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Especially for players who only play darts at home in their own four walls , a well-known problem always arises - the volume of the dartboard .

It usually doesn't take long before neighbors, parents or roommates complain about the monotonous sound of arrows hitting the dartboard. In itself, a noiseless impact is not possible because a dart hits the dartboard at high speed.

For this reason, we are devoting this blog post to the topic of insulating the dartboard. So you can play darts around the clock and avoid the next argument in advance.

Insulating the dartboard – why is this necessary?

A dartboard can sometimes be annoying - not for the user, i.e. the player, but rather for neighbors, roommates, siblings and parents. But why? How could a dartboard be annoying?

It's simple: every single impact of an arrow creates a dull, annoying noise - at least for those who don't use the target. Especially with dartboards that are attached to the wall, the sound of the impact is often transported or transmitted throughout the entire house .

For this reason, there are many hobbyists who are looking for a solution to insulate the wall in such a way that a certain level of sound insulation is created. We are often asked how you can make your dartboard quieter.

Because one thing is clear: if the sound transmission continues over the long term, then it will hardly be possible to play darts late in the evening. The risk that neighbors or roommates are already asleep and wake up to the monotonous noise is too great.

So there needs to be an appropriate dartboard insulating instructions. And we'll show you how you can tackle the problem.

What options are there for insulating steel dartboards?

There are several ways to make a steel dart board quieter. We'll look at the simplest, but probably also the most expensive option right at the beginning.

With a dart stand you can almost completely avoid the loudness of the impact and the transmission of sound . With a dart stand you have the big advantage that the dartboard is not attached directly to the wall .

This means that sound cannot be transmitted through the walls. In addition, a mobile dartboard stand bounces a little. Extremely advantageous in the case of a steel dartboard, while this is a disadvantage for an electronic dartboard.

The reason: The material on a steel dartboard, i.e. the sisal fibers, give way when the arrow hits the board. Because the dartboard stand also gives in minimally, the noise of the impact is minimized. This is not the case if the steel dartboard is attached directly to the wall, as it does not give way.

But: The mobile dartboard stand has its price and is definitely the most expensive option to prevent annoying noise when playing darts. But it is effective, flexible and easy to use .

If you can only attach the dartboard to the wall, you have to do without the board stand. But there are solutions here too. First of all, it is important that the board is not mounted directly on the wall .

Options for insulating the steel dart board

Cork boards to help

A good example is cork boards , which are often used as sound insulation for dartboards . I would like to introduce you to a construction that is inexpensive and effective .

  • Step 1: Attach a chipboard to the wall (with 4 dowels and screws)
  • 2nd step: Now glue a cork board (5 mm thick) to this chipboard.
  • Step 3: Attach the board holder to the middle of the cork board and hang the disc

The big advantage of this is that the chipboard means that the sound is not transmitted directly to the wall , as the board is not in direct contact with the wall .

The cork board provides additional dart board noise insulation . I personally use this design myself and am very satisfied.

Insider tip: Cover the back of the dartboard with foam. This has the advantage that there is no air between the cork board and the dartboard. This would again result in a louder impact noise. A very thin foam is sufficient for this purpose.

Insulating the e-dartboard – ways to reduce the volume

With e-dartboards the problem is sometimes even greater than with a steel dartboard. The fact that the e-dartboard is connected to the power and makes a separate noise when there are triple fields does not make the situation any easier for hobby players.

The dart stand is also not a significant alternative here, as the noise is only amplified if an e-dart board does not have a solid background.

So what can you do to properly insulate the e-dartboard or make it quieter? One way to happiness is impact sound insulation . This is also used, for example, to insulate floors - especially in high-rise buildings where several people live on top of each other.

Such a material is inexpensive and effective . The impact sound insulation simply needs to be adjusted to the size of the dartboard and glued on - done.

If this isn't enough, you can also screw on the e-dart board. But you should know what exactly you are doing so as not to damage the dartboard.

The back can be stuffed with an insulating material - for example, cotton wool is very suitable because it is flexible and light . Then screw the e-dart board back together and you're done.

If you don't have a problem digging deeper into your pockets, you can also buy a product that is already insulated. There are a few electronic dart cabinets here that are already insulated and therefore have a low volume .

But one thing remains clear: it is definitely more difficult to insulate an electronic dartboard than to insulate a steel dartboard.

6 tips for the right dartboard soundproofing

Finally, we will give you an overview with the best tips for insulating steel and e-dart boards.

Tips & instructions for insulating a steel dartboard:

  • Dartboard sound insulation and dartboard wall protection – install intermediate plate
  • Insulate dartboard: stick foam on the back
  • Do not attach the steel dart board directly to the wall

Insider tip: If possible, just use a dart stand!

Tips & instructions for insulating electronic dartboards:

  • Screw on the e-dartboard and stuff it with cotton
  • Apply impact sound insulation to the back of the e-dart board
  • Purchase an e-dart board that is already insulated

With these tips you can now even make your e-dartboard quieter.

6 tips for the right dartboard soundproofing

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