Steeldart Spitzen: Warum bleiben Steeldarts nicht stecken?

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Every dart player knows that their darts occasionally bounce off the board or simply don't want to get stuck. There are many different reasons for this, which we will explain to you in more detail in this article. We'll show you simple tips and tricks to prevent bounces. First of all, there are many different types of steel dart tips. Depending on which tips you choose, you will also have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. But what are the differences between these tips?

The different steel dart tips

Steel dart tips are available in different lengths, shapes and materials. These features in particular must be chosen carefully to find out which tips are best for you. With steel darts the tips are firmly embedded in the barrel and are not as easy to change as with soft darts . Nevertheless, it is also possible to change steel dart tips using a changing machine. But we would like to go into this a little further down in the text.

The length – long-time players rely on long tips

The length of the steel dart tips primarily influences the stability of the flight behavior. Short steel dart tips are rarely recommended. The reason is quite simple. Due to the short length of the tips, they react quite intensively to an incorrect throw. With long tips this doesn't happen as quickly because the flight behavior is less affected. For this reason, longer steel dart tips are particularly recommended for beginners and are particularly preferable for shorter darts.

However, steel darts with long tips fall out of the board more quickly than darts with short tips. In general, the angle at which the dart hits the board should correspond to the speed of the throw. If this is not the case, steel darts with long tips are more likely to land uncleanly on the board, which can cause ricochets - also known as bouncers - to accumulate. In addition, long tips usually break faster than short steel dart tips.

The shape – fluted tips must be of good quality

For a long time there was a reputation that fluted tips were significantly better than smooth tips. This opinion has now been put into perspective. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste which steel dart tips you prefer.

The biggest advantage of the grooved tips is that their shape means they stick extremely firmly into steel dartboards made of sisal fibers. This prevents it from falling out in the event of an irregular flight curve. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of these tips cannot be ignored.

Ridged steel dart tips have one major disadvantage - they damage the board in the long term. Particularly inferior tips can cause serious damage to your dartboard. The reason is that these tips also pull the fine sisal fibers of the board with them when they are pulled out. The dart is stuck a little too tightly in the dartboard. This disadvantage becomes noticeable relatively quickly, as after a certain time the board can no longer hold the arrows at all once the fibers have been pulled out.

Another interesting fact is the combination of length and shape of the steel dart tips. Knurled tips prevent deep penetration into the dartboard. This creates a dangerous combination, especially for players with long tips, which means the tips can have very poor grip on the board. A smooth surface is therefore more of an advantage for players who prefer long tips.

The material – steel and corrosion protection

The steel dart tips are, as the name suggests, made of steel. However, there are also factors that you should pay attention to. The color of the tip doesn't count, as it has no bearing on the flight behavior or grip on the board.

What is particularly important is the protection of the various tips. The corrosion protection protects the steel dart tips from rust. Black tips are burnished, the silvery steel dart tips are chrome-plated. Tips that are not protected have a shorter lifespan and begin to rust more quickly.

Changing steel dart tips – cheers to the changing machine

Newbies in darts in particular always ask themselves how to change steel dart tips . Why are the tips for soft darts so easy to change, while the tips of steel darts are firmly connected to the barrel?

Thanks to the latest technology and changing machines, it is now possible to change the tips of steel darts . You can choose different steel dart tips in our configurator . We will of course change these to your selected barrels at myDartpfeil so that you can start throwing straight away at home.

Care for the tips – don’t forget to bow

Even if you have bought the best and most expensive tips, the material will show signs of wear over a long period of time. The tips also naturally become “worn” due to the constant impact on the board.

In order to enjoy your steel dart tips for a long time, it is extremely important to sharpen the tips regularly. There is also a special grinding stone that you can use to get your tips back into shape. Without sanding, you shouldn't be surprised if your dart no longer wants to get stuck in the board over time. We recommend that you sharpen your steel darts again and again, especially before tournaments or league games. An insider tip from our side: Sometimes just a little sandpaper is enough to sharpen the dart properly again.

But sharpening or grinding is also very important for another reason. A steel dart that has been played for a long time and whose tip is not cared for will also damage the steel dart boards in the long term. Neglected steel dart tips become not only round, but even flat. Instead of penetrating the sisal fibers, flat tips ensure that the fibers are pushed inwards. Due to this flat surface, every single throw significantly shortens the lifespan of your dartboard.

In general, steel darts that you take care of regularly will last a lifetime. However, this only works if the tips in particular are sanded and cleaned regularly. When cleaning, it's best to just use water with a little soap and then dry the dart well so that it doesn't rust.

The differences between steel dart tips at a glance

  • Longer steel dart tips fall out of the board more quickly, but stabilize the trajectory of the throw
  • Due to their shape, grooved tips stick extremely firmly into the steel dart boards, but can damage the board in the long term
  • Tips with corrosion protection have a longer lifespan and protect against rust
  • The steel dart tips should be sharpened regularly to ensure a good grip on the board

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