Dart Liga, Verbände und der DDV in Deutschland

Lukas ist Dart Fan der ersten Stunde und seit über 10 Jahren passionierter Dartspieler. Spätestens nach dem Besuch der Darts WM 2016 im ehrwürdigen Alexandra Palace mit seinem späteren Co-Founder und damaligen WG-Partner Timm war für ihn klar: Darts muss auch in Deutschland größer und bekannter werden. Mit myDartpfeil und dem weltweit einzigartigen Dartpfeil Konfigurator kann sich jeder Dartspieler - von Anfänger bis Profi - seine eigenen, perfekten Dartpfeile zusammenstellen und individuell gestalten.

Especially for beginners, it is often difficult to integrate into organized darts at the beginning. Newly founded teams often have difficulty finding out where they can register for regular league operations, for example.

This is precisely why we would like to go into this in more detail in this article. We will explain to you which leagues and associations there are in German darts.

This makes it easier for you to find the right dart league. So at some point you can take part directly in the league . We will also introduce you to the DDV, the German darts association, in detail.

DDV – the German darts association

Before the first dart league there was the first dart association. The DDV is something like the umbrella organization for darts in Germany and is made up of 13 regional associations .

The association is still relatively young compared to other sports. It was not until 1982 that it was decided to found the umbrella organization for German darts.

The association has now grown steadily and now has well over 16,000 members – an all-time record! The DDV is also the organizer of a number of individual and ranking tournaments.

The German Masters are particularly worth mentioning in this context. The German Open, one of the largest tournaments in the world, is also organized and hosted by the DDV.

Important: The DDV has been a member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) since 2010. This makes the German Darts Association the only darts association recognized by the DOSB. This meant that darts (only steel darts) were officially recognized as a sport in Germany. However, e-darts are not yet considered an officially recognized sport.

DDV – the German darts association

Relationship between DDV and PDC

As is well known, the PDC has been holding a number of tournaments in Germany for years, where the halls in Germany are regularly sold out. This shows how much darts is booming in Germany.

The PDC was originally founded to enable professional dart players to earn money with their sport . For example, to make a living through high prize money. This means that amateur players are left behind a bit, as the prize money in other dart associations is significantly lower .

There are currently only a few darts professionals in Germany. However, most of the German players who play for the PDC today initially started their careers at the DDV .

For example, Max Hopp , Martin Schindler and Gabriel Clemens . Many dart players usually decide at some point afterwards to make the jump to the professional level at the PDC.

Dart league system in Germany

Even though steel darts and e-darts are often mixed together, they are basically two sports . This creates a separation between the steel dart and e-dart Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga in e-darts is organized by the DSAB . In addition, the federal leagues in e-darts are organized differently . This is mainly because e-darts currently have a significantly larger following in Germany than steel darts.

There is also a noticeable development here that could probably even out the relationship over time. However, this is still the current state of affairs.

The Bundesliga in e-darts is divided into five leagues . Unlike steel darts , there are only two leagues .

In e-dart there is the Bundesliga Hesse, the Bundesliga South-West, the Bundesliga North-Bavaria, the Bundesliga North Rhine-Westphalia and the Bundesliga West .

The five German champions will be played in these five seasons.

Dart league system in Germany

E-dart sport is also organized in the amateur sector in the regional associations . District league, district league and regional league. These three classes usually form the basis of the Bundesliga.

Bundesliga in steel darts – divided into north and south

The bonuses and prize money in German darts are still relatively low. Players also often have to struggle with high travel costs. That's why there is a division of the Winmau Bundesliga into North and South in Steeldart.

This should at least shorten the journey to some extent. The game is played in two groups, the Bundesliga North and Bundesliga South , each with 9 teams . The top four in each group will then play for the German team champions over a weekend .

If a dart team is relegated from the Bundesliga, further organization takes place in the regional steel dart leagues.

For example, the next leagues would be the regional league, the district league or the district league . Depending on the size and number of teams in the regional dart leagues.

Super League Darts – the most demanding tournament in Germany

The Super League Darts Germany has existed since 2013. In this dart league the best German players compete in a league mode .

They are playing for a starting place for the annual world championship at the Ally Pally in London. 16 players take part in this dart league. Darts players can qualify for the league in a qualifying tournament.

Of course the standard at this qualifying tournament is extremely high , as is the entry fee . Above all, to allow only the best in Germany to take part.

Super League Darts

German darts are changing

Compared to darts in England, the sport in Germany is still in its infancy. This is mainly because there was extremely little interest in organizing professionally for decades.

The prize money was too low and the tournaments were too unattractive . This has changed as awareness has increased in recent years. For this reason, it can be assumed that a lot will happen in the next few years.

The first dart schools already exist to promote young talent . In Bavaria, for example, darts has already been established as a school sport in isolated cases. The level in the respective dart league also increases from year to year.

This will inevitably mean that the entire dart sport in Germany will become more professionally organized over time. Only then can you keep up internationally.

Federal cadre and funding of the DDV

Since 1983, the DDV has been sending German national teams to international tournaments under the umbrella of the world association WDF . Men, women and youth players compete at the World Championships and European Championships .

You can only be nominated for the German national teams if you have not been nominated for another nation in the last two years . Roland Scholten has been the official national coach at DDV since January 2020.

In 2018, the DDV received public funding from the Federal Ministry for Top Sports (BMI) for the first time. This is responsible for supporting top German athletes.

The DDV employs so-called competitive sports staff such as sports director and national coach and opened an office in the “House of German Sports” in Frankfurt at the end of 2018.

The next few years will show whether we in Germany will succeed in becoming one of the world elite in darts . The potential is there – it just needs to be exploited.

Federal cadre and funding of the DDV

Paradart in Germany

At Paradart, dart players with physical limitations play. The DDV joined the WDDA (World Disability Darts Association) in 2019 and appointed a representative for parade darts and inclusion.

In 2020 the 1st Paradart season was launched by the DDV. Unfortunately, due to the Corona crisis, this could not take place as desired. We wish you all the best for the future and hope that many more parade darters will join in the future!

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