Dart Mentaltraining: Inkl. Tipps für Fokus & Selbstvertrauen

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In order to become even more successful in darts, darts mental training is essential. Professional players in particular now almost all use a mental coach in order to be able to withstand the ever-increasing pressure situations at the right moment. Darts mental training can also be beneficial for you as a hobby player. Especially if you play in a darts team and are regularly confronted with these pressure situations.

The psyche in the game of darts

A strong psyche is worth more than just a few points in darts. Darts is a mental sport, and even the professional players feel this again and again - no matter how great the talent is. Overall, it is not uncommon to hear that darts is played more than 50 percent in the head. An incredible value and it impressively illustrates how important it actually is to have mental strength in darts and to do dart mental training. But why is that and how do you get your psyche under control so that it doesn't play tricks on you at the wrong moment?

The mechanisms in the head

During a dart match we are under pressure. This pressure causes our brain to put us in a situation in which we perceive a feeling of stress. This stress in turn gives the head the signal of a dangerous situation. A completely normal and human reaction that we cannot prevent and is in our nature. But we can get this mechanism under control. Because if there's something we can't use in darts, it's stress and pressure. For example, too much stress and pressure on the board can create a kind of vicious cycle that often ends in so-called dartitis .

Stress automatically causes us to tense up. The blood is drawn from the hands, so that muscle tension increases. The result is that we no longer stand as relaxed and are often no longer able to carry out the throwing movement as usual. There is also another problem. This is referred to as the so-called self-fulfilling prophecy. This means: we imagine a scenario before the throw that will then occur. Of course, that doesn't mean that the idea of ​​doing a 180 will result in this. But vice versa. For example, if we have three match darts against a strong player, the pressure in the head can increase enormously. This happens with the spiritual idea that the enemy will be there in the next moment.

In such moments the following often happens: We think to ourselves that we definitely won't hit the double. But of course it would be nice if it succeeded. Because of these doubts, we hardly have a chance of getting the double. It is precisely these thoughts that need to be put to a stop in order to get the thoughts and stress under control.

Dart mental training – what options are there?

In order to become even more successful in darts, darts mental training is essential.

Now we have briefly explained to you to what extent mental strength affects the game of darts or not. Next, we would like to show you how you can get some of these problems under control. Because without dart mental training you will always fall back into these old patterns. Whether sooner or later is only a question of time. When things are going well, these things don't bother you. But if you have problems playing your game, then it can really drag you down.

Dart mental training before and after the game

Now there are two different ways to get your nerves under control a little better. On the one hand, dart mental training is about preparing for the pressure situation in the best possible way. So there are a few ways to work on stress and pressure in advance of a game.

The easiest way to do this is through simulation. During your dart mental training you imagine that you are in a pressure situation. For example, you have 60 points remaining and try to imagine yourself in a real game as best as possible. Although this doesn't work 100 percent, you still feel a certain amount of pressure and learn to deal with it. Because practicing without pressure will never prepare you for the situation in a real game. After some time, a wear and tear effect sets in so that we learn to deal with a pressure situation. The rule here is: practice, practice, practice. Repeat these situations as often as possible, the faster you will be calmer in the game. A suitable solution is the myDartCoach app , where you can play against a bot and put yourself under pressure.

Go easy on the board

The second option is to make it clear that it's actually just about throwing arrows. So you should be aware of the consequences if you miss a field. Actually nothing. A defeat is the worst scenario and is manageable. This is how you can create an “I don’t care” attitude step by step. This in turn means that you are much more relaxed on the board and can also throw without tension.

Last but not least, stress should be reduced before a game so that it doesn't build up. This is best done through physical exertion. So going for a run can help. Here you can find out for yourself which physical activity works best. You will see,

Dart mental training during the game

But what if all the preparation doesn't help and you just don't want to hit anything in the game? Of course, this situation can also occur despite all efforts before the game. Here it becomes much more complex to free yourself from this predicament. Over time, your head gets caught up in a negative situation and, in the worst case scenario, you end up in a negative spiral. That's why we would like to give you a few tips for your darts mental training that can help you stay a little more calm.

Relaxing is one of the most important dart mental training tips. Of course, this doesn't happen so easily. It's actually not that difficult to counteract the cramps. Chewing gum alone can provide the necessary relief. The explanation: When you chew gum, your body is led to believe that it is receiving nutrition. This signal alone creates a feeling of relaxation. Breathing can also help you relax. So you should make sure that you breathe calmly and evenly.


Playing tricks on your own head

It is also possible to play tricks on your head and ignore the stressful situation for a fraction of a second. This is particularly helpful for throws on the double field and is done as follows: Imagine a sentence or a word that you say quietly to yourself when you start the throw. In this moment we concentrate on saying the words quietly instead of on the pressure situation. This prevents us from getting too involved in the situation in front of the dartboard. What you say to yourself doesn't matter at all. But it makes sense to repeat the same words to yourself over and over again. Try using the word “myDartpfeil” 😉