Welche Dartpfeile für Anfänger kaufen: 5 Wichtige Kriterien

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Especially for beginners in darts, when buying darts the question always arises as to which darts are best . This is especially important in order to get to know darts better and to try your hand at the board.

We would like to give you an insight into what is important when buying darts and which darts you should choose to start with. In general, of course, no general statement can be made here, as the preferences of each player are individual . However, there are a few basic rules to follow when buying darts.

Which darts to buy for beginners

Buy darts for beginners – start with heavy darts

A much-discussed golden rule when buying darts: It makes sense for beginners to start with heavy beginner darts. But why exactly?

A heavy dart is generally more stable in the air than a light dart. The heavier the darts, the less susceptible they are to an odd throw by the beginner. Normally, the weight of the darts decreases a little over time once you have settled in and are reasonably satisfied with your game.

However, some players always stick with the same darts, while others reduce the weight over time and thus increase their level of play over time.

But it always depends on the player's throwing style. Some players throw relatively casually and therefore don't need as light arrows, while others fire the device into the board.

Buy darts for beginners

But what components do you need to consider when buying darts other than the weight?

It's not just the weight that is crucial for the darts player when buying darts . There are many other details that are important, especially with beginner darts .

We are talking about the tip , the barrel , the shaft and the flight . One way to find good darts for beginners is to test them.

The best way to try out darts is with friends and acquaintances and then you can see which beginner darts are perfect for you. You can quickly answer the question of which darts for beginners for yourself.

The summit

The tip is often underestimated when buying darts. Especially in steel darts, there is a persistent rumor that there can't be any big differences. But far from it. Steel dart tips are available in different lengths .

These provide the first difference. Added to this is the grip on the board. With a loose throwing style, it is sometimes necessary for the tips to really bite into the board to avoid a bounce.

There are tips with certain grooves that are intended to prevent this. Soft darts also have different lengths and differences in the quality of the tip material. Because the soft dart tip differences in particular should not be underestimated.

Regardless of whether it is steel or soft, in the end you as a beginner have to find out which properties suit you personally best .

The barrel

When it comes to barrels, it's all about weight. But that's not all, because the shape and length are also crucial when buying darts. Depending on how you hold the dart in your hand , the shape can be crucial to your success at darts.

Expert tip: Pay close attention to which shape feels good in your hand and which shapes might not cause the dart to fly as you would like. And that's exactly why it's important to find good darts for beginners that really suit you.

Try out the different dart barrel shapes or try out darts from your friends to get an idea of ​​the different possibilities . We have also written a more detailed article about this, which you can find here.

The shaft

When it comes to the shaft, it's also about the length and the material . The length of the shaft determines how the arrow is inserted into the board. Here you should just try out what is good for you.

At the beginning you are usually surprised at how much the dart's trajectory changes when the shaft is a little shorter or longer. The material , usually plastic or aluminum, is also a crucial question for many players.

Aluminum shafts usually weigh a little more and give the dart's trajectory a little more stability . As you can see, the dart shaft lengths are not that unimportant for you to be successful in darts.

Plastic or aluminum

The Flight

The last component of the dart is the flight. There are countless options here that you can try out yourself after buying darts.

There are many differences in flight, the material alone (fabric or plastic) has a major influence on the throw . Darts with a fabric flight fly significantly slower , but last longer.

Then there are the countless shapes. Here, too, you have to try everything out to find out what's best for you. You can find more information about the right flight for you here.

Steel dart or soft dart?

Another very important decision criterion when buying darts is whether the darts are intended for a steel dartboard or a soft dartboard. Therefore, you should ask yourself right from the start which dartboard is right for you.

With soft darts, for example, arrows weighing up to 18 grams can often only be played, while with steel darts the limit is 50 grams .

So if you prefer playing heavy darts , then it makes more sense to choose steel darts as your sport as the results will be much better .

Steel dart or soft dart?

Buying darts for beginners – which one should I take?

If you want to buy darts, there are two options for you as a beginner. Either you buy darts online or you go to a dart shop nearby.

However, dart shops are relatively rare, especially with staff who can really help you. So if you have the opportunity to throw yourself at a friend's house, then try out the different darts there .

Maybe it's also possible for you to put together your own dart by changing the barrel, shaft or even the dart tip . With us you can then put together your dart as you wish in the world's first dart configurator .

Infobox: In many dart shops you can only buy ready-made dart sets. The problem often arises that one of the components mentioned does not fit the player's throwing style. Therefore, complete dart sets often do not completely satisfy a beginner.

It's also no use buying darts from a world-class player if the shape, length and weight don't match your preferences.

Buying darts for beginners – which one should I take?

Other little things about darts for beginners

In addition to the main components, there are also a few other little things that you should pay attention to as a beginner in darts . The protector on the dart flight is one of those little things.

The small protective caps on the flight are often used to extend the life of the flight . But what many beginners don't realize is that the small protective cap also adds additional weight and pulls the back end of the dart down .

Infobox: If you like to stack the darts, that's a good thing. But if you prefer to play the darts from below, this can become a real problem.

Other little things about darts for beginners

Rubber rings are an important element when buying darts

Another really useful detail are the small rubber rings between the barrel and the shaft . The rubber rings (also called O-rings) are usually not included immediately when you order your first set of darts. But you will quickly notice that the place where the barrel and shaft are

are screwed together and unscrewed again and again. This is incredibly annoying during a game. Rubber rings, which can be purchased for little money, can help here.

Ultimately, they ensure a firm and secure hold , so that you can play freely without having to keep tightening the darts at this point. You can find all of these and other accessories in our dart configurator and parts shop .

How much do darts cost for beginners?

Darts for beginners and beginners are available in many price ranges. However, we recommend that darts for newbies should not cost more than 30 euros .

This is because you should try it out first. As a rule, the beginner darts are not the darts that you keep for the next time. You are guaranteed to try out others and not stick to the beginner darts. Suitable beginner darts are available for under 20 euros .


As you can see, it is not easy to recommend the best darts for beginners because everyone has different requirements. To find the best darts for beginners, you should try out different darts with friends and then decide which tip, barrel, shaft and flight is perfect for you.

Maybe you have a shop nearby and can get advice. If not, you can have your special beginner darts configured in our dart configurator.

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