Dart Triple Training: So trainierst du am besten Triple Felder

Lukas ist Dart Fan der ersten Stunde und seit über 10 Jahren passionierter Dartspieler. Spätestens nach dem Besuch der Darts WM 2016 im ehrwürdigen Alexandra Palace mit seinem späteren Co-Founder und damaligen WG-Partner Timm war für ihn klar: Darts muss auch in Deutschland größer und bekannter werden. Mit myDartpfeil und dem weltweit einzigartigen Dartpfeil Konfigurator kann sich jeder Dartspieler - von Anfänger bis Profi - seine eigenen, perfekten Dartpfeile zusammenstellen und individuell gestalten.

The first time we watched a big darts event on TV we thought it couldn't be that hard. To be honest, this is the most common thought among people watching a live broadcast for the first time.

The beginner will notice that it's not quite as easy as it looks for the professionals when they try to get three arrows into the triple 20 . However, for professionals this also means a long dart triple training.

Triple is funny, but double makes the money – a common saying among professionals. However, if you don't throw well enough on the triple fields, you won't even get a chance to throw on the double fields.

Dart triple training, which is efficient and increases your performance, is essential in order to be able to compete .

Dart Triple Training – the best ways to increase your average

For a darts player there is no better feeling than throwing a 180. Even a decisive hit in doubles cannot reflect this feeling. At least that's what most of the players we've spoken to so far feel.

In this blog post we would like to give you a small overview of efficient dart triple training in darts . It is important not to throw things blindly into the fields, but rather to acquire a certain routine in the training process .

In addition to some already known training games from other blog posts, we will also list new options that should help you improve your dart score.

A very important point in finding out how you can best increase your score is your so-called favorite triple. While the professionals all aim for the triple 20 , there are many amateur players who have chosen the triple 19 or the triple 18 as their favorite field .

And this is exactly the first step in adapting your dart triple training to your own needs . To begin with, I recommend a game that I have already presented in previous blog posts.

100 arrows on a field – find out which triple suits you best in darts training

Let's start with a classic. In this game you throw 100 darts at the Triple 20 . A hit in the singles field counts as one point, in the doubles field two points and a hit in the triple 20 counts as three points.

After each recording you write down the total of the points you have achieved and add all the points together at the end . You now play this game for the Triple 17, the Triple 18, the Triple 19 and the Triple 20.

To get a meaningful result, it makes sense to continue this game for several days to see at the end which triple field you consistently score the most points on.

100 arrows on one field

This first step should not be underestimated, as many hobby players constantly train the triple 20 without giving another field a chance.

Only players who try it out here can possibly find out for themselves whether another triple might bring in significantly more points in the long run. This can make the difference in a competition.

Improve your dart score – also possible with Simon Whitlock’s training rings

Once you have found out your favorite triple, it makes sense to train it efficiently. This can be done not only with the “100 arrows for a triple” game , but also using training rings.

In a set of “Winmau training rings” from Simon Whitlock you will receive several sizes of plastic rings. You can fix these in the board using a small pin.

We tried this product ourselves and found that the rings help to fixate on a precise point . Of course, you don't have this option in competition, so it's important to use these rings to find out how you can optimize your throwing rhythm so that the arrows always fly into the small training rings.

However, dart triple training can only be carried out if you are fully focused on the matter . It won't do you any good if you find a favorite triple, attach the rings and just throw it away.

Expert tip: In darts, concentration is the be-all and end-all of the basics for long-term success. You have to try to get into a tunnel and do n't let bad training days get you down . This is the only way you can constantly improve your scoring for the competition.

Improve your dart score – also possible with Simon Whitlock’s training rings

Don't just train your favorite triple - expand triple training to all relevant fields

One point that is particularly important to us is that we don't want to give the impression that practicing a single favorite triple is of great use. In a game of darts, sooner or later you will be confronted with almost all relevant squares on the entire board .

This means that only the player who has the best feel for the entire disc can win. It won't do you any good if you score high at the beginning but don't end up hitting any singles or triples outside your comfort zone .

That's why it's important to concentrate on a whole range of areas during dart triple training. We recommend that you at least train the fields from T10 to T20 .

If you calculate it down, you need the T10 with 70 points remaining in order to leave you with 40 points in the best case scenario. This path is usually only played by advanced players, but in order to raise yourself to exactly this level you should not be afraid of such supposedly difficult paths .

Don't just train your favorite triple

That's why you should, for example, practice the triple fields in the order from T10 up to T20 and write down the number of arrows. This will give you a quick feel for which areas you still need to train and which area of ​​the dartboard you already have a good feeling for.

This can give you a decisive advantage in the hot phase of a league game .

Practice makes perfect

At the end there is something else important: dart training, especially on triple fields, can also bring frustrating phases. Not every day you will hit the fields as usual.

Don't let this throw you off track and keep at it . As we all know, practice makes perfect. There is nothing better than feeling every now and then that the training and the effort are really worth it.

myDartpfeil book as support

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