Dartscheibe aufhängen: Richtige Höhe, Entfernung & Maße beachten

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Dartboards are becoming more and more common in German living rooms . However, the first problems often arise during delivery. What is the best way to hang the dartboard?

And at what height is the center point actually attached? How much space should I allow for to be able to stand unhindered at the drop line ?

In this blog post we would like to give you a few tips to help you find the right place in your apartment . We'll also tell you how you can hang up your dartboard.

Hanging up the dartboard – step by step instructions

If the dartboard is delivered, you will notice when unpacking that there are usually a few parts included for attachment . As much as you would like to start throwing straight away, you should make sure that you “build” your new dart palace correctly .

The correct dimensions for the height of the dartboard or the distance to the dartboard are of great importance.

Below we will show you a short step-by-step guide to hanging up the dartboard.

Hang up the dartboard

Step 1: Attach the accessories to the dartboard

Hang up the dartboard, how does that work now? First of all, the so-called “spacers” must be attached to the back of the dartboard.

These ensure that the board later hangs firmly on the wall and does not rotate or anything similar when the darts are pulled out. Every experienced dart player knows how annoying it is when the dartboard turns a few millimeters to one side when the darts are pulled out.

It has to be realigned again and again and thus prevents the game from flowing smoothly .

Step 2: Attach the screw to the back of the bulls-eye

In the next step, the screw must be screwed into the designated notch on the back . This screw will later be hung in the bracket , which will be attached to the wall in the next step.

But first you have to screw the screw on the back of the bulls eye cleanly and straight into the board . You can use a Phillips screwdriver to do this.

The screw must be firmly fixed so that the dart board does not fall off the wall. The screw is included and the notch is already there.

Step 3: Attaching the bracket to the wall

In the third step to hanging up the dartboard, as already announced in step 2, the holder is attached to the wall .

  • To do this, you should first drill two small holes in the wall. To do this, simply hold the small curved holder at a height of 1.73 meters on the wall .
  • Then mark the two notches so that you can drill the corresponding holes exactly here.

Step 4: Hang the dartboard with a drill, dowels and screws

Then you drill the holes and insert the included dowels into them. Then screw on the holder for hanging up the dartboard . In the next step you can hang the dartboard with the screw in the notch of the dartboard holder .

Now all you have to do is align the dartboard and fix it so that it can no longer rotate. It should then sit firmly on the wall.

Further tips: Pay attention to the height and distance of the dartboard

How high does a dartboard have to hang? The most important thing is that you hang the dartboard at the correct height . This means that you hang the board with the bulls eye at an exact height of 1.73 m .

If you don't pay attention, every centimeter can cause your game to be significantly worse at another venue . So hanging the dartboard correctly is also important for your consistent play.

Attention: Especially with skirting boards, you must ensure that you measure the height exactly from the floor and not from the edge of the skirting board. This happened to me when I first hung up my dartboard.

The dimensions have to be right – not just the height, but also the distance to the dartboard

So once you have hung the dartboard securely and at the right height , then all you have to do is measure the distance correctly .

With steel darts the release line is exactly 2.37 m . Here, too, you should make sure that this distance is exactly right. Because one thing is often ignored.

If you attach the board to the wall, then the wall is no longer the starting point from which you measure the 2.37 m. The dartboard itself is around 3-4 centimeters wide - depending on the manufacturer and version.

Of course, these have to be added again when you measure the distance from the wall. Since the board “hangs into the room”. This was the final step to hanging the dartboard.

The dimensions must fit

Darts Oche - the best way to guarantee that the distance to the dartboard is always right

Now not every hobby dart player can afford an expensive darts oche . Especially since it usually looks clunky and doesn't fit into every room. But what can you do to ensure that you always throw from the same position? So that the distance to the dartboard is always identical?

There are some adventurous options here:

  • For example, at the very beginning I attached an adhesive strip to the floor . However, after just a few throws you will notice that the adhesive strips wear off relatively quickly .
  • The best thing to do is to firmly fix or glue a small “obstacle” in place – like a darts oche. A small piece of wood may be enough here.
  • There is also the Laser Oche Beamer from Winmau . With this you can project the oche onto the ground using a laser.

Darts Oche

The diameter of the dartboard

There is one more thing you should keep in mind when hanging up the dartboard. The diameter of a normal dart board is around 40 centimeters . You should also measure this correctly before drilling holes in the wall.

Not that the board doesn't hang optimally afterwards. A few centimeters of buffer should be taken into account here anyway, to make it possible to clamp a collecting ring around the board that protects your wall.

Hang up a dartboard – reduce noise by placing a plate underneath

If you are interested in reducing the noise when the darts hit, you can kill two birds with one stone with a cork plate behind the board.

When hanging up the dartboard, it is best to use a plate that you place squarely behind the dartboard . This significantly reduces the noise that is often transmitted through the walls.

You can also use the plate as a “collection ring”. However, it is advisable to purchase a separate collection ring to protect the tips of your arrows .

After all, there is a big difference whether the arrows fly into a soft collecting ring or into a bulky piece of wood.

Hang up the dartboard, distance, height – the basics of darts

You should always pay attention to hanging up the dartboard as well as the distance to the dartboard or the height . It is simply part of the basics of darts and the rules of darts.

And if you don't master this, you won't be taken seriously by experienced dart players.

Hang dart board, distance, height

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