Darts Live im TV, Stream oder Ticker: So kannst Du Darts schauen

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It is not uncommon for us to be asked the question where you can watch which darts live tournaments .

Especially these days, the broadcasting rights for the many tournaments are often held by completely different providers , so it is not that easy to find out which medium is broadcasting which darts events .

This is now also known from other sports, such as football. We would therefore like to provide an overview here to save you time searching next time.

Darts live – what options are there?

Nowadays there are several ways to watch darts live. There are three options here:

  1. The TV
  2. A streaming service
  3. Or a live ticker without image transmission

First of all, it's about making a distinction. There are currently limited options for watching a darts event on television. Only Sport1 currently holds the rights to broadcast darts events live .

Here too, exceptions confirm the rule, such as the Celebrity Darts World Cup on Pro Sieben. However, there is no Celebrity Darts World Cup live ticker . The crucial difference or feature, however, is that all official PDC tournaments in Germany may only be broadcast on TV by Sport 1 .

Darts live – what options are there?

The situation is completely different with a live ticker. We are currently not aware that there are legal guidelines according to which a dart ticker can be placed. This means that almost every visitor can publish a dart live ticker of the event on Facebook via their cell phone . The only important thing is that any image or sound recordings are prohibited .

There are completely different requirements for a darts live stream. After all, a dart live stream that is broadcast over the Internet can be followed from virtually anywhere in the world.

For this reason, the rights are carefully allocated here by the PDC. Well-known streams include the Sport1 stream , the streaming service DAZN , the official PDC stream ( PDC TV ) or Laola.tv .

In the following sections we would like to give you an overview of which services have the rights to broadcast the official PDC tournaments. Since there are big differences here, you should just open this blog post next time to find the right provider as quickly as possible.

Sport 1 Darts Live – whether TV or stream: Here you can find out which tournaments will be broadcast

In 2016 , Sport 1 once again secured the dart TV rights to broadcast the PDC's biggest darts events. These include, of course, the Darts World Cup .

But in addition to the Darts World Cup, there are some tournaments that viewers tune in particularly often. The Premier League and the World Series of Darts are also currently broadcast by Sport 1.

However, since the former rights package was concluded for five years , it is possible that changes to the broadcast rights could also arise in the future.

However, it is no longer possible to follow darts events on Sport 1 in streaming or online areas. Sport 1 already lost these rights in the last tender.

It can currently be seen that such services are being used more and more frequently, so that the number of viewers on free TV is currently hardly increasing .

Sport 1 Darts Live

DAZN – the king of streaming services

A very specific streaming giant has won the aforementioned rights for online reporting of the biggest darts events of the year - DAZN . The sports streaming service has been extremely committed to buying up all the rights of the largest sports associations and leagues worldwide for several years.

Here DAZN has topped it off once again. The right goes so far that “DAZN Darts” is authorized to stream all 12 major events per year .

This doesn't make it any easier for the free TV provider Sport 1 to attract viewers to the television when you can watch all the events on DAZN for €11.99 a month .

DAZN – the king of streaming services

Attention: Through a cooperation between Sport 1 and DAZN It is often possible to stream content from DAZN via the Sport 1 Livestream Darts - including darts events. Ultimately, the exact rights lie with DAZN. The subscription can be canceled monthly . Another big advantage of DAZN is the star commentator Elmar Paulke . He moved from Sport1 to DAZN and now comments on all games on the streaming platform.

Highly official and almost always included: the PDC stream

Of course there is also the option to subscribe to the official PDC stream . Like DAZN, this is not free . For people who like to listen to the original English commentary and know the language, the PDC stream is the optimal choice among the paid versions.

Basically also the safest way to follow everything about the PDC live - so to speak for real fans who don't want to miss out on smaller tournaments. However, you can no longer watch European tournaments from Germany via the official PDC stream, as the exclusive rights for the European tournaments lie with Sport1 and/or DAZN.

In any case, the official PDC stream offers the best opportunity to find out about a player in all respects, not just at major tournaments.

It's also quite interesting to watch tournaments where there aren't a thousand spectators shouting in the background.

The PDC stream

The last streaming service for smaller tournaments – Laola.tv!

Laola.tv is also a streaming service for smaller tournaments throughout the year! This streaming service is primarily about the European Tour . These are all the tournaments that are held annually throughout Europe.

This also includes many tournaments from Germany that cannot be followed via Sport 1 or DAZN. This is particularly interesting for German fans who are interested in the tournaments in Germany itself .


The old-fashioned version – the darts live ticker to read

The dart live ticker is a little more old-fashioned but still an alternative for real darts fans. Of course you do n't have the absolute experience with picture and sound here, but the Darts Live Ticker is still a good way to follow the game in the best possible way when you're on the move.

The quick changes within a game of darts are particularly easy to read. Ultimately, this is better than just looking at the result.

Expert tip: As an insider tip I can give you the Dartconnect website. Here you can follow almost all darts events in a live ticker format. So you are guaranteed not to miss a darts live game again.

Illegal on the Internet – YouTube

Ultimately, the alternative YouTube is less recommended. Especially these days , usage rights for the broadcast of sporting events play a major role.

Since the sums that providers put on the table for this are brutally high, criminals are prosecuted just as harshly. It is precisely for this reason that we strongly advise against supporting YouTube streams such as these , which are often run by private individuals. If they are found, they could face severe penalties .

Addition: Of course there are also official YouTube streams, like that of the PDC. The dart live events are of course legal there. The PDC calls its own dart live stream PDC TV.

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