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Alex Krist
Alex Krist

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Many amateur players and beginners ask themselves again and again how they can raise their level and improve their dart game. Especially new and inexperienced dart players often need a long time to improve their dart game, because they lack an effective dart training. Often without the right dart training tips are turned on the wrong set screws. For this reason, we would like to give you 10 darts training tips that are guaranteed to improve your game and answer the following question: How do I become a better dart player?

Training tip 1: You don't play the highest level every day - this is something to accept

Hobby players usually get a very big head problem when they can't maintain their form over a longer period of time. It is completely normal that the top level cannot be played continuously. Many external factors influence this. Be it the volume, the concentration, stress in everyday life or a blockade in the head, which subconsciously changes the throwing movement.

Some players break down because yesterday they played the best game of their life and the next day they throw 20 points less on average. It is important to know in this context that it is probably the same for almost every dart player - even the pros. Here the difference in performance is not quite so great, but even here the form of the day often decides on a lot of prize money. So accept it if you have a bad day, remember your dart training tips and don't immediately doubt your abilities - after all, you've already shown that you can do it!

Training tip 2: Training against strong players makes you stronger too

The second tip can be copied to almost any sport. Time and again it can be observed in competitive sports that players only go beyond their limits when they are challenged. This phenomenon can also be observed again and again in darts. To be more precise, as hobby players we often adapt to the level of our opponents - both positively and negatively. For this reason, dart training against strong players is considered a very effective dart training.

Even if you lose all of your first 10 games because you simply can't keep up with your opponent's high scoring average, there's a high probability that you'll play a much better average yourself than you would against a weaker player. These sporting defeats can therefore bring you quite a bit forward!

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Training tip 3: Find the optimal throwing style and never change it!

The third of the dart training tips I know only too well from my own experience. During darts practice you always manage to achieve great scores with your usual throwing style. Suddenly the competition starts and under pressure the darts just don't want to fly into the desired field. In your head it starts to rattle. You doubt whether it really is the perfect throwing style and subconsciously change it. But this is the biggest mistake you can make. The reason is simple: even if you have a bad phase, you will be successful in the long run with your usual throwing style. After all, the dart throwing motion is always the same.

However, if you try to use a new throwing style, this may help in the short term, but in the long run you will notice that the success leaves much to be desired. In general, don't switch back and forth between different throwing moves. Rather, trust your skills and stick to one and the same throwing style, no matter how it goes. Because throwing the dart consistently is the most important motto here.

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Training tip 4: Play stone darts - even if you play soft darts in competition!

Now comes a dart training tip that is rarely used in practice, but can have a great effect. If you are a soft dart player, I recommend that you train especially on a stone dartboard. The reason is that you need a much cleaner throwing style than with soft darts. It is well known that the soft dart points count even if the dart does not stick. It is also known that this is not the case with steel darts. As a result, steel dart players automatically acquire a clean throwing style because they know that the points do not count if the dart falls out of the board again. Basically, this also offers great advantages to soft dart players, as the darts fly straighter. By exchanging a soft tip for a steel tip, this can also be practiced very easily.

Training tip 5: Mental arithmetic refreshes the mind

If there's one thing I've learned from playing steeldarts, it's that I'm much faster and better at mental arithmetic since then. For a beginner, it's sometimes a challenge to add up the correct score without spending a few seconds at the board. With time this works faster and faster and only then you realize how rusty your head sometimes is. Due to today's technical possibilities, we as humans are unlearning mental arithmetic faster and faster. With the Steeldart you can refresh this ability again clearly. And one thing is certain: this can definitely not hurt in everyday life!

Training tip 6: You learn darts under pressure!

Another dart training tip we give you is that you only learn to play darts properly under pressure. While in the dart training often everything seems to work, suddenly under pressure nothing works. Especially at the first tournaments this will not change too quickly. Over time, however, a wear-and-tear reaction sets in in the brain, which makes it easier for you to pass even under competition conditions. For this reason, every tournament basically brings you forward in your development, no matter what placement you achieve in the end.

Training tip 7: Learn tricks from the pros and apply dart tips

You can also learn a lot from the dart pros. However, you should make sure that you don't start by copying the throwing style, the throwing motion or the stance of your favorite player. It's more about paying attention to little things. For example, use wax on your fingers to increase grip. Or bring a sharpening stone to the oche to sharpen the tips again in case of emergency. Furthermore, the pros often give valuable tips in interviews after the games, which you can also use.

Training tip 8: Mental training - darts is a matter of the head

Darts takes place in the mind. This is not a new statement, but has been the case for decades. You can be the most talented, if you don't have your head under control, you will still not succeed and your darts game will not improve. Therefore, darts mental training is also enormously important. So try to completely block out everything around you and focus solely on throwing until you are in the so-called "tunnel".

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Training tip 9: Train regularly without overdoing it

As a beginner you often tend to overdo it with the darts training. After two hours at the latest, the concentration usually decreases significantly, so that you no longer play as well as you did at the beginning. From this point on, a training session hardly brings you any further and effective dart training moves into the far distance. Try to dose the training correctly and do it in several stages. For example, twice an hour a day, if time allows. In addition, it is no use if you only play in winter, for example. Over the summer you will lose the feeling for the dart and have to start all over again in the fall. A continuous dart training throughout the year is therefore indispensable.

Training Tip 10: Adopt darts training tips and training aids

The last of the dart training tips deals with training aids in the sport of darts. Meanwhile, the darts market has also developed enormously positive. Due to the high demand some training features can be found on the market. Special boards with smaller fields, training rings or similar products. Feel free to use these products to further train and perfect your aiming accuracy and feel for the dart. It will be worth it to achieve an effective dart training, I promise!

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If the 10 training tips are not enough for you, you can also use our own e-book to improve your game. 53 pages full of important hints, tips, games and training plans. A must for any player who has not yet reached their full potential.

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