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180sHit the triple 20 3 times with one shot = 180 points
25sIs the small green ring around the bulls eye, also known as a single or half bull
170The highest possible darts finish
301Game mode in which the game is played from 301 down
501Game mode in which the game is played from 501 down
9-DarterThe perfect game of darts where you finish a leg of 501 points with 9 throws.
5 most popular double fieldsBullseye, D20, D18, D16, D10
6 numbers with only one checkout way2, 3, 153, 156, 167, 170


Drop lineThe mark on the dart from which the dart is thrown, also called the "oche". It may not be crossed and if a dart lands on the ground beyond the drop line when thrown, the dart counts as thrown if there was an intention to throw.
Alexandra PalaceCurrent venue of the annual PDC World Darts Championship in London also called "Ally Pally".
American DartsVariant in e-dart where there is only one bull (in the size of Bulls-Eye and Single Bull together), which counts 50 points.
Anderson, GaryScottish professional darts player
Anderson, KyleAustralian professional darts player
Annie's RoomThe name for the "Single 1" field
Around the ClockGame mode in which you play the dartboard once clockwise or in the order of the numbers
ArrowsOther word for english darts
Collecting ringOuter black ring, is there to catch misses
RecordingThrowing three darts in a row
Bull outIn the bulls out game, you determine who starts the game. Both players throw once at the bulls-eye, whoever is closer starts the game.
Check outFinish a game with 0 points
Exterior BullOther word for half bull or single bull
Exhibition gameExhibition, where dart players show off their game to the public in a relaxed atmosphere.
AverageAverage score in darts


BabytonShot with fivefold meeting of the 19 also called mini barrel
Baby topsDouble 3
Bag of nutsDesignation for a throw of 45 points
BarneyNickname of Raymond van Barneveld
BarrelDart handle piece
BasementOther name for double 3
BDOOfficial acronym of the British Darts Organization
Beaton, SteveEnglish professional darts player
BedDesignation of a field (whether double or triple) on the dartboard
Bed and BreakfastA shot with 26 points where you hit 1x 1, 1x 5 and 1x 20. Also called washing machine, chips or Murphy
Best of ThreeGame mode in which you win with min. 2 won sets
Best of FiveGame mode in which you win with min. 3 won sets
Best performanceExtraordinary performances in so-called short games, high finishes and high scores are counted as best performances
BigDesignation of the large single field between triple and double field
Big 6Training game similar to the game of dominoes
Blind killerNovel variation of the classic dart "Killer".
BlockIn a double game with teams, the own partner has more points than both opponents together and thus blocks the own team, as he is not allowed to check
BoardDartboard also called dartboard in engl.
Bogey numbersNumbers that cannot be checked: 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162, 159
BouncerTerm for the bouncing of a dart off the board.
BreakA break is when you win a leg against the break. The opponent has started the leg, but you have won.
BreakfastMeans three rolls of 1 x 1 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 5 equal 26 points, in German: Frühstück
BristleboardA dartboard pressed from sisal fibers
Bucket of nailsThree throws into the field of the "Simple 1".
BuckshotDesignation of a scatter throw where three darts land unaimed in different fields of the dartboard.
Stage playGame where the dart players play on a podium in front of the fans
Bull / Half-BullThe small green ring in the middle of the dartboard, also called single-bull which counts 25 points
BullsAnother word for bull out, where a throw to the bulls eye is used to decide who starts the game
Bull finish/bulloutOccurs when a leg is finished with a throw into the bulls eye
BullseyeRed ring in the middle of the dartboard, which counts 50 points
BullshooterVariant of the American e-dart where the triple and double fields are twice as large as in the classic European e-darts.
Bully BoyNickname of Michael Smith
Bunting, StephenEnglish professional darts player
BustEnglish name for throwing over when checking out


