Dart Doppel Training: So trainierst du am besten die Doppelfelder!

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Darts is a matter of the mind. This fact is particularly noticeable when it is “just” a matter of ending a leg with a throw to the double court . Suddenly it seems almost impossible to hit the narrow area at the edge of the board.

It is not for nothing that the saying persists: Triple is funny, but double makes the money. Translated: The many triple hits are nice, but they are of no use if you don't hit the double field .

Because that's the only way you can finish a game and earn money. That's why there are effective exercises for your dart double training today. In this blog post we would like to show you how you can best train throwing to the double fields in order to finish the next leg even faster.

Games for darts double fields training

How can I best train doubles? We would like to answer that question for you today. Dart double training is an important part of your own dart training .

For effective darts training, special exercises for training the double fields should be played. Only then can you end a leg quickly in a game situation.

In the following chapters we have selected various training games for doubles for you. You will always find game instructions that you can use for your next darts training .

Dart double training with the 121 darts game

The 121 darts training is probably the best known method for training the double fields. However, this is a game that is more suitable for advanced dart players .

We would like to briefly explain the game to you, then you can get started on the board and try it yourself.

You have nine arrows (i.e. three shots) available each time . Your starting number is 121 points. You have to check these out with nine darts . If you succeed, then try the same with 122.

For every check you succeed, your finish increases by one point . However, if you do not manage to check the number with 9 darts, you will fall back to 121 points. Then you have to start over, so to speak.

To be able to assess your performance well, just try it at your next training session. See how high you were able to play in an hour, for example. After a month you try this again and compare your performance .

From this you can quickly see whether you have taken the next step forward in your performance. As I said, this training game for doubles only makes sense if you are generally more accurate .

Beginners can also modify and adapt this game for themselves. For example, you can increase the next finish by several points instead of one point. Or you can simply give yourself one more shot and have 12 darts available.

Practice dart doubles with Around the Clock

The around-the-clock method is also considered effective dart double training. You can't practice larger checkouts with this. But first you train all the double fields in order to become confident on them.

So you start with double 1 and only move on to 2 when you have hit double 1. Do this until you reach the bullseye . I personally modified the game a bit in order to be able to judge the performance.

To do this, I always wrote down the total number of arrows for all 21 double fields. This way you can determine at set intervals ( e.g. 1 month ) whether and how much you have improved on the double fields .

Infobox: My experience is that there are one or two very difficult double fields on almost every round. Here you get a little stuck and need significantly more arrows than with others. But don't let this bother you.

Dart double training with the 170 game

As another training method to practice checking remaining scores, we would like to introduce you to the so-called 170 game . This is often used to warm up before competitions . The reason is simple.

In the 170 game you simply try to check 170 points as quickly as possible . It actually only makes sense if you play this game against another player instead of alone. If you still play it alone, document how many arrows you need on average. This allows you to better control your performance during dart double training .

But if you play with two people, the 170 game contains all the relevant things that you should know for a darts match. Score, place, check . A

For this reason, this game is considered very popular. In addition, you can also play a round under time pressure in order to prepare for the upcoming encounter.

Effective dart training: Around-the-clock for professionals

Finally, we come back to a game that is again interesting for advanced dart players . Again, this is a variant of the Around-the-Clock Dart Double Training. This time, however, a little modified to improve the special appeal .

With this variant you also start with double 1 again. Once you have hit this, you move on to double 2 as usual. However, with the difficult version you only have 3 darts to check the next double .

This way you will notice relatively quickly where there are still problems . Every player has his or her favorite double fields. Others have problems over and over again. So if you fail at double 7 three times in a row and fall back to double 1, then it makes sense to train double 7 separately.

Fun darts double training: fox hunting

Another way to practice double fields with a colleague is fox hunting. One player starts at double 1 and one player starts at double 20. One player tries to hit the double fields upwards as quickly as possible .

The other tries this in reverse order. Now it is up to you whether the person who hits all double fields first wins. Or whether the person who gets to double 11 or double 10 first wins.

Here, too, you are welcome to adapt the game to your training level and modify it so that you significantly increase performance in the long term.

More training success with the Champions Choice dartboard

A real insider tip is the dartboard Champions Choice from Winmau. This has significantly smaller triples and double fields and is therefore perfect as a training board for at home .

It is considered the most advanced dartboard in the world thanks to patented dual compression technology. With 50% narrower double, triple and 25 rings and bullseye, this board also serves for effective dart double training.

It impresses with its high-quality workmanship and unique dual-core technology . This in turn ensures a higher probability of hitting and a lower rebound rate. You can order the dartboard here .

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with your dart double training! Feel free to write us your darts double exercises in the comments – we look forward to your feedback!

Double training plan from myDartpfeil

As an insider tip we can give you our own book . In this e-book you are guaranteed to find everything you need. In addition to motivation, training tips, warm-up programs and much more, there are also many training games included for your own game on the doubles court.

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