Dart Oche Variants – Darts Carpet, Dart Mat or Laser Oche?

Dart Oche Varianten – Darts Teppich, Dartmatte oder Laser Oche?

It is part of darts like the ball is part of football. The Darts Oche is essential when it comes to creating a level playing field. What do we mean by that? The dart oche ensures that players throw darts from the same distance . Many people are familiar with a related problem at home. There's no room for a dart oche, so I stick a strip on the floor to serve as a marker. But since you are always standing millimeters or even centimeters closer or further away from the board, a consistent throwing movement or the desired automatism becomes more difficult.

Dart Oche – what is it?

Darts include darts and a dartboard . A statement that you can leave alone for now - almost. Darts includes another important utensil, without which it would actually not be possible to play darts under the normal rules. We're talking about the Darts Oche. Because the Dart Oche has the main function that the dartboard distance is the same for every player.

Anyone with a dartboard at home knows that the distance to the dartboard must always be exactly 2.37 meters. But even for many amateur players who are aware of this, sometimes only a stripe sticks to the floor. This is often violated. It can also happen, for example, that you stand back an inch if you don't have a solid mark on the floor. A decent dart oche is therefore essential for competition.

The advantages of a Dart Oche are obvious. In plain language, it ensures a level playing field for everyone. The oche ensures that every player always throws darts from the same distance.

The Dart Oche also serves another purpose. It serves as dart floor protection. With steel darts , it is not uncommon for so-called “bouncers” to end up in the ground. In the long run, this not only results in a floor with flaws, but also means that the blessing of the house sometimes goes wrong.

Basic information – dart distance, variants and dart floor protection

The dart distance is consistently 2.37 meters. Now there are different ways in which the Dart Oche can be designed.

So what could serve as the perfect dart oche for you? The answer always depends on the circumstances of the player on site. Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a chunky oche. But there are alternatives and solutions for this too.

The different variants – darts carpet, dart laser oche, dart oche or dart mat?

At this point we list the different variants and explain the respective advantages and disadvantages. Basically, we differentiate between a darts carpet or a darts mat (rubber), a darts laser as an oche and the classic darts oche from the TV. The latter is basically a darts platform that you can also lean against. But let's now come to the first possibility.

It is part of darts like the ball is part of football.

Option 1: Darts carpet or dart mat

For many hobby players it is a cost-effective and good alternative to the clunky dart oche - the darts carpet as an oche. The darts carpet has the advantage that it can be rolled up and stored at any time. It is also light and handy and is made of a type of rubber. Such a rubber dart mat has the further advantage of protecting the floor. However, it can occasionally happen that with steel darts the darts pierce through the dart carpet and get stuck in the ground. You should also keep in mind that the dart carpet with oche, if it is not fixed, tends to slip and then has to be adjusted accordingly.

Big advantage: Normally, such a dart mat with an oche has a fixed elevation as a marking. This prevents overdoing and you can comfortably lean your foot against this bar on the darts mat.

Option 2: Darts Laser Oche

A Dart Laser Oche, on the other hand, serves a different purpose. The drop mark is thrown onto the floor by laser from underneath the dartboard. A major disadvantage of this is that it is still possible to step on it and there is no sufficient protection for the floor.

The advantages, however, are that nothing can be seen on the ground unless the game is being played. So there is no need to put away the carpet or remove the adhesive strip. Simply switch on and get started. The handling provides an additional plus point, as no complicated “assembly” is necessary.

Option 3: Dart Oche as a podium

The Dart Oche is probably the most professional alternative. Just like a dart oche looks like at the PDC , for example, many hobby players also build their own little dart palace at home - as long as the necessary space is available. In contrast to the darts mat, a solid oche made of wood or similar things offers the great advantage that the floor is completely protected.

Although a chunky oche is associated with high costs, there is still the option of building one yourself - but more on that in a moment.

The advantages definitely outweigh the costs. A solid dart oche does not slip, offers a raised throw mark and provides the necessary floor protection.

Build your own Dart Oche – the temporary solution

Anyone who decides to build an oche themselves will be helped here. Often it is not as difficult or costly as it seems at first glance. You only need the following materials:

  • USB disks
  • Metz battens
  • Hinges
  • Tool

This alone is enough to build a professional oche. If something should be done for the eye, then it also makes sense to paint the wood or, for example, to coat the top of the och with some additional material (e.g. artificial turf, fleece, etc.)

To save space, you should prepare the oche with hinges in the middle. This way, if the worst comes to the worst, the oche can at least be folded up and stowed away safely.


What you should consider when buying a Dart Oche

In the last section we will go over what you should pay attention to before buying a Dart Oche or the alternatives. Answer the following questions beforehand:

  • Does the Dart Oche protect the floor?
  • Does the Dart Oche slip?
  • Is the drop point elevated so I can't step over?
  • What about handling?
  • What will this cost me?

Each question can be answered differently. Ultimately, as already mentioned, it often depends on the local conditions as to which solution makes the most sense.

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