Dart Technik: Wie zielt man richtig beim Dart?

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When it comes to darts and dart technique, aiming is important - is it true or not? In our opinion, this is only partly true, because aiming in itself does not help a player reach a high level .

Because anyone can actually aim. The question is therefore whether the aiming is successful. That's why in this article we would like to show you which method of aiming in darts technology actually makes sense in order to be successful at darts.

Darts Aiming – On the way to the perfect throw

Since darts usually throw three darts per shot, throwing should become a routine without much thought .

And this should also be the case when aiming with darts. Most players try to target the entire triple 20 field in order to hit it.

It makes much more sense to target a tiny point instead of an entire field, for example a protruding sisal fiber within the Triple 20.

Dart technique – choose a specific point

By targeting a specific point, the concentration is directed much more intensively to this tiny point, as opposed to targeting an entire field.

If you can't find a point within the field that you can aim for, it often makes sense to use the first arrow as the target point for your dart technique. If the first arrow is in the 20, then you should not aim at the 20, but at the flight of the first arrow.

My own experience has been that my darts fly to this spot much more accurately than if I aim at an entire segment.

Due to the large, continuous surface, it is not always easy to focus on a tiny point. During the course of a game, however, there is almost always the possibility that a thread or a puncture point is so obvious that you can use it as a guide when throwing.

Help with aiming – target rings, threads, darts

There are now a number of help tools available to help you perfect your aim and throwing technique. However, it should be said that you cannot use them directly during a game under pressure.

The methods mentioned above primarily help in training dart technique in order to train the exact repetition of throwing .

The target rings are a well-known tool for training throwing accuracy and dart technique . You can fix the magnetic rings in a popular spot on the board and try to throw them into the ring.

Not a bad method in the long run. With a little imagination, this can help you in the game even if you don't see the double field as a goal, but rather a small ring that surrounds part of the double field.

Help with aiming – target rings, threads, darts

A thread can also be used as an aid for training dart technique. This method is particularly suitable for hitting large segments.

  • For example, you stretch a thread from the 20 down to the bulls eye .
  • Now you try to hit the thread that is exactly in the middle of the 20 segment .

You can also work on your throwing technique this way. The thread as an aid is also great for further training tips.

Last but not least, a tip on dart technique that you can also use in the game - but only if the first dart roughly hits the target.

If the first dart lands as desired, for example in the 20 or triple 20, it makes sense to aim at this first dart. As already mentioned above, you only concentrate on the flight of the first dart, instead of on the T20 field or the entire 20 segment .

At the same time, the pressure decreases and your aim becomes even more precise.

Aiming aid for darts

The process for a constant throwing movement in darts technique

The sequence of the entire throwing movement is also crucial for your success on the oche. Darts is a lot of mental work that affects your arm.

A throwing rhythm with many steps in the process is more prone to errors and inaccuracies than a throw that is carried out simply and in a straight line.

Over time, however, each player has integrated a different throwing rhythm into their dart technique. So it would be careless to say that a quick and straight throw is the solution. It actually depends more on the finger position and grip .

The finger position and the grip

A lot of dart technology starts with the grip, i.e. holding the dart. This involves touching the dart in exactly the same place over and over again.

The position of the hand should also be identical for every throw. This is the only way you can repeat a usual throwing movement when you are under pressure. And therefore throw more successfully!

The finger position and the grip

Now we come back to another topic on which we have already published an article here - namely the grip of the barrels.

If you have problems always touching the dart in the same place, it makes sense to first use a barrel with a higher grip.

There are usually markings and grip grooves through milling and certain patterns that you can use to orientate yourself. With a smooth barrel, however, this is less easy.

The throwing motion

But it's not just how you hold the darts that is crucial to your throwing technique, but the entire process of throwing . In particular, it can be seen again and again among professional players how the entire throwing process begins before the actual throw.

One doesn't look at the opponent's board at all, the other treats himself to a sip of water after every shot. The players want to carry out their entire process as routinely as possible and not allow themselves to be influenced by outside influences . This starts seconds before the throw.

However, the actual throwing movement is decisive as to whether the dart hits its target or not. The throwing technique plays an important role in darts for optimized dart technique .

In order to perfect your throwing technique, you need to find and optimize your individual throwing style . It's never been good advice to copy your favorite player's throwing style. It's not without reason that every dart player throws in a different way .

It is therefore important that you decide on your own throwing style and do not force yourself to adopt someone else's throwing technique. It's hard to say whether a particular throwing technique is better or worse than another.

The throw must go to the player and not the other way around. We therefore recommend the following: Try to study the throwing technique that is easiest for you, that requires you to think the least and that you feel most comfortable with.

The only important thing is that all three dart releases must be repeated again and again in exactly the same sequence . Once you have achieved consistency, your throwing movement will become more fluid and you will automatically become more successful at the target.

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