CallerReferee and score caller at professional dart tournaments
CaseStorage box of darts and accessories
CatchringOuter black ring, is there to catch misses
ChalkerScribe documenting the points thrown on a board
ChampionshipDarts Championship
CheckFinish a round mostly on double field
Checkoutlast throw that ends a round
Checkout rateQuota that determines how long it takes to check out
Chipsfor a litter of 26 points consisting of 1 x 1 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 5
Chisnall, DaveEnglish dart player
ChizzyNickname of Dave Chisnall
Chuck à Allan NorrisNickname of Allan Norris
ChuckerA player who throws without aiming at the target
Circle itAnnouncement to mark the achieved value on the board
ClockAll numbers on the dartboard clockwise starting from 20
Clock PatternMeant the circular arrangement of the segments, not the sequence of the segments
CollarMetal "collar" on the shaft to fix the flight, also called "crown".
CompetitionDarts competition
CorkIn the past barrel bottoms were used as dartboards, the cork in the middle was the bulls eye
CricketA game where the player has to hit fixed squares in any order.
Cross, RobEnglish dart player
Cullen, JoeEnglish dart player


Women's tripleTriple right and left of twenty: triple 12 and triple 18
Darts / DartDart
DartsPrecision sport where you have to hit certain segments of a target with arrows
DDVGerman Darts Association
Diddle for MiddleFor the decision who will start playing on the bull to be decided
DoubleTwo players throw as a team, team game
Double KOA tournament mode where you can lose twice and just keep playing after the first loss.
DoubleThe outer "double ring" of the board, numerical values are doubled
Double-INOpen their legs with a hit on a double segment
Double-OutLegs can only be completed with a hit on a double segment
Double TroubleUncertainty with a double field when checking
DownstairsLower half of the dartboard
DRADarts Regulation Authority
Dress codeClothes Rules certain clothes that you can and can not wear


Easy-InA game variant where there is no prescribed opening roll
E-DartDarts on an electronic dartboard, also called softdart
SimplyFields of which two exist and have single point counting. The small inner single field "little" and the large outer one in front of the double ring "Big".
Insertion boardA training board at tournaments so that players can warm up
SinglePlayers compete against each other individually, otherwise two players always compete in each team "doubles".
EliminationIs a training game, it is about kicking out the other opponent
EqualboardEach player throws an equal number of darts and a winner is determined from the results
ExhibitionFor darts professionals, show types for fans and followers, mostly casual level


Snap ringOuter black ring, is there to catch misses
FeathersFeather flight, because turkey feathers were used as flight stabilizers in the past
FeelerTest throw into the black
ErrorHits outside the scoring area
FieldA single bed or segment of the board
FinishLast throws with three arrows to finish the leg
First to XThe player who could win X Legs first wins the game
FlyOther name for Flight, flight stabilizer of the dart made of plastic.
FlightB124 plastic dart flight stabilizer
Frozen Not being able to check out by partner in double play because he has more remaining points than both opponents together
Breakfast1 x 1 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 5 = 26 points, also called breakfast
Fox huntingTraining game


Game OnRelease of the board for darting by referee
GameshotLast dart of a game
Good DartsTypical dart greeting
Gurney, DarylNorthern Ireland dart player


Halve itA training game called bisect
Hard luckIn the event of a very close miss by the opponent, a commiseration "just missed".
Hard on the wireVery narrowly hit his desired segment "hair's breadth".
Hat trick1. a throw with 3 Bulls hits 2. if a player wins the same tournament three times
Henderson, JohnScottish dart player
HighlanderNickname of John Henderson
High FinishA finish of a high score
High ScoreHighest score with 3 darts, maximum score is 180
Highest OutThe finishing throw with the highest points
Field hockeyIf the ground marking of the drop line is
HomeDesignation for the smallest possible check
Hopp, MaxGerman dart player
Huybrechts, KimBegian dart player


Inner BullRed disc center, 50 points
IcelandNumbers and scoring range of the dartboard


JackpotAdrian Lewis nickname
JokerA miss where you still got a good score


Cheese boxGame for training for two players, similar to "Tic Tac Toe".
Kappa JoeScatter around the twenty: 1 x 20, 1 x 5, 1 x 1 = 26 points
BreakAchieve too high a score when checking
KillerTraining game
King, MervynEnglish dart player
Classes, JelleDutch dart player
KO systemTournament mode, where the loser is always eliminated from the tournament
CoronetOther name for "crowns
CrownsPlastic or matall caps to protect the flights from damage


LicoriceHit the black, no score
LeagueIs a team mode that denotes doubles play, i.e. players with partners
Legone set of a match, a match has at least three sets
Lewis, AdrianEnglish dart player
Lewis, JamieEnglish dart player
LittleSmall segment with single point value between double ring and bull
Lolly/LollipopHit the easy 1 three times in a row with three darts
LondenboardDesignation of the type of segment division of the usual dartboard.
Losers DartIt will not be decided who will start the next leg but the loser will start the next leg.
Lucky LanderHigh hit that was by chance


