Darts reinigen: 4 Methoden wie du Dart Barrels sauber machen kannst!

Lukas ist Dart Fan der ersten Stunde und seit über 10 Jahren passionierter Dartspieler. Spätestens nach dem Besuch der Darts WM 2016 im ehrwürdigen Alexandra Palace mit seinem späteren Co-Founder und damaligen WG-Partner Timm war für ihn klar: Darts muss auch in Deutschland größer und bekannter werden. Mit myDartpfeil und dem weltweit einzigartigen Dartpfeil Konfigurator kann sich jeder Dartspieler - von Anfänger bis Profi - seine eigenen, perfekten Dartpfeile zusammenstellen und individuell gestalten.

Every real dart player has his own darts . These should not only fit the player perfectly , but should also be maintained regularly . This not only increases the lifespan of your darts, but also benefits from better game quality .

For this reason, today we will show you 4 methods with which you can clean your darts. There are various details that need to be taken into account so that your darts are actually cleaned properly.

Why clean and clean darts?

Darts can show signs of wear and become dirty if they are used to a high degree of use. This can happen, for example, if you have played darts outdoors or if you often leave your darts lying around somewhere .

In addition , flash rust occurs on the dart barrels if they are often left in damp environments . If you, as a dart player, like to use finger wax or chalk frequently, these substances will build up on the barrel over time.

That's why you should attach great importance to the care of your darts and sometimes clean your darts.

Clean dart barrels

The biggest drawback when cleaning darts is also cleaning your dart barrels . Shafts and flights are absolute consumable items and will be replaced over time.

However , darts barrels should last a lifetime . That's why today we're giving you 4 methods with which you can clean your dart barrels.

Clean darts with ultrasonic cleaner

The first method is to clean your darts with an ultrasonic cleaner . This is normally used for the care of glasses or jewelry . However, this can also be modified to have your darts cleaned.

You can find such a cleaner cheaply online for around €30. You use the ultrasonic cleaner as follows:

  1. Open the lid of the ultrasonic cleaner
  2. Add a small amount of water
  3. Connect power
  4. Put dart barrels in it
  5. to close the lid
  6. Press the start button

    After about 5 minutes your darts will be cleaned!

    Clean darts with ultrasonic cleaner

    Darts care with toothbrush, soap and water

    An easier method for cleaning darts is to use a toothbrush, soap and water . For example, you can use the bristles of the toothbrush to perfectly clean the threads of the dart barrels .

    Of course, the same thing can be done with a hand brush. You can also use it to get to hidden places on your barrels and clean them carefully . The additional use of hand soap is particularly useful to get your darts really clean.

    You can easily wipe the barrels with a sponge and a little water . All in all, this is the quickest and easiest way to clean darts.

    Tip: The only important thing is that you dry the darts well with a towel at the end to avoid rust.

    Darts care with toothbrush, soap and water

    Dart care with Corega Tabs

    A more unusual method for cleaning darts is to use Corega Tabs in a glass of water. Corega Tabs are also used for cleaning dentures etc. Ultimately, these are also perfect for darts to remove annoying dirt .

    #It's best to place the dart barrels in a glass of water for about 30 minutes and then dry them well. Accordingly, the dirt should now have come off the dart barrels.

    You can also find Corega Tabs cheaply online or at a drugstore .

    Dart care with Corega Tabs

    Clean darts with dishwasher

    A good old way to get darts cleaned is to use a dishwasher . Here you can put the barrels in the dish drawer and start a washing cycle.

    After the rinsing cycle, the barrels, such as cutlery etc., are well cleaned and you can take them back to thedartboard .

    Make sure that your dishwasher is not set too hot so that the paint on your barrels does not come off.

    Clean darts with dishwasher

    Summary and further care for darts

    All in all, there are different options for cleaning darts. In the end you can decide for yourself how you want to clean your darts.

    For colored barrels, please note that the color may come off slightly during intensive cleaning . That's why you should always proceed carefully.

    In the end, there are other aspects that help you take good care of your dart accessories .

    On the topic of caring for steel darts: For example, you can also care for your steel dart tips by greasing them a little. This means you can protect the coating a little and your darts will look like new.

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