JDC Challenge – Alles über das neue Trend Dartspiel im Dartsport

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The JDC Challenge is a dart game that is becoming increasingly popular, especially during the current Corona pandemic.

The game was developed a few years ago, but back then with the idea that the young JDC players could monitor their performance level .

Since there are currently no normal competitions or dart tournaments taking place, even the professionals and many hobby players often have to keep themselves busy .

And the JDC Challenge offers a perfect opportunity to continuously monitor your own performance level .

In this blog post we explain to you what the JDC is all about and how the trendy dart game works.

What is the JDC?

The abbreviation JDC stands for Junior Darts Corporation . Steve Brown, former PDC Tourcard holder, made it his mission in 2014 to improve the PDC's youth work .

For this purpose, Brown founded the JDC in 2014. The JDC brings together all youth players between the ages of 10 and 18 who have a great future in darts.

The JDC also holds its own tournaments, the results of which are included in the junior association's rankings. In this way, supporters and sponsors recognize early on which players have the potential to later keep up with the stars on the big PDC circuit.

The JDC has developed so well over the years that it now even has its own darts academies where it promotes talent . The JDC also has its own world championship every year.

Infobox: The final is traditionally held as part of the PDC Darts World Championship at Alexandra Palace .

The JDC Challenge is now almost better known than this World Cup. And we'll now take a closer look at these in more detail.

The JDC Challenge rules – a popular training game even among the stars of the scene

The JDC Challenge is actually a training program that was developed to monitor the performance level and development of a young player.

With this method, the players themselves always have an overview of what form they are currently in and what they still need to work on.

We will now explain the rules and how you can take part in or practice the JDC Challenge yourself. The training game is divided into three parts.

Practice makes perfect!

Part 1: Shanghai 10-15

In the first part, players focus on the numbers between 10 and 15 . Here you take a total of 5 shots at each of the numbers between 10 and 15.

You always score points when you hit a field. An example based on a recording of the number 13.

You hit 13, T13, 6: This means you score a total of 52 points, as you score them with the two hits on 13. And this is how you do it with all the numbers between 10 and 15 – for 5 shots.

And now to the special part of this challenge. It's not for nothing that the name Shanghai is in the title of this section.

If you manage to play a Shanghai finish on a segment, you will receive a whopping 100 bonus points on top.

Part 2: Around the World Doubles

In the second part you will now train the double fields . Here you have one dart per double field . So on the first shot you start with the throws to the D1, D2 and D3 - and so on.

For every hit in the double field you score 50 points , and for a hit in the bulls eye even 100 points . As in the first part, you repeat this process five times.

Part 3: Shanghai 15-20

The final part of the JDC Darts Challenge focuses on the numbers that really add up to a lot of points and that you usually score on again and again during a game.

You complete this part analogously to Part 1 and keep writing down the number of points you achieve. You can find a training sheet for the JDC Challenge dart game here .

JDC Challenge Rankings

You can now even find some ranking lists for the JDC Challenge online. Players from Germany also always take part in the JDC Challenge and can be entered in the rankings.

If you also plan to do this, then all you need is to register with GoDartsPro . Register here so that you can also play the trend dart game online. This means you always have all your scores and progress at a glance .

The professionals are also trying out the darts trend

In the midst of the corona pandemic, the JDC Challenge is now making ever greater waves. More and more players who are not registered with the JDC are using the JDC Challenge to monitor their performance level.

You can also find videos online of professional players like Robert Marijanovic and other stars from the PDC .

The cool thing about this dart game is that over time you develop an ambition to reach the next higher level or the next higher shirt.

The goal of every player is of course to achieve the black belt . Gifted hobby players can do this in just a few attempts.

Of course, this is only really meaningful if you are able to confirm the black belt or black shirt again and again .

At the very end of each part, you add up your scores. Now you get a total score, which you repeat several times and use as an indicator of your current performance.

In order to give a better impression, the JDC has classified the performance level based on some point limits:

  • 0-150 points: White shirt
  • 150-300 points: Purple shirt
  • 300-450 points: Yellow shirt
  • 450-600 points: Green shirt
  • 600-700 points: Blue shirt
  • 700-850 points: Red shirt
  • 850+ points: Black shirt

The black shirt basically corresponds to the black belt in karate . A pretty cool classification, in our opinion.

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