Dart Schaft oder Spitze am Barrel abgebrochen: Wie am besten entfernen?

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Dart shaft broken – what to do? It is considered one of the most annoying issues for a dart player : broken tips or shafts on the arrow. We will address this topic in this blog post.

We will give you help on how you can best repair broken shafts or tips .

There are now some tools available. These make it easier for you to get your arrow ready for play again as quickly as possible. We'll give you a first insight.

Dart shaft broken - the most annoying situation in the game of darts

Every dart player, whether hobby or professional, knows it. During a shot, the tip or shaft of the dart breaks off. Actually nothing unusual, but pretty annoying in the long run.

And that's not all. Even if a broken part of the dart is the norm, it has two unpleasant consequences.

  • One is that you have the problem of whether there is enough replacement material available . Shafts or tips are part of the wear material. Therefore, as a first step you should make sure that you always have enough spare parts available.
  • Otherwise, you will probably have to resort to replacement shafts or tips that do not correspond to your normal equipment .

Changed flight behavior

This in turn means that the one repaired arrow exhibits completely different flight behavior . This means you are no longer able to throw all three arrows in a controlled manner.

And therein lies the worst danger. Because nothing is more important than three arrows that are identical in weight and composition . If only one dart with one component falls out of the grid, you will unfortunately no longer be able to take consistent shots.

Try it out yourself, for example by consciously changing the shaft or tip of a dart. The influence on flight behavior is enormous .

Changed flight behavior

There is also the unpleasant situation in which the dart has to be repaired. Especially when the dart shaft is broken.

Because of this interruption , both your opponent and you completely lose the throwing rhythm . This doesn't really help anyone. It is therefore all the more important to keep the break as short as possible in order to return to the oche quickly.

Dart shaft broken – so what to do?

So what can you do if a shaft or tip breaks during play? You have several options to deal with the broken dart shaft problem.

We would like to explain all the alternatives to you one after the other. You can then decide for yourself which one you want.

Removal of the remaining pieces without any aids

Dart shaft broken and now? It may be that there is still a remaining piece that protrudes a few millimeters from the arrow. So it might help if you try to grab the piece and simply twist it out .

As the devil would have it, this only works extremely rarely. The break usually occurs exactly at the point where the tip or shaft is screwed into the barrel .

But it's definitely worth a try. However, you should not expect that this method will work immediately. So let's move on to the second option you can use to help yourself.

Removal of the remaining pieces without any aids

The shaft remover or shaft remover

The Ex-Shaft Tool, also known as the Shaft Remover in German, is probably the easiest way to remove smooth fractures from a shaft.

Many players carry the Ex-Shaft Tool as a key ring on their key ring . The tool is small, practical and very efficient .

The ease of use is probably the biggest advantage. All you have to do is press the shaft remover firmly into the broken piece .

The shaft remover or shaft remover

The tool drills a few millimeters into the broken shaft through the sharp metal. This way you can easily turn it out of the barrel again.

However, this doesn't always work that easily . If the broken piece is too deep in the barrel, the Ex-Tool often no longer reaches into the barrel.

If the breaks on the barrel are not straight or smooth, it can also happen that the shaft remover does not grip properly on slanted breaks. In the next chapter there is another solution to the problem: dart shaft broken.

The lighter – the most popular method among hobby players

Dart shaft broken off - the good old lighter is the method. It is most often used by hobby players to remove old shaft residue from the barrel. In most cases the shaft is made of plastic . It is also known that fire causes plastic to melt at a certain temperature . This is exactly what can benefit you. Please note, however, that this method logically only works on plastic shafts and not on aluminum shafts .
The procedure is simple:
  • You hold your lighter with the flame to the broken piece , which you can no longer use anyway.
  • After half a minute the piece is now so hot that it begins to melt.
  • Now press the heated piece as quickly as possible against the remaining piece that is still in the barrel. This must be done quickly. Otherwise the heated piece will lose temperature too quickly.
  • Now press the two broken ends together for a few seconds . During the cooling period you practically put the shaft back together.
  • After it has cooled down, try unscrewing the entire shaft again to replace it with a new one.

But be careful! Of course, with this method you have to be careful not to burn yourself. The temperature of the fire is of course enormous.

The lighter – the most popular method among hobby players

This method works similarly well with a screwdriver . After heating, this can be pressed into the broken piece in the barrel. The heat melts the plastic so that the screwdriver “bonds” to the shaft.

Now you can unscrew the broken off piece without any major problems.

The dart tip remover

The last option, especially for broken tips, is the dart tip remover. The tip remover works similarly to the Ex-Tool for the shafts.

There is a needle at one end of the tip remover. This can be pressed into the tip so that you can then twist out the broken tip .

Here, too, we would like to point out that this is only possible with plastic tips . If you have broken steel tips with threads, you usually have no problems twisting them off the barrel.

However, if the tips are permanently installed, you still have the option of changing the steel tip with our dart tip changer. Steel tips can no longer be repaired after they break off.

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