Dartautomat kaufen: Wie neue und gebrauchte finden?

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For e-dart players, the question often arises as to whether it makes sense to buy a cheap e-dart board or an expensive dart machine . For occasional hobby players, a simple e-dartboard that can be operated with batteries or a power cable is certainly sufficient.

But if darts are more than just a simple hobby for you, then it makes sense to look for a higher quality dart machine .

In this blog post we would therefore like to address where you can find a used or new dart machine.

The history of dart machines

If you look at the history of darts, it becomes clear that steel darts were actually played long before the so-called soft darts. This is surprising, at least from a German perspective, as there are still a significantly higher number of e-dart players in Germany than is the case with steel darts .

It was only in the 80s, when the technology for manufacturing computers was mature, that there were opportunities to use technical aids in darts . The main aim was to make it easier for the player, i.e. the user of the machine, to play darts.

Thanks to the automatic down-calculation , the display of check-out routes and the display of how many darts you needed for a leg , e-darts became more and more attractive and in the long run even overtook the original sport, steel darts.

The first dart machines were produced in 1977 . The company, then known as Arachnid, manufactured the devices and sold them to restaurants, casinos or private buyers .

The company is still active in the production of dart machines today - although the devices are now known under the name Bullshooter.

The history of the dart machine in Germany

In Germany, another company managed to secure market leadership. The company called Löwen has imported around 200,000 dart machines to Germany since 1986, making the sport increasingly popular in this country.

The number of participants in the German championships shows how important e-darts still are in Germany today. It is not uncommon for more than 3,000 participants to come to this tournament.

Infobox: To make the magnitude clear: While the DSAB, the association for e-dart players, has around 60,000 members , the DDV, which represents many steel dart players, only manages a fifth.

The first dart machine from Löwen came onto the market in 1986. The so-called Löwen Royal Dartes machine still enjoys cult status today . Over time, Löwen also produced other models that were specifically tailored to tournament series.

Even today, the buyer can choose between a rather simple model or one that has almost all the games and other features needed for an e-dart tournament.

What are the advantages of a new dart machine?

The advantages of a new dart machine are actually obvious at first glance. With a new product you can be sure that you will receive a functioning device .

There are often problems with used models that you cannot easily fix yourself. Then either a specialist has to come in or, with a bit of luck, you have someone you know who can take care of the matter.

Anyone who buys a new machine will also receive a current model. If the device is a little older, used models sometimes do not have all the configurations that are required today, for example in tournaments.

Spare parts are also an absolutely important point. Even with a completely new dart machine, the time will come when the first signs of wear and tear will appear. Then it is important that you get spare parts quickly and can replace them as easily as possible.

Infobox: What's particularly good is that new dart machines often come with a maintenance guarantee, which means you don't have to deal with repairs in the first few years anyway.

What are the advantages of a used dart machine?

But of course used dart machines also have their advantages. Especially if you don't play darts every day, but rather occasionally. A used dart machine naturally has the advantage that it costs significantly less than a new machine.

The costs are usually many times lower. While a new machine usually costs several thousand euros, a used one often only costs a few hundred euros - depending on the condition it is in.

It is therefore particularly advisable for hobbyists to use used dart machines. If you have expertise in the matter, you can also replace spare parts in just a few steps and save a lot of money.

Which brands are there that make good dart machines and where can I get a dart machine?

There are two manufacturers in Germany that are quite well known. On the one hand, this would of course be the Löwen Dart company, which really made dart machines famous in Germany . There is now also a real competitor, Dartslive, who is on the rise.

However, Dartslive has made a name for itself in the USA and Asia , so the majority of the market in Germany is still equipped with Löwen Darts machines.

So if you want to buy a vending machine, there are several ways to find out about new or used products. For new machines, it of course makes sense to contact the manufacturer directly and ask for an offer. When it comes to used products, today's internet platforms offer numerous opportunities to hunt for bargains.

Expert tip: It's particularly worth researching on Amazon, Ebay or Facebook if you want to buy a used dart machine to start with. Well-preserved, discarded machines that have been replaced by new models elsewhere are often offered here.

What alternatives are there to the dart machine?

There are of course alternatives to the complete dart machine. During the course of the article, a beginner in e-darts will have asked themselves what they should do if they don't have the space in their home or the budget for a large dart machine.

Here, too, there is of course a much more cost-effective and space-saving solution - the electronic dartboard. For example, in the myDartpfeil shop you have the opportunity to purchase the Royal dartboard for soft darts .

You can hang an electronic dartboard on the wall very flexibly and operate it with batteries or a power cable. With the CB90 dartboard you also have the big advantage that you can close the board when you are not using it.

You also have enough space on the folding sides to store your darts equipment .

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