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Every dart player knows that steel dart tips are an important part of their dart setup. There are now a large number of different dart tips in steel darts.

Each dart tip has its own characteristics and quality features. However, every steel dart tip wears out after a certain amount of time.

For this reason, we would like to explain to you today how you can optimally care for, change and sharpen your dart tips.

If you follow all of our tips in the future, your darts will last a lifetime .

How do you change dart tips?

If you also want to hang up a dart board to indulge in your hobby at home, you should of course also know how to change dart tips yourself and how to care for them.

In contrast to soft darts, the tips of steel darts, for example, cannot simply be screwed on because they do not have a thread . As a rule, you need a corresponding dart tip changer.

However, it is also possible to do it without a dart tip remover , which does mean that it is a bit more complicated . If you want to change dart tips yourself, clamp the dart tip in a vice and hit the pliers lightly with a hammer.

This separates the barrel from the old tip. The old tip remains in the vice. Now all you have to do is insert the new tip and anchor it in the barrel with a tap on the screw .

Changing dart tips with a tip changing machine

With a tip machine - also called a repointing tool or dart repointer - you can easily change or replace your dart tips if the dart tip has broken off .

There are different variants of machines. You can now find a cheaper version in our shop. We have written detailed instructions for you.

This is what you need:

  • Dart tip changer
  • New tips
  • Allen key


Step 1: Remove old dart tip

  1. Unscrew Z clockwise
  2. Use an Allen key to loosen the Allen screws at X
  3. Insert the tip of the dart barrel into the tip holder and screw the barrel onto the thread
  4. Tighten the Allen screws firmly with the Allen key. The dart tip must lie exactly in the holder
  5. Place the tip changing machine on a table so that the end of the tool protrudes above the table surface (See 'Dashed Line')
  6. Now unscrew Z to release the tip from the barrel
  7. The tip remains stuck in X - the barrel remains in Y
  8. Loosen Allen screws
  9. Take out the dart tip

Step 2: Attach new dart tip

  1. Insert new dart tip into X
  2. Tighten Allen screws with Allen key
  3. Turn Z counterclockwise to guide tip into barrel
  4. Loosen the Allen screws again
  5. Screw barrel from thread
  6. Remove the barrel with a new dart tip – DONE

Change dart tips yourself without tools

This is what you need:

  • New tips
  • A vise or locking pliers
  • Screw with 2BA thread or alternatively an old aluminum shaft
  • Tongs
  • hammer
  • Lead block or alternatively a plastic plate


Step 1: In order to be able to change the dart tips yourself, you must first turn the screw into the dart . This has to be exactly where the shaft would be screwed in.

Infobox: Make sure that the screw has the correct thread and that you screw it in straight. If this is not the case, you may damage the barrel .

Step 2: To prevent slipping, you must now clamp the old tip firmly in the vice . The screw is then grasped with pliers and hit on the pliers with a hammer . This blow separates the barrel from the old tip, which is still stuck in the vice.

Step 3: Now you can insert the new tip . The dart is placed upright on the lead block or plastic plate and you then use a hammer to lightly hit the screw that is driven into the barrel.

Can you change the tips of all steel darts?

Basically, you can change the tips of all steel darts if they are compatible with your machine . Otherwise you have to use the alternative to change the dart tips yourself.

How often do you have to change dart tips?

Of course, this depends on how often you play darts. But if you always care for and sharpen your steel dart tips properly, they can last a lifetime .

Infobox: It is also important to clean darts to protect the tips . However, many players change their dart tips once a year .

Where can I have my dart tips changed?

You can change dart tips yourself , with or without a machine, or you can use the numerous specialist shops that change dart tips.

Have you already seen that we now offer a changing machine in our shop ? With this you will never have to rely on others again and you can change your dart tips yourself quickly and easily .

Sharpen dart tips

Dart tips become dull over time and no one wants to have blunt tips. To ensure that the darts don't fall off the board again and don't leave valuable points behind, you should look after and care for the dart tips and sharpen them if necessary.

With an appropriate whetstone , this is possible without any problems and it doesn't cost the earth either. So if you care about your darts, a sharpening stone is essential.

Why do dart tips need to be sharpened?

First of all: dart tips are wear material. That's why the tips always need to be cared for. Depending on how often you play darts, you may need to sharpen your dart tips more often.

This has two reasons:

  • On the one hand , you reduce the number of unnecessary ricochets on the dartboard.
  • On the other hand , you protect your dartboard and increase its lifespan .

What is the best way to sharpen dart tips?

The most important thing when sanding is of course the tool. We are talking about a dart whetstone or also called a dart grinder or dart sharpener. With this you can sharpen or roughen your darts.

Grinding stones come in different shapes . These are usually round or very smooth (see picture). So if your tips become dull or damaged, you can easily sharpen them with a dart sharpening stone .

Infobox: Pay attention to the recommended curve of your dart tip in order to sharpen it optimally.

How do you sharpen dart tips?

Now we come to the optimal shape of your steel dart tip. There's a big myth here: dart tips have to be pointed and sharp. Some dart players think that sharp tips stick better in the board.

However, exactly the opposite is the case. Sharp dart tips have the following disadvantages:

  • For one thing, they get stuck in the board less than round tips.
  • On the other hand, the wires on your board are damaged more quickly.

For this reason, we recommend rounding off your tips . These stay stuck on the board much better . They also reduce the number of bouncers and slip past the board wire more easily.

To sharpen the dart tips perfectly, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sharpen your dart tip in the sharpening stone or with sandpaper. To do this, turn the tip in the grindstone or wrap the sandpaper around the tip and slowly turn it back and forth.

Step 2: After you have sharpened the tip, it is important to round it off slightly . To do this, press the tip vertically against the grindstone or sandpaper and slowly turn in place until the tip is somewhat blunted again.

Step 3: Finally, tilt the dart down a little and turn it back and forth a few more times .

Every dart player knows that steel dart tips are an important part of their dart setup.


Basically, it doesn't matter whether you want to change the dart tip yourself and whether you use a dart tip changer or a vice .

The only important thing is that you look after your darts. Because only then can you really be successful . By the way, a little color and sharpening the steel dart tips is often enough and a complete tip change doesn't have to take place straight away.

But if this is necessary, you now have everything you need to know with the step-by-step instructions .


Having a dart tip changed: How much does it actually cost?

The prices vary greatly and range from 3 euros to 15 euros . Depending on whether the tips are changed where they were purchased or not.

How often can you change dart tips?

Dart tips should not be changed too often . As a rule, it is sufficient to change them no more than once a year . Unless they are defective and need to be replaced.

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