Dart Punkte richtig zählen und rechnen

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The topic of arithmetic is an elementary area of ​​steel darts . This is exactly why you should be familiar with the topic and learn to count dart points correctly.

Let's be honest: Everyone gets annoyed when their opponent interrupts the game of darts because they are unable to add up the points. This often even creates tension on the oche , which is not exactly beneficial.

Especially at tournaments with experienced players, it can happen that the players are excited and have problems counting points on the dartboard .

But most of them have practically perfected arithmetic. However, if you make mistakes in the calculations, you can lose your fat. That's why in this article we give you important tips for counting darts points and dart calculation methods . You will see that everyone can learn darts!

How do you count points in darts?

Especially at the beginning of your darts career, it will certainly not be easy for you to add up your dart points within a few seconds. Especially not if you accidentally hit a field that you didn't mean to hit.

You get nervous and have trouble counting down darts. No wonder, especially if you are still a beginner.

Dart points count – practice makes perfect

Nevertheless, you should learn to add up the points as quickly as possible . This allows you to react correctly to situations, such as at the darts checkout .

1. The dart score

Before you focus on the remaining score, it's important to calculate the score of three arrows . As a rule, this counting method is the easiest part.

Many players round up numbers thrown to make it quicker and easier to calculate the correct score . You can quickly learn these dart calculation methods.

An example:

You throw the 19, the T 19 and the 13. Instead of calculating 4 x 19 + 13, you can also proceed as follows: Round the 19 up to 20. So 4 x 20. You calculated that this is 80 much faster than 4 x 19.

Now you add the 13 and end up with 93. In the last step you only need to subtract the 4 dart counters that you rounded up at the beginning. Zack, do you have a score of 89 ? As you can see, learning darts isn't that difficult!

What might sound a bit complicated and complicated here will, in practice, save you a lot of time when calculating . You also make things much easier for yourself. Try it yourself and you'll see how easy dart counting is.

To the question, when does a dart count ? Of course, a dart only counts if the tip of it gets stuck in the board . At least with steel darts. A bouncer, on the other hand, does not earn you any dart points. This is only the case with e-darts.

The first step: the dart score

2. The remaining score

Now you have the score. As a darts writer, you also have to be able to calculate the remaining points, for example. There is also a similar trick to calculating the scores on the dart scoreboard. Let's stick with the example from before.

Infobox: The topic of arithmetic is an elementary area of ​​steel darts.

So the score is 89 points. For example, if you now have 349 points remaining, the matter initially looks relatively complicated.

At least for an inexperienced dart player who now has to act as a scribe for two foreign players after a defeat.

We have the following example for you:

Instead of 89 points, you simply subtract 100 dart points and round up as before. So you calculate 349-100 and quickly end up with 249 points remaining.

In the next step you add the 11 dart points difference that were not thrown and you get 260 points. That's it and here too, learning to count darts is particularly easy if you use these tricks.

Even here, with this method you will be able to determine the remaining number of points much more quickly than if you obsessively try to calculate 349-89.

Calculate the remaining points

3. Darts Checkout

The next crux is already waiting at the darts checkout. For example, if you have a remaining score of 101, there are two paths you can take.

While beginners often choose the cooler route via the T17 and the Bullseye, there is also the option to go via T20, 9 and D16 . Experienced players tend to choose this route.

But aiming at darts is not always that easy for beginners. Because what if you completely miss your goal? Suddenly your entire path is no longer possible.

Now it is important to react quickly. One option is to mentally calculate the difference between 40 and the remaining score. Let's stick with the example from above.

101 points remaining. Now you miss the desired field and instead of the T17 you only hit the simple 17. So you have 84 dart points remaining to master the dart checkout .

In this case, however, there are a number of ways to achieve a feasible finish. But it's not always that easy because you have to use the dart counting method first.

Even if you still have over 200 points, you still need to think about how you can put yourself in a good starting position . For many players, it is easier to go for an even number as they are targeting the T20.

Darts checkout

Dart app to help you count points

In the amateur sector, dart apps and computers are often used that already show a possible checkout path . This includes, among other things, the myDartcoach app .

We can only recommend this darts app to everyone. At Dartcounter, not only the checkout paths are displayed, but also the average, the number of arrows per leg and the current score .

After the match you will also receive information about the highest score in the match and the overall average. The app can be purchased free of charge for Android and Apple devices. With this app you have saved yourself a lot of work if you find it difficult to learn the dart calculation methods.

Dart app as support

Cheers to the writers and callers in darts

Last but not least, we would like to say a big shout out to the callers and writers in darts. Every dart player knows what performance the callers and writers have to deliver every day on the PDC tour.

Writing and calculating dart points correctly is no problem for them. Even unusual dart counts often have to be calculated and pronounced correctly in a matter of seconds. The writers also don't always have much time to determine the correct remaining score.

It is not for nothing that the PDC is very careful when selecting callers and writers . Mistakes can only rarely be made here. And when they happen, everyone involved knows it was a slip-up and can then laugh about it.

But every hobby player knows how annoying it can be when incorrect numbers are constantly announced or calculated. So do something good for your head, calculate your dart points during training and practice mental arithmetic when playing darts!


Learning darts is not that difficult, as you can see from the examples. But because of cell phones, calculators and other electronic calculating machines, people gradually forget how to do mental arithmetic.

It is therefore particularly important that you train yourself again . Practicing for a few minutes every day can work wonders and you will see that it becomes easier for you to count the points on the dartboard.

If you have any other dart questions , you can find lots of answers on our site. Browse and find out about the important things in life – Steeldart!

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