Darts Cricket – Regeln, Varianten und Vorlagen einfach erklärt

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In addition to the normal 501-Double Out, there are many other games that can be played on a darts evening. One of the most popular , both for e-darts and steel darts , is the so-called darts cricket .

But there are several special features to consider when it comes to cricket, because cricket is often played according to different rules .

In this blog post we will introduce you to the most common variants and go into more detail about which dart cricket rules are played.

Dart Cricket – the perfect change from the usual 501-DO

Both e-darts and steel darts have a game that is equally well known. We are talking about the so-called darts cricket. The dart game cricket has been most widely used under this term so far.

But there used to be other names for the same game – Tactics or Mickey Mouse . Personally, I like the name Tactics best. The reason for this is that it is actually the dart cricket tactics that matter and not just the pure scoring.

Sometimes it makes sense to hit a field that your opponent doesn't control very well and victory is within reach.

Dartboard cricket

The dart cricket rules – there is no one silver bullet

In cricket there are a number of rules and variations to make the game different. We'll start with the variant that's currently most likely to prevail in steel darts - also because apps now offer this game in which the rules of course cannot be varied.

Darts cricket schedule guide

The following dart cricket instructions apply, which I will explain in more detail to give you an insight into how darts cricket actually works.

The fields from 15 to 20 and the Bulls-Eye are relevant in this variant. The aim is to hit the fields at least three times in order to “close” the field.

The following also applies: A hit in the singles segment gives you one point, a hit in the doubles segment gives you two points and if you even hit the triples segment, you get three points. If you now manage to hit 3 points on the 15 segment before your opponent, you can increase your points account with further hits on the 15 - but only as long as your opponent has not also hit the field three times.

A little more clear: You start with a score of 0. Now you have to get three hits in the 15 segment to close the field. You won’t get any “real” points on the scoreboard for this.

You only receive this when you have closed the field, your opponent has not yet, and you have now recorded the next hits in the 15. Then you will be credited with exactly the number of points that you threw.

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Practical example of the darts cricket game

A practical example: I hit the 15 three times, but my opponent only hit it twice. So the field is closed for me and I can continue to throw to the 15 to score.

Now in my next shot I hit the double 15, the single 15 and the 10. I am now credited with a total of 45 points (15 + D15 = 45). The hit in the 10 is ignored because this segment has no meaning in dart cricket (let's remember: only the numbers from 15 to 20 and the bulls-eye are relevant !).

If my opponent hits the 15 again and has now also closed it, I continue with the 16. In the end, the goal is to close all the fields with which you play the cricket darts game as quickly as possible and then score points before the opponent does.

If you are in the lead on the scoreboard, the game is over when you have hit each field three times . From this moment on, the opponent no longer has a chance to increase their points account.

mydart arrow disc

Many different darts cricket variants in circulation

Even if the dart game explanations seem quite complicated at first, I can assure you that this is absolutely not the case. You'll notice it after you've played two or three rounds of cricket with a few friends.

But the nice thing about cricket with darts is that there are a number of ways and variations to play darts.

Contrary to the above-mentioned representation of increasing your own points account, there is also a variant in which the goal is to score as few points as possible .

How can that be, you may now ask yourself. There is a very simple explanation for this, because with this variant you do not throw up your own points from the fourth hit in a segment, but the scores of all those players who have not yet closed the field with three hits.

This is exactly why darts cricket is so much fun, especially with three or four players.

And this is where the concept of “tactics” comes into play. Because it is not absolutely necessary that all players start on the same field. So I can start on the 20 while my teammates start on the 18 or even the Bulls-Eye. Just try it yourself, because the game has its own special charm.

Darts cricket template and darts cricket counter online

While many e-dart machines allow various variants of cricket, it is particularly advantageous for steel dart players if they don't have to write something on paper after every shot.

Darts cricket template and darts cricket counter online

For this reason, there are templates for cricket dart games or apps that make it easy for you.

In addition to our own cricket dart template, which you can download, you also have the option of downloading the Dartcounter app to use it as a darts cricket counter.

Exotic dart cricket variants

In addition to the classic cricket, which we have now introduced to you, you can also make the game much more crazy and exotic, as mentioned. For example, this is possible with the following game options:

version 1

Especially with e-darts you can set the machine to spit out random numbers on which the cricket can be played.

Variant 2

With the Pick It option, dart players can choose the fields they want to throw at. This is of course also possible with steel darts, as you can easily clarify from the outset what your round of cricket should look like.

Variant 3

This variant, in which exactly three hits have to be achieved, is more suitable for advanced players. If you accidentally hit the segment four times, your opponent will be “credited” with the points .

In this dart game it is not possible to score points yourself . It all depends on the quality of the opponent . What should be avoided here is that a player who has hit the 20 twice does not accidentally hit the D20 and is rewarded for it, but is punished. A tough approach, but a good incentive for stronger players.

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