Dart Zubehör – alles rund um den Dartpfeil

Lukas ist Dart Fan der ersten Stunde und seit über 10 Jahren passionierter Dartspieler. Spätestens nach dem Besuch der Darts WM 2016 im ehrwürdigen Alexandra Palace mit seinem späteren Co-Founder und damaligen WG-Partner Timm war für ihn klar: Darts muss auch in Deutschland größer und bekannter werden. Mit myDartpfeil und dem weltweit einzigartigen Dartpfeil Konfigurator kann sich jeder Dartspieler - von Anfänger bis Profi - seine eigenen, perfekten Dartpfeile zusammenstellen und individuell gestalten.

Darts consist of several individual parts. Since darts have experienced a big boom , more and more dart accessories have come onto the market. This is intended to increase comfort when playing and increase the quality of the game. We would like to introduce you to all the common accessories in this article. So you can decide what you want to add to your darts. But be careful, because the large selection also tempts you to make bad purchases. So which accessories are really useful and which ones do you not actually need? We solve the puzzle for you and show you which dart accessories you can find in our dart shop.


The dartboard cannot actually be called a dart accessory. But much more than an essential utensil for practicing the sport. The disc is therefore part of the basic equipment. But there are also a few little things to consider when it comes to the dartboard. The most important are the wire and the sisal fibers. The wire should be as thin as possible to prevent ricochet. The sisal fibers should not be pressed too tightly either - then the darts will fall out of the board. We particularly recommend the dartboards from Winmau. You can find more information about “buying a dartboard” here .

Dart surround

An extremely useful utensil is the Dart Surround . Especially beginners will know it. After the first few weeks of practice, the wall looks like Swiss cheese with holes in it. To prevent this there is the so-called surround. This is made of a soft material and catches the discarded darts. A protection for the wall, so to speak. You can find this here in our dart shop. In addition, these are made of wood by a German manufacturer (see picture). The spruce wood is extremely suitable as optimal protection for darts. You can also choose the Dart Surround in different colors. You can find more information about the “ WOODEN DART SURROUND ” offer here .

Dart release line or oche

The drop line, also known as Oche , is always a problem, especially in living rooms at home. Measure it and tape it to the floor - this is the easiest alternative. Visually, however, this seems very improvised. There is also the risk of trespassing. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a drop line for a few euros. You can either screw these into the ground or glue them in place. Make sure that the throw line protrudes slightly upwards - then the problem of stepping over is solved. If necessary, you can also attach a piece of wood to the appropriate spot yourself. However, you can also conjure up a small darts palace visually. Then you should use the drop lines and oches from well-known manufacturers. For example, the Laser Oche Beamer from Winmau can conjure up a precisely targeted laser line on the floor (see picture). You can also find this cheaply in our dart shop here .

Dart accessories for steel and soft darts

Now that we have explained the basic equipment, we will now move on to the dart accessories for the darts. There are a number of small parts that can be found on the market. It is not always clear at first glance what meaning or benefit these products actually provide.

Accessories for the flights – dart saver, crowns and flight protector

The flights are the most sensitive part of the dart. The reason is that the flights are made of plastic or fabric . Signs of wear and tear can be seen over time. It is therefore a wearing part that has to be replaced regularly and incurs costs. For this reason, many players want to increase the lifespan of the flights with additional small parts to protect the flights.

There are several dart accessories you can use to protect your flights. The best known are the so-called darts crowns and the flight protector . Both the crowns and the protector are placed on the back end of the arrow (see picture). This is to prevent a flying arrow from damaging those already stuck in the board. Instead, this is deflected to the side. The problem with this dart accessory, however, is that the additional weight slightly changes the flight curve. So you should choose this flight protection carefully.

Rubber rings for a better grip

Another problem is the connection between the barrel and the aluminum shaft . The connection, which is screwed together, often comes loose after a few throws. If you already have the dart in your hand, you will notice this as a player. It is extremely annoying when you have to tighten the connection between the barrel and the aluminum shaft again almost after every shot. You don’t have this problem with plastic dart shafts.

To prevent this, there are so-called shaft or rubber rings . The cost of these accessories is in the cent range. Every hobby player now uses rubber rings. These are attached to the shaft thread. Then the shaft and barrel are screwed together again. The rubber ring in the middle increases the grip enormously. It also prevents the screw connection from coming loose. You can find the rubber rings for aluminum shafts here.

Dart Trident 180 – Tuning for the steel dart tip

A dart accessory for steel dart tips are the Dart Trident 180 caps . These are particularly useful for teardrop-shaped barrels . The problem with this shape is that the barrel doesn't get narrower towards the tip. This means there is a risk that the second dart will not slide past the first into the board. Instead, it bounces off and falls to the ground. This shape is “manipulated” with the Trident 180 caps . So the second arrow slides along the first into the board - despite the unfavorable teardrop shape.

Flight punches and shaft rings for a better hold

Another vexing issue is the hold of the flights. The flights often only hold mediocrely, especially on plastic shafts . These fall off the shaft after a few or even every shot. This is extremely annoying and also disrupts your concentration on the game. The solution is the flight hole punch . The flight is placed in the hole punch and punched. Then the so-called shaft rings are inserted into the perforated notch. Now the flight is pressed firmly onto the shaft. Thanks to this construction, the flights hold on to the shaft much better and hardly fall off anymore. You can find the flight hole punch here .

Dart tip remover and the shaft remover

If you have been playing darts for a while, the following will have happened to you. Dart tips or shafts break off on the barrel . Now you have the problem of how to remove the rest of the barrel. Because you want to replace the shaft or the tip. You can do this with the so-called tip and shaft removers . This is how you can quickly repair your dart. Further detailed information about this problem and the appropriate dart accessories can be found here.

Small parts – sharpening stones and finger wax

Experienced players in particular often use the following dart accessories when competing at the oche. During the game, it is not uncommon for your hands to sweat or for you to slip on the dart. To prevent this, there are some players who use so-called finger wax . This ensures more grip on your hands. An alternative to this would also be ground chalk, like the one Mensur Suljovic uses, for example. You can find dart finger grip wax here, for example.

Unsharpened tips can also become a problem. Namely if you manage to group the arrows particularly close. For example, if you have two arrows in the triple 20 and throw the third. Then it can happen to you that this arrow is slowed down by the two existing ones. In addition, this then has less speed upon impact. Nothing is more annoying than a blunt tip preventing penetration into the triple field at this moment. So the grindstone is the solution. Before every competition, you should briefly sharpen your tips “round” with a grinding stone to ensure that they hold in place on the board. However, there are important tips and tricks – you can find them here .

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