Mad House / My-Home"Crazy house" mint is the double one
Major tournamentBig dart tournament that is also broadcast on TV
Master INplayer opening by a full bull, double, or triple throw
Master OutPrescribed check variant with full bull, double or triple.
Master of CeremonyPresenter of a stage show (Exhibition)
MatchA game consisting of 3 to 5 legs
MaximiserNickname of Max Hopp
Mickey MouseA game of darts, also known as tactics or cricket
Mighty MikeNickname of Micheal Van Gerwen
Mixed doublesA doubles game where the partners are female and male respectively
Garbage canHit the five with three darts
Münch, KevinGerman dart player
MurphyScatter around 20 with three darts, scoring 26 points: 1x 1 + 1 x 5 + 1 x 20


NeundarterFinish a Leg 501 with only 9 darts
No-ScoreFail to score because overthrown or no score worthy of scoring was achieved
NoughtThrown outside the scoring area and got 0 points
Norris, AlanEnglish dart player


OcheDrop line
OpenAn open tournament where really everyone can participate
Open-InA game can be opened freely without a fixed rule how it must be opened
Open-OutThere is no minimum finish by e.g. double or master
O-ringIs a rubber ring that is placed between the shaft and the barrel, so that they do not turn loose again by themselves.
OutThe last throw that decides the game
Outer BallOuter ring around bulls eye, counts 25 points


PDCProfessional Darts Corporation, Association
PDC EuropePart of the PDC, mostly organizer of tournaments in Germany
Perfect GameCalled neundarter, try to finish a set with as few throws as possible
Price, GerwynWelsh dart player
PizzaScore zero points with three darts, i.e. one throw
PointThe tip of a dart
PointsharpenerAuxiliaries for grinding tips
PopcornWhen two darts land so close together that one flight bounces off
ProfessionalDarters who do this professionally and are very good
ProtectorsPlastic or aluminum crowns that are put on the flights to protect them
Fishing pointsFlying, with respectably high points


Quadroa 4-counting segment of the dartboard
Quadro BoardDartboard with a 3 segment, which brings four times the score


Ranking listThere are players in there and the best are at the top and the worst at the bottom
Ranking tournamentAt darts events it gives players the opportunity to improve their position on the list
RastaDetermined colored dartboard
Residual scoreThe remaining points until the check, so end
Right ChurchWrong triple or double hit
Wrong PewWrong triple or double hit
Right HouseCorrect number hit but wrong segment (single 16 instead of double 16)
Wrong BedCorrect number hit but wrong segment (single 16 instead of double 16)
Robin Hoodwhen you throw one dart into another and it gets stuck in the flight
RockstarNicknames of Joe Cullen
Round RobinTraining and tournament variant everyone against everyone
Round the clockPlay number by number along the complete dartboard, also training game
RoundBelongs to a set, there are three throws in a set
Runner-UpThe player who takes the 2nd place, vice champion


SetA single run of a game down to zero, three to five sets form is game
ShankThe part between Flight and Barrel
Shaft rubberAn O-ring that prevents the barrel and stem from loosening
Schindler, MartinGerman dart player
Scottish tonThree darts all landing in the deuce box and one dart hitting the triple one in the process
RecorderMostly the referee, too, serves to write down the points.
ScoreboardBoard on which the score is written
Scoring OfficialsRecorder of a batch
SegementA field in the scoring area of the dartboard, are mostly the small colored units
SetA set, also called a leg. One game consists of three sets usually
ShanghaiHit the triple, double and single with three darts each
Shanghai FinishHit the triple, double and single with three darts each while checking, highest shanghai finish is 120
Short Game"a short game" it is about finishing the game with as few throws as possible
Short LegA set that has already been checked with unusually few darts
Short tonein roll where all three darts hit only fives
Shot OutA player could not open his game before his competitor checked out
SingleA segment with a simple score
Single BullThe small green ring around Bulls Eye, counts 25 points
Single InGame where it is not prescribed how to open the game
Single OutGame where it is not prescribed how the finish should be
SkunkedShot out, if he can not open his game before his opponent has put it out
Slop"Verflieger" one gets but still a high score
SnakebiteNickname of Peter Wright
Smith, MichaelEnglish dart player
SoftdartDarts with plastic tips, E-Dart or Electronik Darts
Soft tipPlastic tips for electronic dartboards
Speed DartsDart variant of American Darts, you have to play against the time
SpiderThe wire mesh that marks the individual segments
GameA game consists of predefined number of sets
SpiderThe partition grids at a dartboard
Spin TopShaft tip that can be rotated to create space for close set hits
SplashHit you hit by chance
Split ScoreDarts game also known as "Have it"
SpotterTV staff announcing the paths of the dart players so that the TV cameras can follow behind them
Stand barDrop line to prevent trespassing, mandatory at tournaments and otherwise voluntary
Stage ManagerRegulates the stage to the second
Steady The darts hit close together on the board
SteeldartClassic darts with steel tips
Straight InGame in which you do not have a prescribed opening throw, in the lower soft dart classes.
Straight OutGame without fixed finishing throw, in the lower softdart classes.
Sudden DeathIn case of a tie in a league match, this match will be played and whoever wins this match is the winner.
Super ChinNickname of Daryl Gurney
Suljovic, MensurAustrian dart player


