Dart Training: Inkl. Trainingsplan für Anfänger & Profis

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Regular darts training is one of the most important components of playing darts successfully and consistently over the long term . However, the question often arises as to how to train correctly and which exercises really make sense.

In this article we explain which darts training is effective and will permanently take you to a higher level .

Dart training for beginners: example of a training plan

Especially as a beginner, you shouldn't set your goals too high, as frustration is inevitable. Always remember that even professionals are always looking for absolute perfection - but it doesn't exist.

So start slowly and don't overwhelm yourself at the beginning so that you can really enjoy the game for a long time. You can also always play dart training games on your own if you have a board at home - which is of course recommended.

The warm-up exercise – safely hitting the individual fields

A popular warm-up exercise is throwing all the individual segments on the dartboard. You can adapt this exercise to your own playing level in order to make your darts training and the entire training plan more effective .

So you start at 1 and play your way through to the 20 segment. For a beginner or an occasional amateur player, the goal may be to hit every single square with one shot . So you can finish all 20 individual segments with 60 arrows.

However, if this is too easy for you, you can of course make the exercise a little more difficult. For example, you always try to start again from the beginning if you don't catch the individual segment in one shot.

This way you can also practice holding your own in a pressure situation . Such a situation arises if, for example, you throw the first two arrows of a shot past the individual segment.

The warm-up exercise – safely hitting the individual fields

Intensify dart training - now it's time for the double fields

So once you have caught all the single fields, you can transfer the same exercise to all the double fields . Of course, you won't be able to get the double with three arrows on every field.

But there is no number of throws that you have to use as a guide. Every player has a few favorite doubles but also some unpopular doubles. It therefore makes much more sense if you calculate the total number of arrows . Then you add up all the darts thrown that you needed to get all the double squares.

You can use this as a guide and try to break your own records in the long run . This way you can also compare your own performance . You also get an incentive to get better.

Many players complement the two exercises mentioned so far by also trying to integrate the bulls-eye into the exercise. Of course, darts training doesn't just consist of exercises.

Of course, for fun you should also play a few games and play dart elimination . Whether that is 301, 501 or 701 is completely the same. The main thing is that you have fun doing it .

The triple fields – a supreme discipline

If you really want to put your nerves to the test, then I recommend that you integrate the following exercise into your training plan.

Try the above exercises with the triple fields too. However, it is sufficient here if you limit yourself to the triple fields from triple 10 up to triple 20 .

With this exercise you will notice pretty quickly that you need a lot of patience and the frustration threshold becomes lower and lower. Because it can quickly take a few minutes to catch a triple field. So don't put too much pressure on yourself during your darts training, especially at the beginning.

The triple fields – a supreme discipline

The average and the high triple fields

As a final exercise, we would like to introduce you to two combined options. You can integrate these into your training plan. If you want to train your average , you can play 60 shots , for example.

You write down every score you throw in order to then calculate the average . Here, too, you can see a clear trend over time.

You'll almost certainly try to hit only the high triple fields to increase your average. So if you only want to hit individual fields, you can try to throw 100 times on the 20, 19 or 18.

You can also vary the game as follows: You count a hit in the single segment as one point, a hit in the double as two and a hit in the triple as three points. This way you can calculate the total according to your 100 arrows and can also control yourself. Ultimately, you can compare your performance during dart training better.

The best dart training is competition

You can do all of the exercises mentioned so far in the comfort of your own home. But the same applies to darts: the best dart training is competition.

So try to team up with a few friends to play matches regularly . It doesn't matter whether you play 501-Double Out, Round the Clock or cricket .

It is important that you use the entire board to play and learn to deal with a pressure situation .

Darts is to a large extent a mental sport . Anyone who underestimates this will quickly experience a blue miracle in competition. This is exactly why it is extremely important that you train under competition conditions again and again.

This will help you learn to withstand the mental pressure . We have written a separate blog article for you with important tips and tricks for successful darts mental training . You can find this here.

The best dart training is competition

6 tips for successful darts training

Darts and boards are quickly bought and the dart rules are usually also known. But that doesn't mean it's easy and you'll master the game right away.

Practice makes perfect and you won't be able to get past it either. To master the game, here are some tips to help you with darts training.

  • Tip 1 - Determine the dominant eye: In order to hit the fields, you should know which eye is dominant. As a rule, it is the right eye , but there are some exceptions and the left eye is the dominant one.
    To find out, point an arrow at the bullseye . Now close your right eye.
    If the arrow is still on the target, the left eye is your dominant eye. You will notice that the arrow points significantly past the target if you close your left eye and look with your right eye.
  • Tip 2 - Use the following through: You should definitely avoid throwing the arrow with your finger strength. Because the speed comes from the strength of the forearm .
    If you have thrown correctly, at the end of the throwing movement your arm will point towards the board, be fully extended and your wrist will be folded away.
    This throwing motion is called following through and will help you hit a consistent release point.
  • Tip 3 - Play with experienced players: If you always play alone, you won't be encouraged. But if you have opponents who are significantly better , your inner Monk will wake up and want to get better too. You will also receive lots of tips and tricks from the experienced players on how you can improve your game.
  • Tip 4 – Darts courses are helpful: Darts courses are offered in many cities. These can be very helpful because, on the one hand, you play with many different players and can perhaps learn a few tricks.
    Furthermore, the trainers are perfect for watching you closely and telling you where you are making mistakes or what you are doing well.
  • Tip 5 – Document your results: How many darts did you throw or what was the highest score? All of these results are worth noting.
    On the one hand, you have an overview of how you are improving and, on the other hand, you can also see your personal records and best marks . Only with the notes can the performance be compared and you can see your progress and success. It doesn't matter whether you write it down on a blackboard, training book or cell phone .
  • Tip 6 - The right equipment: The right equipment is the be-all and end-all. It makes sense, especially for beginners, to use heavier arrows and then gradually switch to lighter ones.
    But of course everyone has to find this out for themselves. You should also always pay attention to high-quality equipment , because this is the only way you don't have to bother with inferior boards or arrows.
6 tips for successful darts training

What role does the head play in darts training?

The head plays a big role in darts and should not be ignored. Darts mental training is particularly important in order to remain calm and composed even in stressful situations such as competitions. You can of course find out more about mental dart training on our website.

How often should I practice darts?

However, you should keep in mind with all exercises that the results only have real significance after a certain period of time . Because every hobby player will sooner or later fall into a training hole.

So don't go crazy and throw whatever you can.

The only important thing is: Don't let it get you down if your dart training doesn't go as planned!

You can use our own e-book to support you. Important and helpful dart training tips as well as games and motivation can be found there. You can find the book here.


As you can see, it's actually not that difficult to do proper darts training. But remember that in addition to the exercises, you also don't neglect the game itself .

There has to be a bit of fun and after all, life isn't just about learning and practicing. But you can even learn while playing, for example if you play with experienced players and listen to and learn their tips and tricks.

But be careful, at some point a low will hit you too. Then you shouldn't let yourself be discouraged, just go for it ! You can do it!

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