Dart Zähler: Scoreboard, Rechner & App im Vergleich

Lukas ist Dart Fan der ersten Stunde und seit über 10 Jahren passionierter Dartspieler. Spätestens nach dem Besuch der Darts WM 2016 im ehrwürdigen Alexandra Palace mit seinem späteren Co-Founder und damaligen WG-Partner Timm war für ihn klar: Darts muss auch in Deutschland größer und bekannter werden. Mit myDartpfeil und dem weltweit einzigartigen Dartpfeil Konfigurator kann sich jeder Dartspieler - von Anfänger bis Profi - seine eigenen, perfekten Dartpfeile zusammenstellen und individuell gestalten.

The biggest difference between soft darts and steel darts is that with steel darts you have to add up the points yourself . With e-darts, however, the machine conveniently adds up the points for you .

It usually even shows the most popular check-out method . But that's exactly what makes Steeldart so special. When it comes to steel darts, it is often the case that calculation errors made by professionals lead to exciting moments or are worth a smile.

Of course, adding things up also promotes mental arithmetic skills . Quite a few newcomers to darts are always impressed by how quickly the professionals calculate in their heads - it's all a matter of practice .

That's why today we'll show you our advantages and disadvantages when it comes to dart counters, calculators or apps.

Which dart counters are there?

There are different darts calculators. On the one hand, you have the scoreboard, i.e. the classic way of writing things down by hand . On the other hand, you will find the automatic dart counter , which, as the name suggests, counts automatically and you no longer have to calculate everything yourself.

Then there are two online options for dart scorers. In addition to a dart calculator for the computer, there is also a steel dart counter for your cell phone .

Dart Scoreboard – classically written by hand

The scoreboard is part of the steel dart, like the caller. The scoreboard is one of the most important tools at PDC tournaments.

Why is this so? For example, if the caller calls out a number incorrectly but the writer writes the correct number on the scoreboard, what is written on the scoreboard always counts . What is written on the scoreboard is therefore sacred.

The scoreboard usually has certain rules according to which the numbers are written down. Here the players pay close attention to ensuring that this is adhered to.

Newbies are quickly caught out if they make a spelling mistake. Nevertheless, the scoreboard is the oldest method of writing down the numbers in steel darts.

Darts scoreboard

Advantages and disadvantages of a scoreboard


  • There is no need for mental arithmetic because an electronic scoreboard adds up the points itself
  • The dart counter makes suggestions for the next throws
  • With the dart scorer, the points are saved automatically
  • The darts scoreboard also shows the score and average values


  • If an incorrect point value is given, the score on the scoreboard always counts, even if the caller has given the correct points
  • The “scribe” always has to concentrate so that he doesn’t make any mistakes because the points are entered by hand
  • The players do not have a quick overview like with a dart machine , but must always look at the scoreboard first

Automatic dart counter

If you don't want to use the old-fashioned method of writing by hand, you can alternatively use a so-called dart counter. These dart counters can be purchased additionally. All you have to do is type in your number on a display.

Tip: You can hang the counter next to the steel dartboard, for example. This means both players always have an eye on the remaining points. For example, expensive models also show checkout routes or the numbers of past recordings.

Visually, the numbers are usually displayed in the same way as on an e-dart machine. However, the player has to add up the points himself. This will probably never change with steel darts and is somehow part of this dart variant.

Nevertheless, the electronic dart counter is a good option if you want to save yourself the mental arithmetic . Even if the dart computer is not the most expensive model, it is definitely easier for you and you can play in a relaxed manner without constantly having to take breaks to add up the points.

If you choose a higher-quality model, you even have the option of using a dart counter with voice control .

Advantages and disadvantages of an automatic dart counter


  • The points are quickly and easily entered into the steel dart counter
  • The electronic dart counter is available in different versions and can be selected with voice control or checkout paths
  • With the automatic steel dart counter , every player can see their points as it can be hung directly next to the dartboard. This way everyone has an overview of their points


  • Here too, the points must be entered manually
  • Cheap models offer little comfort
  • Points must also be added up here yourself

Dart calculator on the PC – programs like N01

Dart calculators such as N01 are also frequently used. N01 is a software that works on almost every laptop or PC because the requirements are extremely low.

As soon as you have installed the program, you can start. In addition to the remaining points , you will also be shown the score of the last five recordings .

N01 has the advantage that you can essentially connect the PC to a Bluetooth keyboard . This way you don't have to enter the score near the board. Instead, a scribe can do this very conveniently with a keyboard out of reach of the two players.

In general league operations, N01 is the program that is used most frequently. Almost every tournament dart player knows the program or has used it themselves.

Dart calculator on the PC

Advantages and disadvantages of a dart calculator on the PC


  • With this dart scorer the points are added up automatically. However, they also have to be entered manually .
  • The software can be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard
  • Remaining points as well as the last 5 games are displayed in the software
  • The software is used in almost every tournament and is free


  • The dart counter is still manual here and must be entered manually
  • Here too, each player has to see their score on the screen or the scorer announces it - the screen is not visible to every player
  • A laptop must always be available

Dart Counter App – Big hustle and bustle on the app market

The steel dart trend has not gone unnoticed by app developers either. To make it as easy as possible for players, there are now a whole range of dart apps . Some cost a few euros, while others are free.