TacticsA game of darts also known as cricket or Mickey Mouse
Taylor, PhilFormer English dart player
Team captainTeam captain
The Bronzed AdonisSteve Beaton nickname
The BulletNickname of Michael Smith
The CobraNickname of Jelle Klaasen
The DragonNickname of Kevin Münch
The DreammakerNickname of Dimitri Van Den Bergh
The Dutch DestroyerNickname of Vincent Van Der Voort
The Flying ScotsmanGary Anderson nickname
The GentleNickname of Mensur Suljovic
The HurricaneNickname of Kim Huybrechts
The KingNickname of Mervyn King
The IcemanNickname of Gerwyn Price
The MachineNickname of James Wade
The OriginalNickname of Kyle Anderson
The ThornNickname of Robert Thornton
The WallNickname of Martin Schindler
The WizardNickname of Simon Whitlock
Thornton, RobertEnglish dart player
Three in a BedThree darts in one segment
ThrowThe litter
Tic Tac ToeDarts training game
TipTip from dart, steel tips/plastic tips
Sound100 points with 3 darts
Tone of OnesInstead of hitting the right segments for 100 points miss and only make 5 points
Sound machineA darter who always safely throws 100 points with three darts
Ton100 points with 3 darts
TopProtection for the ends of the flies, "protection crown".
TopsField of double twenty, very popular
TopgungsTop players who have won at least 2x major tournaments, 2x each in a major final and semifinal, and 10 Pro Tour wins
Tournament DirectorSporting director of a PDC event
TrepleNarrow inner ring on the board is scored three times
Treple InOpen the game with a triple
Treple OutA leg can only be checked with a triple
TripleTriple field hit
TungstenTungsten Material of Dart Barrel


OverthrowMore points thrown than needed to zero, the finish must be repeated
ClockPoint segments on the dartboard, starting at one and going from left to right until 20
UnluckyA throw hit very close to the target
UpstairsUpper half of board


Van Barneveld, RaymondDutch dart player
Van Gerwen, MichaelDutch dart player
Van den Bergh, DimitriDutch dart player
Van der Voort, VincentDutch dart player
AviatorA dart that does not land where it should
Losers' bracketIn the double-elimination mode, after the first matches the field of participants is divided into a "winner's round" and a "loser's round", in the final both groups of participants run together again
Four-team tournamentmatch variant in which four players per team compete in two doubles and four singles matches
VoltageNickname of Rob Cross
Templateduring a leg one scores a high point lead
Preliminary roundThe first round in the league


Wade, JamesEnglish dart player
Walk-OnEntering of the dart players on the stage
Walk-On SongThe selected song of the player during his walk on
Washing machineTo scatter the 20, scoring 26 points with one throw: 1 x 5 + 1 x 20 + 1 x 1
WDFWorld Darts Federation - World Darts Federation
Valuation areaWhole number range of the dartboard
West HallA hall in Alexandra Palace
White washIn a whole game do not grant the opponent a leg or set win
Whitlock, SimonAustralian dart player
WirtschonerJust missed the 180 and the host does not have to spend one
Wright, PeterScottish dart player
LitterThree thrown darts form one throw "shot".


HomeFor a finish, the lowest possible score, single one for a single out, double one for a double and master out.