Frauen im Dartsport: Dartspielerinnen früher & heutzutage

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Darts was a male-dominated sport for a long time and even the Queen Mother, who played a game of darts in 1937, was unable to change that directly. Even though the Queen playing darts was featured in every newspaper after that special day in December 1937, the crowds were huge, but the war two years later quickly put an end to this class difference.

In the following article you will find out how women now play an important role in darts .

The history of women’s darts

The history of female darts players is very interesting. The war did not allow darts to become established among women. Nevertheless, this great sport did not disappear completely from the minds of women.

The first women's doubles championship of the National Darts Association of Great Britain was held in 1958 and showed that there were numerous female darts professionals. However, female darts players were not taken quite as seriously at first.

It was not until the 1970s that women in darts were no longer laughed at and in 1973 the sport of women's darts was recognised . In addition, the conditions of participation were adjusted and the first singles competition at the British Open in 1979 was won by the Englishwoman Judy Campbell.

Why do so few women play darts?

There can be many reasons for this. On the one hand, there can be cultural, social and economic reasons , and on the other hand, there can be personal reasons. Even though we live in the 21st century, gender roles are still distributed accordingly.

There are sports that are traditionally associated with men . These include football and darts. Unfortunately, women and darts are still not well received and although women have already made a name for themselves in darts, they are still laughed at.

Furthermore, there are still not enough role models to motivate women to join a women's darts team or club. Women are also often not supported by their families, as darts is still considered a men's sport. Another problem is the access restrictions that still exist in clubs and associations .

In addition, women still receive less financial support than men and unfortunately the support they receive still leaves a lot to be desired. However, the biggest obstacle is usually the lack of time , as women have professional obligations in addition to housework and raising children , and this leaves them with too little time for hobbies.

Which women will play in the 2024 Darts World Cup?

Unfortunately, there are only two female darts players taking part in the 2024 Darts World Cup: Fallon Sherrock and Mikuru Suzuki .

Sherrock has already taken part in four World Championships and is therefore an old hand. Suzuki is only taking part for the second time. There was even a third darts player, Beau Greaves , who unfortunately cancelled her participation.

The reason for her cancellation is the regulations of the PDC and PDC Europe . Greaves is only allowed to take part in the World Championship at Ally Pally if she had refrained from taking part in a WDF event.

However, Greaves won her first WDF Darts World Championship title last year and would like to defend it, which is why she had to cancel the World Championship at Ally Pally.

Who is the best German darts player?

The currently best German darts player is Irina Armstrong , who was born as Irina Loginowa in Russia in 1970. She has been competing for Germany in international tournaments since 2012 and is currently ranked number one among the best German darts players.

Armstrong, who is also known by her dart nickname Ice Baby, shows that women can also play darts. She is followed by Julia Siek and Zollikofer Lena.

Who was the first woman to compete in a darts world championship?

Female dart professionals are still few and far between . Nevertheless, Fallon Sherrock managed to defeat Englishman Ted Evetts 3-2 in 2019.

With this victory, Sherrock became the first woman to win a world title . She also leads the PDC Order of Merit , ahead of Mikuru Suzuki, Noa-Lynn van Leuven and Beau Greaves. Unfortunately, there are no German female darts players on the list.

Are there special darts for women?

Of course, there are special darts for women . Especially since Sherrock, Suzuki and Greaves have been so successful, female dart players also have role models and are turning to darts more and more often.

The female darts professionals have also brought darts onto the market that are loved by female darts players .

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As you can see, there aren't many female darts professionals yet. Unfortunately, this is due to so many factors that shouldn't really play a role in the 21st century.

If you like darts, now is the time to make it your hobby, no matter what your family and friends say. And if you don't have a club near you, then just start one yourself . We are convinced that there are enough dart ladies who would be happy to have a club near them .

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