Dart Elimination im Fokus: Alle Regeln und Varianten

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The most well-known variant, the 301 Elimination Dart, is played like any other 01 dart. With 301, however, you have the option of setting the other players' points to zero and thus eliminating them.

The game starts at 0 and the player who scores exactly 301 first or has the highest score after several predetermined rounds wins .

You can find out exactly how Dart Elimination is played in the following report.

The dart “Don’t be angry” – Dart Elimination

Anyone who has ever played Elimination Dart knows that the best player doesn't always win . Quite the opposite. The game offers even the weakest player the opportunity to beat the long-standing and experienced players.

It could almost be called a killer dart . And that's exactly what makes it so interesting. As the name suggests, the aim is to “eliminate” the opponent .

If this succeeds, the opponent falls back to the beginning . And this is where the comparison to the well-known board game “Don’t get angry” comes from.

Often shortly before the finish you are thrown out of the race by a fellow player and have to start again. This probably best explains the basic idea of ​​electronic darts.

Around the Clock Dart works in a similar way, which is played clockwise and the player who completes the round fastest wins.

If you hit a double or triple, you also have the option of skipping a number and progressing faster.

Dart Elimination: The rules at a glance

The dart game rules elimination are quite unusual. The dart game Elimination can initially be played with up to eight players on a normal e-dart machine .

The reason is that many machines can display up to eight scores . Now, as usual, who starts the game will be bullied. The next step is also not particularly unusual, because the first player tries to score as many points as possible with his first three darts and has them credited to his scoreboard.

Attention: Every player starts at “0”. So it is thrown upwards instead of downwards like a normal dart leg.

The “Dart 301 Elimination” is certainly the best-known variant. The goal here is to get exactly 301 , starting at zero of course. But it's not as easy as it sounds, because there are a very special rule of elimination.

The dart game rules for elimination state, regardless of the variant of the game, that if a player gets the exact number of points that another player currently has on their scoreboard , the darts fall back to zero .

Let's illustrate this with an example: Player 1 currently has 180 points, while Player 2 only has 120. Now it's player 2's turn and hits the T20 with the first arrow. So player 2 currently gets exactly 180 points. This results in player 1 dropping back to zero and having to start over.

And that's exactly what makes the game so interesting, because often it's not about getting to the goal as quickly as possible, but rather playing cleverly tactically and shaking off the competition as best as possible by eliminating them.

Variants to end the game

Shortly before the finish there is the next special feature. For example, you have collected exactly 281 points and therefore still need 20 to reach the goal . The important thing is that you have to get exactly 301 points.

So now you need one more throw for the easy 20. It can't be that difficult, can it? But as is often the case in such situations, you accidentally hit the T20 and score way too many points than you need.

There are two alternatives to how the elimination game can be played.

Anyone who has ever played Elimination Dart knows that the best player doesn't always win .

  • Variant 1: You have fallen out and have to wait your turn to try again - still starting at 281.
  • Variant 2: Here you will be punished if you throw too many points. The excess points thrown will be deducted from your points account . Let's stick with the example from above: starting value 281 and a hit in the T20, instead of the simple 20. Here either all 60 points are deducted from the 281 or the too many points, i.e. 40.

Infobox: As with so many darts games, the interpretation of the rules is always different. Everyone plays it differently and can vary it according to their own needs. Of course, it is clear that an e-dart machine usually only offers one of these variants.

Different variants for modifying dart elimination

As already mentioned, the elimination game can also be modified as desired . We would like to give you a brief overview of the best-known variants that still exist.

Double out

With this variant you of course make it a little more difficult for the players because, like a normal leg, the game can only be ended with a throw for a double.

This also means that a player who is still far behind the leader can hope that the better player does not hit the double. If the weaker player then manages to catch up with the stronger player, he can first eliminate him and then even end the game himself with a throw into a double field .

Tag team

In this variant you play together as a team . It's twice as much fun here if you manage to knock the other team back to zero.

Ultimately, the decision is yours whether you play with two points or four points in team matches. There is no hard and fast rule.

But it's usually more fun when each player has their own counter .

The alternative for steel dart players via app – the dart elimination calculator

Since the elimination match is also very popular with steel dart players, there are now a number of dart elimination apps that can also be used to play the elimination dart game.

This makes it easy to play the popular and well-known 501 darts and have the points calculated accordingly .

One of the apps you can use here is the so-called “Elimination Dart Counter” . Steel dart players also get their money's worth here and can choose between different modes .

If you want to stick with e-darts but don't have an expensive machine at home, you can of course also switch to a normal e-dartboard with elimination .

When purchasing, you of course have to pay attention to which dart games you can basically play with this e-dartboard.


The game Darts Elimination is designed more for high entertainment value than for targeted darts training . Nevertheless, there is an important training effect that should not be underestimated.

As with a normal dart match, you can never be too sure until you have ended the game with the decisive throw.

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