A very good app, for example, is the “Dart Scoreboard” , which is only available for Android devices . Apple users have to use another app.

With the dart scoreboard, both players receive all the important information at a glance . In addition to the remaining points, you will be shown the check-out method , if available.

Infobox: If you have stopped on a boogie number, the number will be highlighted in red. This signals that you cannot bring the remaining score to zero with three arrows.

You also get a constant overview of your average, which is automatically updated after each recording.

There is also another extreme advantage . If you don't have space to hang a counter or laptop next to the board, you can simply leave the cell phone with the app on the table.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dart counter app


  • The app can be installed on any device and players can network with each other
  • Here too, the points are entered by hand but added up automatically
  • Depending on the app, there are numerous features and you can display the perfect check-out. But the app offers many other advantages


  • Of course, the app must be the same on every device . This could be difficult since “Dart Scoreboard” is only available for Android phones. Here the players have to find a common denominator
  • Apps with lots of features usually cost a few euros
  • Nothing works without a smartphone. If you forget, you have to resort to paper and pen as a dart scorekeeper

Choosing a dart counter: That’s what matters

Of course, it always depends on your preferences and budget . There should also be a power supply near the dartboard if you are looking for an electronic dart counter.

  • User-friendliness: When it comes to user-friendliness, you should make sure that it is easy to use and, if possible, a real dart calculator that automatically adds up the points. This saved you a lot of work.
  • Power supply: If you are looking for an electronic dart counter that may function as a dart counter with voice control, you should ensure that you have a power outlet near the dartboard . You should also keep in mind that with an automatic dart computer, everyone can immediately see where they are standing. This advantage is immense and should always be taken into account when choosing a dart counter.
  • Features: No matter which darts calculator you choose. With all the options, please also note the different features such as a dart counter with voice control , automatic counting , check-out suggestions and much more.
  • Reviews and experiences: Once you have chosen a favorite for yourself, you should of course not buy the first steel dart counter that comes along. Look at the reviews and experiences of other players and also pay attention to the disadvantages listed.
  • Price: Price obviously plays a big role. There are offers that are free, such as the dart software or the various apps, and there are paid programs and apps . In addition, the different dart scoreboards are not available for free. Think carefully about what is important to you and then set your budget to find the perfect dart counter.

What is the best dart counter?

Basically you can't say what the best dart counter is. Everyone has different requirements and wishes , which means that the perfect dart counter doesn't really exist.

While player A absolutely loves the Darts 3D app and can't imagine a better app, player B has massive problems with this app. For example, he prefers the Flame app, which Player A cannot use. That's why we've shown you some apps here so that you can find the best app for you.

  • App Darts 3D: With the App Darts 3D you can throw in real time as well as in multiplayer mode . There are also statistics and rankings and the opportunity to compete against the computer. In addition to cricket, you can also choose from game modes 501 and 301. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store .
  • Flame App: If you don't want to keep score, you will find the Flame App a good option. The darts counter is clear and calculates the remaining points that you still have to throw. There are also suggestions as to which throwing combinations are possible. This app can also be found in the Google Play Store.
  • Darts 1 App: A darts app for iOS, on the other hand, is the Darts1 app, which comes from the website of the same name where fans get information. There are numerous features hidden in the software and you will find player portraits, tournament calendars and a live ticker. The app also automatically adds up the scores and shows you finish routes. The app is available for iOS and Android .
  • Darts Score Free: Another iOS app is Darts Scorer Free. The game modes Cricket, 101 and 201 are available here. If you want to compete against a computer or play modes 301, 501, 701 and 1001, you will have to switch to the paid version . But your name and the score will also be announced to you, which means that you have an electronic dart counter with this app. At the end you can even share the result on Facebook and Twitter .

Build your own dart counter: Is that possible?

Of course you can also build a steel dart counter yourself . However, you should definitely be skilled in craftsmanship here.

Hobbyists will have a lot of fun with it, but a layperson who is not very familiar with electronics would be better off investing the money for the accessories in an electronic dart counter to avoid frustration.


Whether DartApp, dart counter or software on the PC. Today's technical possibilities make it much easier to calculate scores or evaluate statistics.

This is fundamentally a positive development . The first designs in which even a steel dartboard automatically recognizes where the arrows have landed are also in development.

So in a few years it could happen that even with steel darts you no longer have to do the math yourself . This then happens via sensors.

However, every dart player who has been on the board for a long time is critical of this development. Technical aids are ok as long as they don't change the original sport of darts.

And with steel darts mental arithmetic is just as much a part of it as the caller , the writer or the oche . Apps and dart counters are perfectly fine as aids. But you shouldn't overdo it with the technical aids either.

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