Vorbereitung auf ein Dart Turnier – 5 geniale Tipps zur Vorbereitung

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There are a number of guides circulating on the Internet on how you can get better at darts and what you can do to finally play successfully. Particularly before tournaments, some amateur players' heart rates skyrocket .

Many players ask themselves: Why is this even the case? At home I don't have any problems performing at my best level. The simple and psychological answer to this question is: habit !

Humans are creatures of habits. Hobby players should also take this into account when preparing for a darts tournament . We also provide further tips for optimal preparation for a darts tournament.

Nervousness and uncertainty: the right preparation for a darts tournament

Hobby players in particular often find it difficult to prepare for a darts tournament. The first official dart tournament in particular often makes players nervous .

Because it's something completely different to play at home with friends or in an official competition. Just the atmosphere and the worry of doing something wrong can cause you to completely lose your temper .

Logically, this also influences your game in a significant way. To prevent this, it is important that you not only prepare perfectly for your first dart tournament, but also for the following ones.

Nervousness and insecurity

Preparing for a darts tournament – ​​what do I have to pay attention to?

Humans are creatures of habits. This is also and especially reflected in darts. It starts with the throw. The more often you practice the throwing style , the more confident you will feel. But that shouldn't be the topic right now.

Back to preparing for a darts tournament. It's about habits and psychology . Darts is a mental sport - a mental sport as so many experts and players always confirm.

Therefore, our first tip is to establish certain habits when preparing for dart tournaments. This could be, for example, a type of training, the daily routine on the day of the tournament or the same outfit.

Habits make us feel significantly safer and give us a feeling of control . And that's exactly where it begins. Make sure that everything that is related to a darts game or a tournament becomes a habit. Try to control as much as possible by doing it the same way every time.

How can I control my training so that I prepare perfectly for dart tournaments?

In the next point we would like to go into more detail about training in general. Especially before tournaments, we tend to stand in front of the target significantly more than is otherwise the case.

You hope to get better in a short time and get a certain amount of consistency in your game. But sometimes less is more . This sentence hits the nail on the head, because you shouldn't overdo it, especially on the day before the tournament.

An example: You train like crazy the day before because you want to prepare yourself as best as possible. After 2 hours of good training, concentration noticeably decreases. Your game deteriorates and instead of becoming more confident, you become significantly less confident in your game. And this is exactly where the crux lies. Don't overdo it! Train in doses and stop when you notice that your concentration is waning. This is the only way you can preserve the good feeling and take it with you into the day of the tournament.

A common thread: Create a clear training plan starting 3 weeks before the tournament

Preparation for a darts tournament doesn't just start a few days before. You should actually start preparing explicitly about 3 weeks in advance.

The best thing to do here is to write a training plan . For example, train 3 times for 1 hour per week . And this over three weeks .

This gives you 9 training sessions to prepare for and ensures that you train regularly . So you can focus on doubles, scoring or finishes and train these specifically to prepare for the big day of the tournament.

The tournament day itself: Routine is the best preparation for dart tournaments

On the day of the tournament itself , you should ensure that you build as much routine into your day as possible.

An example: after getting up, you have breakfast in peace and drink a cup of coffee. Then you warm up on the board for half an hour and then drive to the tournament location. Register here and then throw a few practice darts.

From this point on, the most important thing is to stick to your routine . It's best if you have a very clear plan of what you want to do there.

An example:

  • First around the clock on the double fields , then scoring on T17 to T20 and before it really starts, practice a few finishes .
  • Under no circumstances should you let this dissuade you. Often the two of you stand at a practice board before the tournament. It can be difficult to keep focus - but this is exactly where the formula for success begins!

The tournament day itself

Don't despair when you fail

The most important tip of all, however, is: Never give up if a tournament doesn't go your way! No player can win every tournament or reach his peak performance every day.

It is very important to always believe in yourself ! Keep preparing for a darts tournament!

Preparing for the darts competition: 5 perfect tips and additional help

To prepare correctly for a darts tournament, we will now briefly summarize all the tips that we have collected for you in this blog post.

We can also recommend our own e-book to you. You will find further helpful tips there.

5 golden tips

  1. Make things a habit: Whether it's an outfit , training in preparation or your daily routine, habits ensure security and inner peace
  2. Don't overdo it with training the day before. Even if it's difficult, it's best to stop exactly when you feel best in order to preserve the feeling for the next day and build self-confidence
  3. Starting three weeks before the tournament, create a training plan to ensure that you can practice specific content ( doubles, scoring, finishes )
  4. Establish a routine on tournament day and make sure that routine becomes a habit . When warming up, play the same program over and over again
  5. Failure shouldn't bring you down . Keep believing in yourself and keep practicing your habits - then success will come by itself

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