Das Bullseye und seine besondere Bedeutung beim Dart

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At the beginning, many dart players naturally ask themselves why the bullseye has such a special meaning . The small round target in the middle of the dartboard is more than just a target point - it is the bullseye !

It is also the ultimate hitting point for any dart player. However, it is not that easy to hit, so it is not understandable why it does not have the highest score .

Nevertheless, the bullseye has a very special meaning in the game, as it often decides between victory and defeat. At the same time, it is a symbol of concentration , skill and precision .

Maybe it doesn't have the highest score because it represents a different symbol. But don't worry, because not even experts know why that is. You can find out everything else you need to know about the bullseye in this article.

The special features of the Bullseye

The bullseye is not only the smallest field on the dartboard , but it also has a special meaning. The bullseye is especially needed at the beginning of a game .

Especially in hobby tournaments , the bullseye determines who starts . The so-called bullseye works as follows:

  • In bullseye, both players step to the oche and each throw a dart at the inner bull .
  • The person closest to the Inner Bull starts the first game .
  • If both are the same distance from the smallest field on the dartboard, the bullseye is rolled again until one player is determined.

The bullseye also plays a crucial role in finishing . While the bullseye is often neglected in regular scoring, it is particularly important in finishing.

When finishing, the bullseye is considered a regular double field . This means that big checkouts like 170 , 167 or 164 can often only be reached via the bull route.

Without the bullseye, players would have to hit three darts to get a double, which is very difficult in most cases. Therefore, the bullseye is crucial in finishing and is often targeted to successfully finish the game.

It turns out that the bullseye is not just a simple target on the dartboard, but a key element that can decide between victory or defeat .

What was the bullseye called before?

The bullseye, which means the bull's eye, refers to the direct hit in darts . In the history of darts it was often called the inner bull and at some point - when exactly is not known - it was renamed the bullseye.

The term has become established and since then this term has been used when it comes to playing bullseye darts.

If you think that Michael "The Bully Boy" Smith got his dart nickname from the bullseye, then you are very much mistaken. It actually comes from the fact that he was once attacked by a calf , as he revealed in an interview.

How big is the bullseye?

Anyone who wants to play Bulls Eye Darts will have a hard time. This small target point requires not only the utmost concentration , but also skill and the utmost precision .

The dart bullseye has a surface area of ​​just 12.7 mm . This is the field with the smallest surface area. The field of the triple 20 has an area almost twice as large.

The double and triple fields are lengthways and offer you more space to hit . The dart bullseye is therefore a challenge for every dart player in the PDC Europe .

What color is the bullseye on a dart?

The bullseye has a very traditional color that is instantly recognizable all over the world – bright red .

On the one hand, this color makes the field clearly visible and also helps the player to keep an eye on his target . Even in exciting matches and under pressure, it is easy to aim at your target with the dart bullseye.

How much does the bullseye count in darts?

The bullseye, located in the center of the dartboard, is the most valuable area on the board.

There are two parts to the bullseye: the outer bullseye , also known as the single bull , and the inner bullseye , often called the double bull or bullseye.

The outer bullseye is worth 25 points , while the inner bullseye is worth a whopping 50 points ! So it's no wonder that the best darts players in the world are constantly striving to hit the bullseye to gain an edge in the game .

So when you see the bullseye on the dartboard, you now know how much it counts and why it is so important to hit it!

Game tip: To really score points, the 20 field is important . The triple field in the 20 area gets you a whopping 60 points . If you hit the field three times, you'll get 180 points in one throw.

However, many players bet on the 19 and score three triple 19s with an outstanding 171 points. You have to hit a lot of dart bullseyes to avoid any feathers or feathers.

to leave points. If you want to play the perfect game, then a 9-darter is a must.

At what height is the bullseye?

In darts, it's not just the height of the bullseye that counts. The distance of the dart from the board is also important and of course regulated . At the same time, the height of the board is also crucial when it comes to adult players.

The darts rules state that the center of the dartboard, the bullseye, must be exactly 1.73 meters above the ground . The dart distance to the board is 2.37 meters .

This means that there is a diagonal line of 2.93 metres between the throwing line and the bullseye. It doesn't matter whether you are just a hobby player or play darts in the Premier League , the rules are the same everywhere.


The bullseye has its charm and is something very special, but if you want to score points then you should aim for the triple 20 or the triple 19 .

The bullseye in the middle of the dartboard, on the other hand, symbolizes skill, precision and concentration to the highest degree and therefore does not represent a high score, but rather that the player has mastered his game to the fullest.

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