Ultimative Diskussion: Ist Darts eine Sportart oder kein Sport?

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This time we are devoting ourselves to a discussion that has been going on for years. Since darts has been seen more and more frequently on television , discussions have been increasing about whether darts can actually be seen as a sport or not?

In this blog post we will go into this in more detail and explain why we at myDartpfeil are of the clear opinion that darts can rightly be described as a sport - even if it may not seem like that at first glance to many darts newcomers.

In the end, however, many factors play a role in darts that are also noticeable in other, much more recognized sports.

Is darts a sport?

Everyone will have their own opinion on this question, but ultimately the answer everyone has will again raise the question of how they justify their answer.

An example: I say that I do not believe that motorsport is a sport. I justify this by saying that the driver, i.e. the main actor, depends to a large extent on the performance of his car rather than on his own abilities - since he ultimately cannot influence the speed.

At this point some people are probably smiling and perhaps asking themselves: This idea isn't all that far-fetched. Or you just see it completely differently and think: What nonsense! And this is exactly where we should start with darts.

There are different views that need to be justified. Even if a definition clearly states that it is a sport, the acceptance and image of society ultimately determines whether darts is really seen as a “sport” or just a bar activity .

How is a sport even defined?

Here is the definition according to Wikipedia: A sport is a sub-area of ​​sport structured by certain rules. Sports can be classified by certain factors.

By the participant, the sports equipment , the venue or the method of implementation . However, especially due to many mental influences, it is relatively difficult to find a clean and one hundred percent clear definition of the term “sport”.

For example, why should chess be a sport and darts not? When comparing these two sports, it is noticeable that many people completely underestimate the mental factor in darts - even though this factor makes up the largest part of performance .

How is a sport even defined?

Pro – Why darts is a sport

The federal sports organization then has a clearer definition, which makes the answer to the question of whether darts is a sport a little clearer.

It states that sport is defined as: “motor activities that require physical skills and effort, can be carried out competitively in interaction with other people or have a health-promoting character”.

Ok, apart from the health-promoting aspect, everything ultimately applies to the sport of darts.

For this reason, there is ultimately no reason not to classify darts as a sport. Especially because the aspect of what exactly is health-promoting is very controversial.

Be it the back that hurts after a while , the haze from a cloud of smoke or a beer that isn't exactly good for your health. But things like this can be criticized in every sport.

When you play football you don't necessarily do anything good for your body and you are also exposed to a significantly higher risk of injury than is the case with darts.

For this reason: For us, darts is clearly a sport!

Why darts is a sport

Contra – Why darts is not a sport

But there are some people on this planet who can still only smile wearily about it and are of the opinion that darts is not a sport.

Unfortunately, society still has the image of bar sports , which darts, especially in Germany, are only slowly beginning to break away from and require a lot of effort and work. But this is largely due to the fact that hobby players also play darts in the pub.

Why darts is not a sport

The image says that darts is all about drinking, smoking and partying anyway. At the same time, a few arrows are thrown randomly at a target. Pretty crude, right? And you certainly can't call something like that a darts sport.

But unfortunately these people often forget one thing: Darts requires enormous mental adjustment . The competition, which in darts is usually played 1 against 1, is extremely explosive.

Because the conditions under which the game is played are always the same for both players. The same space , the same distance from the board , but everyone can freely choose the game equipment, i.e. the arrows themselves.

This is exactly what makes it incredibly difficult as a player to find someone to blame for a defeat - similar to other individual sports such as tennis.

The mental pressure that the players have to deal with is higher than in almost any other sport - especially because it's all about catching a field that's just a few millimeters wide.

And yes, in many pubs you smoke and drink a beer while playing darts. However, with the professional players there is no smoke or alcohol on stage .

In football you can't say that it's not a sport because the spectators are shouting, smoking and drinking in the stands, right?

Darts from a different perspective – physical, mental, training, etc.

But darts can also be viewed from another perspective. In such a way that it physically requires more than you think. The back is subjected to a lot of stress over time, which is why it is important to strengthen it regularly with special training .

I have already mentioned the mental component in detail. And there is something else that suggests that darts is a sport: regular training , which also takes place in darts.

Conclusion – Darts is a sport

Our conclusion is therefore clear and clear: Darts should be seen as a sport because it meets all the requirements that it requires. Regular training , motor skills that determine ability or talent, and sporting competition under pressure .

Darts is a sport

If everyone thinks about it, there is no reason not to see darts as a sport. It is not without reason that the darts associations have been working for years to be allowed as a sport in the Olympic Games in the near future.

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