Faszination 9 Darter: Möglichkeiten, Preisgeld & Rekorde

Lukas ist Dart Fan der ersten Stunde und seit über 10 Jahren passionierter Dartspieler. Spätestens nach dem Besuch der Darts WM 2016 im ehrwürdigen Alexandra Palace mit seinem späteren Co-Founder und damaligen WG-Partner Timm war für ihn klar: Darts muss auch in Deutschland größer und bekannter werden. Mit myDartpfeil und dem weltweit einzigartigen Dartpfeil Konfigurator kann sich jeder Dartspieler - von Anfänger bis Profi - seine eigenen, perfekten Dartpfeile zusammenstellen und individuell gestalten.

Today we will explain to you the perfect game of darts. It's about the so-called 9 darter, which you probably also know as nine dart finish or 9 dart out .

Anyone who doesn't know it before will definitely be smarter afterwards, as we'll explain what it actually is and what options there are for the 501 Double-Out.

You will also find out how the prize money for the perfect game works . We also look at the 9 darters from Phil Taylor and Michael von Gerwen. At the end there is a list of 9-dart finishes prepared on TV.

What exactly is a 9 darter?

First of all, let's look at the definition of a 9 darter. Also referred to as the perfect game in darts , this describes the perfect way to do the 501 double-out with 9 darts .

In general, the 501 game is about reducing the score from 501 . There are various options. However , mathematically at least 9 darts are necessary .

In the double-out game mode you have to end the game with a throw into a double field. You can achieve a nine dart finish in this mode with 18 different options for nine throws.

The 3-dart scores can be thrown in 71 different ways. There is now a long history of 9-darters in darts. To this day, many players have achieved several 9-darters and were able to enjoy additional prize money from the PDC .

9 darter ways: What options are there?

Below we look at the finish ways for 9-dart finishes in 501 Double-Out mode. As already described in the first chapter, there are 71 different ways for 3-dart scores .

The 71 possibilities for the perfect game can be broken down again. But that all sounds worse than it is.

  • You have a total of 3,944 options for the perfect game. Of these, 2296 end on the bulls eye.
  • There are also 672 that end in D20.
  • There are also 792 on D18, 56 on D17, 120 on D15
  • And only 8 possibilities that are finished with D12 .

Not to be forgotten is the Double-In / Double-Out game mode, which is also played at the PDC World Grand Prix of Darts. Each player must start their game by throwing into any double field .

Here the perfect game can only start and end on Bulls-Eye, D20 or D17. The variant can be obtained with 7 different combinations of the nine throws.

There are 30 different 3-dart score options for a successful 9-dart finish.

When was the last 9-darter?

In the World Cup final, Michael Smith actually managed to cause absolute excitement with a 9 darter. He played the perfect game in a high-class duel with Michael van Gerwen.

It was the 14th nine darter in the history of the World Cup and no one has been able to do it before in this game in particular. Gabriel Clemens' semi-final defeat provided a very special highlight in the World Cup final.

In darts history, however, there have been perfect games 463 times . Phil Taylor has already managed the 9-darter 22 times.

What is the perfect 9 darter?

What is the perfect nine darter? Of course, many people ask themselves this question. It's actually less important to play the perfect 9 darter, but rather to simply do it.

Of course, a triple 20 , a triple 19 and a double 12 are ideal. There are also countless 9 darter options, as you have already seen.

You can therefore play as 9-darter combinations or 9-darter without triple 20. However, what the perfect 9 darter is depends on each person personally and which one they actually perceive as perfect.

What do you get for a 9 darter?

Next we look at the prize money for the 9 dart masterpiece. This prize money is only available from the PDC and is paid out for 9-darters on TV at major PDC tournaments.

5,000 British pounds are offered for a 9 darter per tournament . If no 9-darter is thrown , the prize money for the next tournament increases by 5,000 pounds .

The prize money at the Darts World Cup 2017 was 15,000 pounds. If the perfect game is achieved by several dart players in a tournament, the prize money is divided . This means that it is not exactly possible to build a fortune as a darts player .

The first prize money for a 9-darter went to John Lowe in 1984. With the first TV 9-darter ever, he received prize money of 175,000 US dollars .

Paul Lim received £52,000 in prize money 6 years later for the second TV 9-dart finish in darts history.

9 dart finish on TV

Since John Lowe's first 9 dart on TV, there have been several more 9 dart finish successes. There are now a total of 73 times (as of September 2023).

On the other hand, there were a total of 463 times where a 9 darter was achieved and which were counted by the PDC. In the following chapters you will find lists of the 9 most popular dart finishes in darts history.

List TV 9 Darter

Here you will find an overview of all 9 darters that were broadcast live on TV. Michael van Gerwen managed the most recent 9-darter against Luke Humphries on September 17th, 2023.

Phil Taylor holds the record for the most TV 9-darters with 11 . Also in the top ten are Raymond von Barneveld, Mrevyn King, Adrian Lewis, James Wade, Gary Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Darryl Fitton, José de Sousa and Gerwyn Price.

9 darters by Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is by far the most successful darts player of all time . But the multiple world champion didn't just win titles. Phil Taylor also threw several 9 darters in his career.

He received a total of 11 pieces live on TV. He is also the only player who was able to throw two 9-darters in one game . He achieved this in the final of the Premier League Darts 2010.

He also threw 11 more at the PDC, which were not broadcast on TV.

9 darters from Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen is currently the reigning world champion and he has also been able to deliver the perfect game several times. He pulled off the magic trick on TV a total of 5 times .

Raymond van Barneveld has just as many. However, he has already announced that he will soon end his career. So MvG still has some time to equal Phil Taylor's record at some point. In total, Michael van Gerwen managed a total of 17 9-dart finishes at the PDC .


We hope that with this explanation we were able to explain the perfect game to you and that you now know the 9 darter ways as well as the 9 darter possibilities.

Of course you could see how many paths lead to the 9 darter and we were able to explain a little to you what the perfect 9 darter is. But as you can all see, it's not really that easy. Because this perfect game has only occurred 14 times in history .


What is the probability of throwing a 9 in darts?

Finishing a dart game with the perfect game, i.e. nine throws, is a rarity and definitely sensational.

The chance of this nine darter happening twice in one game is actually only 1:67 million .

As a comparison : the chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 20 million!

Who threw the fastest 9-darter?

The Scottish William Borland managed probably the fastest 9-darter against the Englishman Bradley Brooks in the first round of the PDC Darts World Championship .

Borland only needed 11.28 seconds , a full second less than Michael Smith. Both players, along with many others, are on the list of darts records .

9-Darter: Which woman did it first?

The first woman to complete a nine darter in history was 29 year old Englishwoman Fallon Sherrock .

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