Dartständer kaufen – so findest du den richtigen Dartboard Ständer

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Darts is booming in Germany. This also means that many newcomers to the sport are confronted with problems that they may not have previously considered. A dart stand can often help in these cases. But what problems are we talking about? We would like to go into this in more detail in this blog post. We'll tell you which dart stands are available on the market and what you should consider if you're thinking about buying a dart stand. At the end we make our own recommendation and even explain to you how you can build a dartboard stand yourself for little money. From our point of view, a mobile dart stand only has advantages.

What exactly is a dart stand?

As a rule, a dartboard is hung on the wall. It all sounds so simple and easy. Order a dartboard and arrows, hang the board on the wall and you're ready to go. In practice, the situation is not always so problem-free. Be it the wall on which the board doesn't hold properly or the volume when the darts hit, which is caused by the coupling to the wall. For some players, installing a dartboard simply fails because of the space in their own home, as the 2.37 meter distance must of course be maintained.

A darts stand can help with all of these issues. A dart stand is a construction that allows you to set up the dartboard flexibly. These dartboard stands often have the advantage of being constructed with telescopic rods, which has the great advantage that they can be stored quickly and easily to save space.

What dart stands are there on the market?

There are currently a variety of dartboard stands on the market. They often differ in quality, durability and handling. Given the large number of manufacturers, we would like to narrow things down and concentrate on a few models that have already proven themselves in practice. The two best models are the McDart dart stand and the product from Winmau.

However, these dartboard stands often cost quite a lot - at least if the quality is to be maintained over the long term. There is a tip for bargain hunters.

Tip: The Pronomic speaker stand can also be used as a dartboard stand, for example. It's generally worth taking a look at sturdy tripods that can sometimes also be used as dart stands.

What are the advantages of a dartboard stand?

A dart stand has many advantages and, apart from the purchase price, no disadvantages. A main advantage is flexibility. Especially in small apartments, it is not always possible to hang the board in such a way that the distance of 2.37 meters from the drop line can be easily maintained. Because the board of a dart stand does not hang firmly on the wall, the dart stand can be positioned very flexibly wherever there is enough space.

In addition to local flexibility , volume also plays a major role. Especially in rented apartments, it is not uncommon for trouble to arise when the noise of the darts drives the neighbor crazy. The noise usually comes about because the dartboard is firmly attached to the wall and the sound is therefore transmitted across the walls. Here too, the dart stand can ensure peace between neighbors. Because the board is no longer attached to the wall in a dart stand, but is free, the volume of the impact of the darts is reduced enormously.

Last but not least, a dartboard with a stand has another crucial advantage. Some apartments have walls made of plasterboard. The board cannot be easily attached here. It is also possible that the landlord forbids attaching a dartboard to the wall. This is also where the dart stand comes into play. This avoids having to attach it to the wall using a drill and dowels. Simply screw it onto the dart stand and you're done.

Are there differences between dart stands for steel darts or e-dart boards?

In short: hardly. Most dart stands on the market are designed to accommodate both electric dartboards and steel dartboards. However, the problem with an e-dartboard is that the volume of the arrow impact is increased because there is no solid background. So the opposite is true of the steel dartboard, the volume tends to be increased. A dart stand for an electronic dartboard is therefore not recommended.

The Winmau dartboard stand in the myDartpfeil shop

If you have already decided to get a dart stand, then we recommend the product from Winmau. The Winmau XTREME 2 dart stand has everything that makes a good dart stand. Stability, easy handling, a good price-performance ratio and a well-known manufacturer that has already proven itself in the darts industry.

In contrast to many other dart stands, its four legs also provide it with increased stability. It is characterized by high customer satisfaction and is also used by some professionals when they have to sleep in hotels before a tournament.


How can I build a dartboard stand myself?

Finally, we would like to give you instructions on how you can build your own dart stand. In addition to some craftsmanship and the necessary tools, all that is required is the relevant materials. To build a dart stand you should get the following supplies from a hardware store:

  • Wooden beams (2 x 2 m and 8 x 40 cm)
  • dartboard
  • screws
  • wood glue
  • paint
  • hammer
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Paint brush
  • saw

But first things first. Once you have all of the utensils mentioned, you can get started.

You can also find the entire instructions at the following link:


Finally, the question arises as to whether it makes more sense to build the dart stand yourself or buy it ready-made. In terms of price, you should end up with a slightly cheaper price for your own design. Thanks to the perfect construction of a finished dart stand, for example the one from Winmau, you save yourself the work and have a good and long-lasting product.

Conclusion on the dart stand

No matter what you decide, the dart stand is and remains a perfect alternative to the stuck dartboard. Due to its flexibility, it ultimately brings with it a number of advantages that cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, the following also applies: For lovers of a solid oche in their own four walls, the dart stand is of course no replacement. It is not uncommon for us to get pictures of our own “dart dreams” in which the stand would devalue rather than enhance. Nevertheless, our recommendation is clearly in the direction of dart stands!

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