surround personalize to your own taste

You're not a true dart player if you don't have a personalized Dart Surround hanging around your dartboard. That's why you should personalize your own dart surround as soon as possible. For example, every experienced dart player has his own nickname and a dart club he plays for. Perfect template for your text on your printed Dart Catchring. Depending on the club colors of your darts team, you can choose the appropriate dart surround color. For example, you can also choose a rather plain Dart Surround design, if bright colors for your personalized Dart Surround are too colorful for you.

Dart Surround design yourself in the configurator

The Dart Surround Designer from myDartpfeil is a revolution in the darts industry. Every dart player can design his own Dart Catchring and gets tips in our Dart Surround Configurator. There is not much to consider when personalizing a dart catch ring, the dart catch ring configurator is self explanatory. Our personalized dart surrounds are made of a PU foam and offer high durability. The 4-piece dart catch rings are easy to put together at home, so you can play directly on your dartboard.

Dart surround print with high quality

At myDartpfeil , we place a high value on the best quality and finest workmanship for our custom Dart Surrounds. For dart surround printing, we have high-tech machines in use to ensure the best possible print. A personalized dart catch ring should of course last as long as possible, so foam quality is of the utmost importance. We print your dart catch rings in our logistics center in Berlin Charlottenburg within a few working days. Your personalized dart surround will be shipped within 48 hours.

Personalize dart catch ring as a gift

Every dart player is happy about darts gifts, such as a personalized dart catcher ring. When personalizing Dart Surround, you should think of a funny saying for the print. So you make the recipient a great pleasure when he receives his personalized dart catch ring. If you spontaneously need a printed darts catch ring, we recommend our express shipping. You will receive the order within 24 hours, because your wish is our command. If you have any questions about customizing your darts surround, please feel free to contact our friendly support team at any time!