Beleuchtung für die Dartscheibe: Ratgeber inkl. DIY-Tipps

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Every dart player knows the problem: How do I best illuminate my dartboard ? If you not only want to play darts but also want to perfect them, you need a lot of training and the right equipment.

Optimal dart lighting can help you increase accuracy in your game. That's why today we're giving you tips on what you should pay attention to when it comes to your dartboard lighting .

We will also explain to you what dart lighting options are available and how you can buy them or build them yourself .

Proper dart lighting

Why is dartboard lighting so important?

First of all, let's look at the advantages of an illuminated dartboard. If you play on a dart machine in a pub or a dart cellar , you will quickly notice that the dartboards are often not perfectly lit.

This can have a negative impact on your gaming behavior . The reason for this lies in the formation of shadows on the dartboard if it is not well lit.

These shadows affect your aiming accuracy , as the human eye has problems aiming. That's why a dartboard with lighting is so important.

For this reason, you should pay close attention to the right dart lighting. This means that your dartboard should be well lit so as not to create any shadows .

Then your aiming accuracy will automatically increase. In addition, you don't have to go to the dartboard every time to see the result of your throw.

Dartboard lighting – why is it so important?

Buy dart lighting

If you want to buy professional dart lighting, we recommend a dartboard ring light system . You can easily attach this dart light ring to the wall.

A popular ring light and our recommendation is the 360 ​​Lighting System “PLASMA” from Winmau. This dart lighting illuminates the dartboard evenly and perfectly without shadows, without it being overexposed .

If you not only want to play darts but also want to perfect them, you need a lot of training and the right equipment.

The “PLASMA” system is attached to the metallic frame of the dartboard using a magnet and is therefore approx. 15 cm away from the dartboard.

This ensures perfect lighting for the dart board. Small LED lights are used , which means the power consumption is very low.

Buy dart lighting

What is important when buying dart lighting?

Dartboard lighting is essential if you want to play a sensible game. But it is also important to adapt the dart lighting to the existing dartboard. The “PLASMA” system, for example, is attached using a magnet .

Tip: This only works if you have a dartboard that has a steel outer edge . For a dart cabinet, for example, there is also the perfect lighting for the dartboard, which optimally illuminates the board .

If you keep these things in mind when buying dartboard lighting, you are guaranteed to do everything right.

  • Brightness : Brightness also depends on the room and how bright or dark it is. Accordingly, you can then choose the dart light ring or the dart lighting. As a rule, a brightness between 400 and 600 lux is ideal.
  • Power supply : Consider how the lighting will be powered . Some models are powered by electrical outlets , while others are battery powered . Choose the option that best suits the conditions if you want to set up a darts room .
  • Dimensions : Make sure the lighting is the correct dimensions to fully illuminate the dartboard . Most dartboard lights are designed to fit standard dartboards , but it is always advisable to check. Of course, it also depends on whether you have a 2-hole or 3-hole dartboard .
  • Durability and quality : You shouldn't have to worry about the durability of the LEDs. LEDs typically last up to 35,000 hours . Of course there are big differences in quality. But it doesn't always mean that if you buy cheaply, you buy twice. Check out the reviews of different dartboard lights to see how high quality they are. You can never go wrong with products that are well-known in the darts scene.
  • Price : The price can of course vary greatly . It always depends on what ideas and wishes you have for a dartboard with lighting. You can find a simple dart light ring for under 30 euros . Of course, there are no upper limits.
  • Customer reviews : As already mentioned, you should always look at customer reviews when buying your dart lighting. Of course you will always find bad reviews. However, if the good reviews predominate , you can assume that the dart light ring or dartboard lighting is really good.

Build dart lighting yourself

Now we come to the DIY solution (do-it-yourself) for your own dart lighting . There are three options that we would like to introduce to you. But please note that we assume no liability for the dart lighting.

Track lighting system

First, let’s look at a homemade track lighting system. Here you can attach a rail with several LED spotlights to your ceiling to provide the dartboard with lighting.

If you then aim 2 to 3 spotlights at the dartboard , you can achieve sufficient lighting. However, shadows can also arise here, for example due to darts stuck in the board.

Another alternative is to place an LED spotlight on the ceiling instead of a classic ceiling lamp. You can then point this directly at the dartboard.

Make your own dartboard lighting with a 3D printer

If you are lucky enough to own a 3D printer, you will of course have every opportunity to print out a dart light ring yourself .

It is recommended to attach the dart light ring to the board with a magnetic attachment .

Recreate a ring light

Another option is to make your own ring light. You can recreate a classic ring light like the “PLASMA” system using simple means .

However, you need manual skills to do this. In a sense, you are trying to equip a round frame with individual LED lights, which is then attached around the dartboard .

Tip: You can also build your own dart cabinet and install LED lighting here.

Additional dart accessories for a better dart game

In addition to dart lighting, there are of course other dart accessories that will help you while playing. This includes, for example, a standardized oche , a suitable writing board and of course suitable darts .

If you want to get better at darts, you should think about what you need and invest a few euros here.

Feel free to write us your experiences and opinions about your dart accessories in the comments!


Building a dart light is not that difficult.

Hobby craftsmen can quickly build dart lighting themselves . If you are rather clumsy when it comes to craftsmanship, you can easily buy a dart light ring or a dartboard with lighting.

Prices have fallen significantly and are no longer as high as they were a few years ago. No matter what ideas and wishes you have, there is the right dart lighting for every dartboard and every dart cabinet.

When purchasing, you should just make sure that other customers are also satisfied so that you can enjoy your dartboard with lighting for a long time.

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